New Vehicles Of The CPD Waiting To Be Designed

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The patrol vehicles utilized by the Chicago Police Department is currently looking for a new look. The officers are given the chance to submit their proposals regarding the new layout design which includes the colours, words and images to be displayed in the exterior of the latest cars. The same components are used in creating designs for vehicle signs in Sydney especially if they advertise a business or a company.

Eddie Johnson, the police superintendent, said that he sent a memo to a total of 12,000 officers stating that they should submit their design ideas in order to be chosen by a review panels coming from the 22 different patrol districts. Every district will have a chance to send a single proposal to the panel consisting of community residents and police officers from the entire department. The panel’s task is to choose five finalists and the winning design will then be decided by Johnson.

In the memo, Johnson said that the iconic design that is currently seen at the police vehicles used by CPD has been used from 1970s and has been seen going around the streets of Chicago ever since. The department is now moving into a new era and with it are necessary changes such as updating the design on their vehicles. This initiative is expected to improve the agency for the benefit of the officers as well as the residents.

The new design will be used on 500 new vehicles and it is expected to be seen in the streets in the following months. Frank Giancamilli, the police spokesman, said that the existing vehicles will retain their current design.

Giancamilli added that it is common for squad cars to change their design every time they receive new cars. It was done by the New York City Police Department somewhere between late 1990s and early 2000s when presented with new vehicles.

The announcement made by Johnson came after the city has experience the worst violence and they vowed to make some big changes. The United States Justice Department conducted an investigation on the department which prompted them to amend a number of their current policies. The trend of car signage is increasing in popularity as more vehicle signs in Sydney can be seen utilized by businesses.

Reminisce A Good Vacation With Phuket Yacht Charter

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Consider Phuket yacht charter to reminisce a good vacation. Phuket is a beautiful area where you can be offered perfect sailing for a great yachting experience. You can also go diving especially with its beautiful scenery and lovely boats.

A Range of Boat Choices for Your Phuket Yacht Charter

With Phuket yacht charter, you can select a bareboat charter where a certified sailor can act as the captain of the yacht. He will also take care of the provisions including cooking and cleaning of the yacht. A fully crewed charter yacht will come with an experienced captain, crew and chef that will handle all the details. The provisions may be an added cost, but the crew can provide convenience in your cruising.

When you consider a Phuket yacht charter, you can go for catamarans, monohull sailing yachts, and single hull motor yachts which vary in lengths. The bigger yachts can accommodate more couples so you can split up the cost and make it more affordable. For those preferring a private and more romantic cruise, opt for smaller yachts most suited for this purpose.

Sail the Azure Seas along Phuket

Phuket beaches and shores attract sunseekers with their palm lined, white sand beach and crystal clear water for snorkeling. You can also find interesting bays and coves with good anchorages like the islands of Krabi, Phi, Similan and the Phang Nga Bay. There are also historic and quaint towns to explore, shop and dine, which are really close to the beaches.

There are also lots of water activities and things to do ashore. If you’re out for adventure, popular beaches like Patong, Karon and Kata offer great daytime activities and more action in the evenings. You can party-party all night long especially at Patong.

Before you complete the arrangement of your travel to Phuket, learn more about crewed charter yachts or bareboat charters. There are sites that offer Phuket yacht charter where you get all the information you need. Read first hand reviews about their services so you know how satisfied you can get once you go cruising with the yachts.

How The Latin Brides Online Services Can Help You Find The Woman Of Your Dreams?

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Has it ever happened to you that you learn tango or salsa lessons just to meet beautiful Latin women? You seldom find American pupils there but most of its instructors are probably Latin beauties. You may have even visited local restaurants and pubs just to get to know them. You are out for a chance to speak with these gorgeous ladies at these places. If you are hesitant to start a conversation with them, you simply have to look at them and appreciate their beauty. You are certainly not the only one impressed with their beauty, there are also some other men going crazy about them.

Sometimes, when you speak with few Latin women, they don’t necessarily fit what you are searching for in a date or a lifetime partner. Some of these women aren’t single and others you’ll find incompatible. Being infatuated by their beauty, you find other ways to meet them. So why not try a better alternative to speak with them, than checking out, a Latin American online dating service, which helps you find the Latin woman of your choice and to converse with them. Here is your chance to browse profiles of these lovely ladies as you pick them one by one.

This dating service can provide you with free trial membership and unlimited access to their website. The trial period makes you check one of the many profiles of lovely Latin women. However, to be able to chat with them, you need to become a registered member. You will be paying for this registration and create a profile on their website. Your profile will also be viewed by a number of female members, so ensure you look attractive and appealing in your pictures.

You can easily send messages to more than one woman as you like and start talking with them. After chatting for some time, start comparing your compatibility with them and move a step ahead by choosing the lady who is close to your heart. Theseloving, family-oriented Latin women are looking for men who can make them really happy. After such initial introduction and formal conversation, when both of you are comfortable, you can take your courtship to the next level by exchanging phone numbers. can provide you two-way text messaging on your cell phones. If you get further attracted to her, you can meet her in person and establish a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Government Now Focusing On Expanding Chiang Mai Airport

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The centre of attention is once more back at the Chiang Mai airport. The expansion has long been discusses but because of the inaction as well as the vague state policies, it is yet to commence. With the continued increase in the arrivals, such as tourists staying at a private boutique resort in Chiang Mai, the government is forced to take action once more.

This decision has been agreed upon by the Airports of Thailand Plc which is run by the state, the authorities as well as the policymakers. They are now eager to solve the issue of the congestion at the airport and the fact that congestion in the northern city is undeniable thus action is needed.

The issues are already on top of the priorities because the airport of Chiang Mai is experiencing too much congestion from arrivals. This will not get any better because the current facility is not designed to handle the amount of traffic it currently manages and the number is only increasing.

