Reasons Why Wire Mesh Is Used In Architecture

Constructing a house or a building involves a huge amount of money. Both homeowners and business owners would want to have a cost-efficient structure without sacrificing durability and safety. Therefore, architectural designs intend to consider the economy, efficiency, and elegance. Wire mesh materials apply to these three factors; thus, it is a popular material in construction jobs.

The popular material wiremesh is made of metal wire and woven with grooved wire with the use of a loom like yarn and knitted into quilts. The wire mesh has a unique aesthetic. Like many metal architectural elements, wiremesh has its own feel. It has a versatile aesthetic based on hole pattern,hole size, and material. Other usual perks in using wiremesh are as follows:

  • It has acoustic benefits that reduce noise by absorbing the sound such as in industrial soundproofing, meeting places, busy roads, and other quieting or privacy needs.
  • It offers good ventilation or filtration of air, light, gases, and heat such as in liquids drainage, atmosphere and pressure control, as well as temperature balance.
  • It contributes to privacy and security such as separation by optical “planes” that provide light shading and partial privacy, infill panels on stairway railings to provide safety, and wall surfaces in full heights that allow openness but securing also the contents.

Wire mesh materials are used in panels, soundproofing, shutters, drainage, fencing, façade, screens, lattice, stairs, and seating. Mixing and matching these materials will considerably change the texture. The aesthetic becomes playful, light, and delicate; or an impenetrable and heavy barrier. Wire mesh is being used mainly as a functional element, decorative, or in between. Wire mesh has rough and sharp edges that fray and glue to things. It is difficult to manufacture and frame as well. To solve this issue, some attempt to quickly assemble the frame by using u-channels. Although effective, it is visually unappealing and messy. One option is using MeshTrim to make the framing easier, affordable, and attractive.

The uses of wire mesh (เหล็กไวร์เมช) are plentiful, yet the product is inexpensive which makes it a practical go-to material for various uses in the home and commercial establishments.