How Courier Quote Can Save You Money For Courier Services

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Nowadays, one has to spend their money wisely and save when needed. If you had to spend something for a courier like buying a new furniture or having things delivered to your customers, the following tips below can help cut the expenses for delivery. In short, you need to get a courier quote to know how much you’ll be spending for it.

  • Get lots of quotes: If you want the best of your delivery, secure a courier quote for all the items you need to be delivered. If you get more quotes, it helps you choose a courier company with the best price. Contact various couriers to give you some quotes and choose among these providers the one that gives a reasonable deal. Usually these quotes will provide the best reduced price.


  • Be more patient: You have to provide a flexible date for your collection and delivery. If the courier passes on your route at least twice or thrice a week, they can possibly give you a lower price on said days. If you are flexible with your dates, you make the pickup time a delivery bargain. Also, if you want to deliver merchandise through couriers on a regular basis, consider holding back few items and have them delivered all at the same time. One huge cost that couriers make is having an empty trip to the collection point from the delivery point. If you have several deliveries in one trip, the courier can save some costs and will pass these savings to you.


  • Ask about the courier quote: If the courier company provides you a quote that is a bit out of your budget, you may ask if they can lower it down. Sometimes, they can minimise the price on certain days to fit their route, or they can choose to bargain it with you. If the courier refuses to reduce the price, you need to check back other quotes that you have received. It’salso a way to determine you’re getting a fair price for the courier services.

The following are helpful tips to get the best savings for all your deliveries without affecting the service quality and how your customers will receive it.

Logistics Software Company Receives Funding Of $10 Million

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There are many sectors of logistics such as server logistics and managing these operations are made possible with modern technology and tools. This is the goal of Convey which is a software platform dedicated to helping online retailers as they handle their daily shipping logistics. The firm is happy to announce that they have gathered $10 million of funding in order to be able to penetrate new markets.

The company’s headquarter is located in Austin and their latest funding came from a number of companies such as NextGen, Silverton Partners, RPM Ventures and Techstars Venture Capital Fund among many others. This time around, they were able to raise a total amount of $27.75 million ever since the company started its fund raising campaign.

Convey is a logistics software firm that was established in 2013. It started out in Phoenix before it relocated to Austin after 12 months of operation. The move came after the company decided to participate in Techstars which is an accelerator program that hosts startup companies. The program lasted for three months. In 2014, the company launched a seed funding campaign. Afterwards, they decided to recruit Rob Taylor who is known as a veteran in the software industry in Austin and he was designated as CEO.

The main focus of Convey is to make it easier for online retailers to manage their deliveries through the use of their platform. Customers of the retail stores are able to track their orders and connect with the sellers when necessary. This way, potential problems are prevented before it turns into something bigger.

The goal now of Convey, after receiving additional funding, is to penetrate other market for server logistics such as the construction industry, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. They believe that through their software the clients will be able to bridge various industry players – carriers, shippers and customers. At the end of the day, Taylor said that their target is to make sure the delivery experience is better than ever. They wanted to penetrate the healthcare industry because they understand how complicated it is to deliver expensive medical equipment.

Rovers Striker Talks About His New Personal Trainer

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Personal trainers, like those from Fithaus, get clients from all walks of life, from the average Joe to even local stars, though when it comes to the latter, personal trainers tend to get some time in the limelight.

Which is exactly what happened to a personal trainer in Lancashire, who was hired by Rovers striker, Dominic Samuel. Social media took notice of Samuel’s post, which stood out from the rest of his team by featuring images of his intensive workout in the gym with his trainer, instead of the vacation pictures the others were posting.

According to the striker, it was a decision he made not just to ensure that he was in the proper shape when the pre-season rolls back in, but also to improve on his long-term performance. He adds that he plans on keeping the regimen up throughout the entirety of the 2018-19 campaign, saying that he has been concentrating on improving his strength to keep his pace up and strengthen his upper body, which is his goal for the off-season.

He believes that football is less a sport, more a way of life, one that people dedicate themselves to. For players, this means that, even if the off-season, they should be doing what they can to improve themselves, still dedicating their lives to it, and that was why he had looked to places like Fithaus and found himself a personal trainer.

In the early stages, he says that there won’t be weight training, but plenty of running, which is why he did what he could to keep everything together; to improve and become a complete player by possessing the pace, strength and skill needed in the field. Samuel has expressed hope that this will all add something more to his game.

In the opening month of the previous season, the frontman scored five times, which slowed down with three more goals after that, two of which were during an FA Cup match against Crewe, which ended in a tie. In 2018, he scored no goals at all. He was then replaced by Danny Graham, moved towards more flexible roles, rather than central position, his forte.

He says that he wants to get back on track, to improve, and that’s what he’s doing with his trainer.

Camara Education Works To Improve Education In Backward Communities Using Modern Technologies

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Camara education is a not for profit organization that provides comprehensive eLearning packages to the schools in backward communities. The organization partners with schools and provides them with highly subsidized computers and education tools to enable them with modern technology.

Camara education enters into contract with partnering schools to provide all the necessary hardware, training and maintenance for the eLearning package. The work done by the organization is acknowledged by Denis OBrien, patron of Digicel foundation.

The organization sends a vetting team to the partner schools for an initial inspection of the school. The school should build a separate eLearning room in the campus with all the required specifications. The room should have the prescribed electrical safety, ventilation, fittings and furniture.

The organization provides refurbished computers to its partner schools. The computers are of reputed brands and contain the Pentium four processor. Each computer lab will have a server PC of high specifications and equipped with 100 GB hard drive and 1 GB RAM. Al the computers in the network can share the huge content and software present in the Server PC.

