Two Women Helped Raised Organic Vegetables For An Organic Thai Restaurant In Bangkok

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For some, food preparation is a profession, while others do it for passion. For the two great women named KhunSupatraChadbunchachai and KhunMantanaLesonboon in the KhonKaen and Kalasin provinces of Thailand, they say they needed to produce organic vegetables to suit their passion. It should be a nice option for organic Thai Restaurant in Bangkok to prepare their cuisines.

They say that selling organic vegetables in Asia is huge and growing fast. In this country alone, intake of organic foods has risen five-fold in the past six years. However, the country remains heavily relying on imported supplies.

With such potent demand from consumers progressively concerned with food quality and safety, producing organic vegetables is not only a demand for people but a growing economic opportunity. That’s why restaurateurs are now seeking organic products for their organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok to ensure safety and draw more customers.

What Used to Be A Family Consumption Now Turned a Community Production

In the past years, KhunMantana and family owned agricultural lands that were uncultivated. However, when they became worried about how poor-quality vegetables reached the market, they decided to take matters in their hands and raise vegetables on their own.

It was about that time when KhunMantana managed a local organic vegetable outlet initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The outlet offered farmers a fair price for steady supply of organic vegetables, and soon enough, the family’s farm reached the shelves of the shop. It offered various types of organic vegetables, cropped and delivered directly to the shop. Today, it has reached several communities that need organic vegetables, including an organic Thai restaurant in Bangkok.

Teaching Beyond the University

KhunSupatra is a pharmacist and chairperson for a master’s degree program at the KhonKaen University. She always knew that spraying pesticides in vegetables posed a major safety issue. The public became aware of such problem, yet no solution was readily provided. And due to this concern, KhunSupatra was motivated to take her own action.

Along with the local district office of KhonKaen province, KhunSupatraassisted farmers to allocate public lands for raising organic vegetables without using pesticides. The experience turned out successfully and more farmers organised themselves to sell organic vegetables under the brand name ‘Sum Sung’. Today, KhonKaen province is now recognisedfor producing chilies in large numbers.

What You Need To Know About International Removals In Thailand

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You may just have recently moved with your family from a large Thailand house you’ve lived for several years to a new home you have spent months of renovation. The place may just be a some miles away, but it’s a long journey for packing bags, boxes and crates. To help and give idea on how you should go about with the move, you may wish to hire international removals in Thailand, and save you from all the headaches.

  • Declutter First

To make the room look marvellous for an estate agent to take his sales photos is to declutter. It may mean throwing away the things that you need and want to the nearest cupboard. Once the contract with a buyer is finally done, you need to find ways to clear these cupboards. It may seem exhausting, boring and time-consuming, but once you declutter, you put your house on the market with the highest bid.

  • Dismantle in Advance

To dismantle a bed may take you a lot of time especially if you have to transport it down from the stairs. You need to dismantle them in advance, so you actually pay the price as agreed with your removalist. It really doesn’t matter if you have to sleep on the floor for a week. At least, the removal men will not have a hard time loading your bed.

  • Should You DIY?

You may have a lot of things to relocate to your new home. Choosing international removals in Thailand can readily save you from loads of things to move, without hurting your pockets. They can also provide you an adequate truck or van that can fit all your stuff. Just choose a removalist that gives you a competitive service for a reasonable price.

  • Pack Away Your Purse

Finally, you’re on the transit. You’ll probably be busy moving in and out from the previous house to your new home. It can even get you distracted. So, ensure that you never forget about your handbag, or worse, become a victim of some opportunistic thief. Ensure that you have everything you need in your purse – from cash, credit cards and mobile phones. Besides, you need to pay the international removals in Thailand for their services.

Can You Dive When You Do Not Know How To Swim?

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If you are planning a diving trip, your best option is to read reviews on websites so that it is easier to find what you are looking for. If you prefer comfortable and air conditioned cabins, Liveaboard Thailand can easily fulfil your requirements. There is plenty of time in between dives for relaxation. Freshly cooked food is served buffet-style in the open dining room.

One of the questions that arose during the rescue of the trapped soccer team and their coach in the ThamLuang cave in Thailand is whether the young boys can learn enough to be able to dive out. According to Mark Crowley Russel, the ability to swim is not as important to diving as the level of comfort.

The first challenge for the entry-level diving course is familiarity with the environment and not technical ability. In the PADI Open Water course, student divers are required to support themselves at the surface without using any swimming aids for a distance of at least 200 meters.

Professional diving instructors know that the fundamentals of diving and the ability to relax in water can be taught in just a few hours. However, there is a great difference between a person who enjoys a shallow reef for an hour and someone who is nervous. It is very likely for an individual to be nervous when he sees the murky waters in the cave but since the trapped kids are very young, there is a feeling of invincibility making them less nervous than adults.

The only way to overcome fear is to stay in the water as frequently as possible. Maintaining neutral buoyancy is aalso priority. For the young boys, it is assumed that there will be a support diver who will hold and operate the equipment at all points but the boys need to learn how to ascend and descend and maintain themselves at the surface if in case they get separated.