For the past year until the 30th of September, around 9.97 million passengers have passed through the Chiang Mai airport. This number has increased by 8.3 per cent when looking at the year-on-year. The figure is higher compared to the designed annual capacity of the facility which is only at 8 million.

The private sector was hoping that the details for the next phase of the development of the Chiang Mai airport will be discussed during the mobile cabinet meeting which took place at Sukhothai province but they were disappointed.

They were able to discuss during the meeting the two major issues regarding the infrastructure of the airport. First, they are asking if the airport in Chiang Mai will see its long term expansion project being implemented and second, they are asking if it possible to construct another airport that is within the city’s 20 kilometre range.

The board of directors of the AoT addressed the second question by saying that at the beginning of the year they are going to conduct inspection on two possible location of a new airport facility. The locations in mind are Chiang Mai’s Saraphi district and the Lamphun province. The public are hoping, especially those who have future bookings at a private boutique resort in Chiang Mai, a new airport will be available soon or the expansion of the current one will push through.

3 Excellent Features In Chef Mod Software

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A chef is an indispensable staff in your restaurant. How your chef performs has a major bearing in the success and popularity of your business. If your chef can prepare delicious food in less time, you can be sure that you will have more customers than ever. In order to make your chef’s life in the kitchen easier, equip him with ample supply of ingredients including a software at that will organize his recipes using cloud technology.

Chef Mod is a software which was specifically designed for chefs and food and beverage businesses. The software, along with a dedicated staff provides a steady supply of ingredients and stocks to your kitchen, it organizes recipes and update them accordingly every time there are changes in prices or amount of ingredients, the team also canvasses commodity prices, look for suppliers and several other functions. All of the service provided allows your chef to focus on his food preparations and cooking instead of worrying on things related to his job. With the software at, you just have to wait for the stocks to be delivered. You no longer have to shop at supermarkets and wet market for ingredient, no more haggling with suppliers and no more sending a crew to convenience stores for lacking ingredients. If you are going to purchase a chef software, choose one with the following features.

Easy to use

Read reviews to find out if the software is easy to use especially by those who are not internet savvy. It should be easy to navigate with clear interface and easy to understand tabs.

Adds convenience

With the software, a lot of workloads are lifted from your staff, especially from your chef. The software is cloud-based so anyone with the permission can access pages or even the entire system for a faster delivery of service.It also has customer support of 7 days a week and also at nights.


You can easily find the software at and you will be surprised at how affordable it is in spite of its brilliant features. With the software, you will only need a few staff to run your business and make it even more successful.

Culture Of Japan Contained In A Cup Of Sake

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Japan’s national beverage, sake, is quite known all over the world. A bottle of sake is can literally tell so much of the culture of the country. Industrialization is fast and growing in the country coupled with technological development but the Japanese are proud to say that they have managed to retain the traditional method when it comes to producing the best sake. For those who haven’t tried this, a restaurant serving Japanese cuisine in Sukhumvit surely has a bottle of sake in their menu.

An event was recently concluded at Rick inside the Taj Mahal Hotel where there audience was trying to adapt with the essential features of the national drink of Japan. The drink originated from the various regions of the island country and has become a part every culture diplomacy as well as business initiative.

The guests of the event were able to get a taste of the different type of sake that was poured in long wine glasses in order for them to drink in the taste of each and every kind. Sake is a rice wine added with very low level of alcohol. It is recommended for taste experts who have already adapted with the taste of the beverage.

Present during the event is the Japanese expert in sake, Miho Komatsu, who came to speak to guests about the importance of promoting sake. She said that the drink is a symbol of Japan’s culture which is not only peaceful but loving as well. If the most favourable quantity is consumed by a person, it results to a better level of energy while making the skin hydrated and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

JunmaiGinjo for instance has a pleasant taste with a mix of jasmine and fresh pear flavors.Its main ingredient is Yamadanishiki which is a short grain type of rice. With every type of sake, the proportion between alcohol and rice content is varying thus making the concoction special. For every type, the rice level is higher compared to the alcohol thus the resulting taste is sweeter. For those curious, it is time to try Japanese cuisine in Sukhumvit and make sure to order a cup of sake along with it.

Huge Tobacco Companies Targeting NZ

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There is a current boom in the electronic cigarette industry and huge tobacco companies are just waiting at the sideline until such time that nicotine-based will finally be legalized by the government. E-cigarette is also referred to as vaping and it has gained a lot of following in New Zealand because of the continued increase in tobacco prices. The government is also campaigning against tobacco by publicizing the dangers it could cause to human health. This is why many are trying vape NZ for these reasons.

The country has vague laws when it comes to vaping products as of the moment. Looking at the technicalities, it is not legal to purchase e-cigarettes that have addictive nicotine but one can easily find it at various vaping shops all over New Zealand as well as corner dairies.

The government is planning to make major changes with the Smokefree Environment Act by allowing and regulating products that have nicotine. It is expected to take effect at the beginning of 2018.

Sellers of e-cigarette have been given an assurance by the government that no lawsuit will be filed against them after selling products containing nicotine even if the law is only about to be implemented.

The leading tobacco companies in the world are yet to venture in the market of New Zealand. They have already invested a lot in vaping products to develop and manufacture it eventually.

In the event that the law will be implemented, major players in the industry have already expressed their desire to offer their e-cigarettes in places where tobacco is available.

Owners of small vaping shops, on the other hand, are not happy with the news of huge tobacco companies entering the market as it could cripple their growing business.

Ben Pryor is one of those store owners and he said that these companies are a threat to them who are sealing vape NZ which are products made locally. However, he believes that this is also their string point which is different from huge corporations. He added that tobacco retailers should be partnering with local suppliers instead of selling products from these big companies.