The computers are equipped with Camarabuntu, a customized version of Ubuntu and have a large number of educational tools related to maths, English, Geography and science. The computers are contain quizzes and games for the students. The server PC has a huge collection of reference material, e-books, video lectures and software for all the computers in the network.

Camara education, with contribution from Denis OBrien foundation also caters to the schools in Haiti and Jamaica. The organization has presence all over the world and works for the betterment of education especially in the backward communities.

The organization has trained team of volunteers to provide onsite and offsite support to the partner schools. The computers, which are sold at highly subsidized rates, are covered with a free maintenance contract. The defective or non-working computers are replaced by the organization. The organization also trains teachers of the partner schools on how to use the eLearning material appropriately for the benefit of the students.

Denis OBrien, the patron of Digicel foundation and the founder of Iris O’Brien foundation, acknowledge the work of Camara education and contributed funds to work in Haiti and Jamaica.

Why Leonardo González Dellán Hopes For An Improved South America

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Against the economic doom and gloom of North America and Europe, there is no doubt that Latin America has a ray of sunshine in these troubled times. This is a continent in the world where for many years was overlooked by investors, abstained by expatriates and seen more like a political chasm. This is how Leonardo González Dellán views how times have really changed in the Latin America region.

Over the past few years, expats had a significant shift in trends, while Europe and North America continue to toil. Here are the reasons why expats are moving to this area and what they expect:

Economic Prosperity

When you remember that the likes of Peru have delivered an economic growth of 6% in 2013, Columbia around 4% and Brazil between 2 to 3%, there is hope in Latin America for their future. The figures alone may not be surprising as when you compare the ongoing issues within Europe, with some countries experiencing a triple dip recession. In Latin America, their economies even look better.

An Improved Standard of Living

While it may be wrongful for residents in Latin America to benefit the economic upturn, it is right that the standard of living and average incomes have multiplied dramatically. Although there are some areas in these leading countries which need to step up from the game like poverty, their growing economies aim to raise additional funds to handle these crushing issues.

Mr. Leonardo González Dellán believes that the cost of property, services, goods and general cost of living will likely improve in South America. For many expats they still believe that the political arena will sound more encouraging. This has opened many new opportunities for business, while investors and expats are slowly coming forward.


Aside from the economic prosperity now experienced in the continent, its main attraction is actually its stability. When we talk about stability, it refers to the economic and political point of view of Latin America. This region was seen by the whole world as a political hot potato over the years. Brazil was trifling with bankruptcy, Argentina struggling with growing debts, but the whole Latin America’s political arena remained comparatively stable.

These are the types of factors that people like Leonardo González Dellán hold close to their hearts when searching for homelands abroad. This can surely attract relevant international investment and that it will make or break the future of the region.

Why Do Bars Offer Happy Hour Promotion In Sukhumvit?

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Why would someone ask that? This is probably the reason why you’re now starting to read this article. New applications may have popped up nowadays especially when you want to focus on connecting customers with bars during happy hours and promoting new discounts. For many, it might even be a question when the best hour for any day may be. For establishment owners, you will want to create a happy hour to make your business generate more money. The happy hour promotion in Sukhumvit will truly help you get more people coming into your business and possibly have more revenues. Here are the reasons why:

  • Attracting new customers

If you offer a persuasive happy hour, you can have people coming to test your business. Many people want to know the best place they can hang out and surely with adequate discounts in their favourite place, it can be a sure hit.

  • Customer loyalty

It feels really great when a customer gets rewarded for coming to a certain place again and again. So for the regular customers, it’s a chance to show them your appreciation. You can introduce them new products like some cocktails which has never been tried before. You can feature your happy hour promotion in Sukhumvit and make them hooked at these hours.

  • Girls

Yes, I know, but this can be the main reason why your bar can succeed or fail. If you have adequate females working at your bars, guys can decide whether they should come or not. Let’s face the fact that most guys want to buy girls a drink, and that’s can’t happen if they are not there. So to have guys mingling at your bar, you can have a girl drink free happy hour with them.

  • Slow times

There are instances where sales in your establishment are slower and will need an initiative to make it livelier. So why not settle for a happy hour promotion in Sukhumvit for that purpose. Here you can have various people coming in from home or work and having a great drink of beer on your couch.

AI Might Be The Next Video Game Champion

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In the most recent development in artificial intelligence, developers were able to create bots that can work as a group in order to beat human players of video games. Humans might have to up their game by watching noccster gameplay in order to avoid being beaten by AI.

According to the latest tweet posted by Bill Gates, bots running on artificial intelligence played as a team against humans. During a game of Dot a 2, the bots team was able to win over the humans. He was all praises for the development as he considers it a big milestone in terms of the improving innovation in artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence bot team was created by a nonprofit company called OpenAI which specializes in AI research. One of the founders of the company is Elon Musk. There were five neural networks used by Open AI for the battle and the team was tagged as the OpenAI Five. The bots team was able to win against a group of human players who are amateurs in the game Dota 2. The same information was posted on the website of the company.

This is only of the instances wherein artificial intelligence was able to defeat the skills and knowledge of humans. It was in 1997 when computers was able to win against human in the game of chess while in 2011 AI was able to compete against humans in a game of Jeopardy wherein the computer won. Last year, professional human players in the game of Go board were defeated by artificial intelligence. One of the most recent developments this month was a debate between a human and an IBM computer in a debate setting.

According to the company, OpenAI Five is able to learn by self-playing 180 years worth of Dota 2 games in a single day. Their goal now is to join and win against human in The International which is a championship game of Dota 2 to be held this coming August. During the event, professional players from all over the world will be participating.Newbie in the game can watch noccster gameplay for tips and tricks in order to get to know the world of video gaming.