By spending the vacation at Liveaboard Thailand you can start to explore the destination that you read in the reviews. You can evaluate whether it is worth the time and investment to return to the Similan Islands for the next vacation with family or friends.

Advantages Of Outsourcing Logistics To A 3PL Company

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Logistics is an important aspect that determines the profitability of businesses. It is an important aspect of supply chain management and involves a lot of functions like warehousing, transportation, distribution and delivery of products. Most of the large businesses have in- house logistics departments which take care of all the warehousing and transportation needs of the company. Small and medium businesses which cannot afford to have in-house logistics teams can outsource the function to a 3PL provider.

A 3PL or a third party logistics provider takes care of all the logistics requirements of a business. Functions of a 3PL provider include transportation, inventory management, warehousing, freight audit, logistics management, shipment tracking, reverse logistics and other value added services. Business should hire experienced and reputed 3PL companies like Tecdis Network- European Specialist Logistics firm, which has a network of partners across Europe and provides logistics solutions to a wide range of industries.

Advantages of outsourcing logistics

  • The major advantage of outsourcing to a reputed 3PL is the cost effectiveness. Professional 3PL companies like Tecdis Network – European specialist Logistics, have a network of logistics partners, who are market leaders in their regions. These companies can provide cost effective logistics services to their clients because of the economies of scale.
  • Logistics management requires staying updated with the fast changing regulations, laws of different countries. A trusted 3PL network like Tecdis Network – European specialist Logistics, with partners across Europe makes it easier for the clients to expand their operations to foreign markets.
  • 3PL firms are experienced in taking care of the issues involved in exporting the products to foreign countries. They can take care of the customs issues, track the lost shipments and take care of the brokerage fee and other charges.
  • Outsourcing the logistics management to a professional 3PL company like Tecdis network, helps companies to operate easily in multiple markets. The professional 3PL companies have warehousing capacities in various countries and can help the client with cost effective solutions to test foreign markets. For manufacturers, it is much cheaper to use the services of a 3PL company than to set up warehouses in different countries they operate in.

However, businesses should hire experienced and reliable 3PL providers like Tecdis Network – European specialist Logistics, who have expertise in logistics management across various industries and provide custom-made solutions to match the client requirements.

How Hotels In Cardiff City Centre Show You What To Do In This City

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Cardiff is an unusual place with a distinct past and is known as Europe’s youngest capital city. With such distinction, it makes Cardiff one of the best places to visit. Also ensure that you’re booked in one of the hotels in Cardiff city centre for a marvellous accommodation. Here, you’ll also find interesting activities to do, and you can start the tour through the must-see attractions here.

  • National Museum Cardiff

The National Museum is where you find art collections of the world-famous impressionist and post- impressionist works, the 20th century art and the 1930s surrealism. This is where visitors usually flock to see the rich history, geology and archaeology of the city.

  • Wales Millennium Centre

The Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay is easy to navigate with its amazing slate and steel structure. It’s also called the Armadillo due to its copper-coloured dome. This is where a variety of performances and concerts are done. There are also restaurants and cafes to dine, with regular free events to create a lively environment. You’ll also want to find out hotels in Cardiff city centre for your bookings.

  • Chapter Arts Centre

Chapter was founded in 1971 through a variety of fundraising projects which included a concert by Pink Floyd. Here, you’ll be able to see events in its gallery, two cinemas and three theatres, where entrance is free. There are also two bars and a café to relax and be sociable with other travellers.

  • Cardiff Castle

The structure of the castle dates to the 50AD, with building walls elaborated with ornaments in the 19thgothic century. It was designed by William Burges, a renowned architect for the third Marquess of Bute, who was supposedly the world’s richest man. This is a must-see monument to see the extravagance at that time.

  • The Taff Trail

Cardiff is where you find green spaces than any other city in Europe. In the Taff Trail are rail routes, tramways and towpaths, allowing you to walk or bike from the Cardiff Bay through its 2000 acres of parkland.

After such long and exhausting day, you’ll want to restore your strengths in one of the hotels in Cardiff city centre to start a new day the next day.

Important Points To Know For Foreigners Willing To Setup Business In Thailand

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Thailand is the largest economy in south East Asia, second to Indonesia. Setting up a company and doing business in Thailand is straightforward and easy. Investors willing to set up business in Thailand can consult good lawyers or consultants, who can guide them regarding all the legal matters required for the registration of the company and doing business and obtaining the necessary permits and licenses.

In order to set up a business and do company registration in Thailand, you need to know about the business laws and regulations of the country. Here is a step by step guide on how to set up business in Thailand

  • The Foreign Business act of 1999, governs all the foreign businesses in the country. The law contains all the provisions regarding the acceptable business activities for foreign nationals, license requirements, ownership rules and prohibited activities. All the foreign businesses should strictly adhere to the act, failing which will attract serious penalties and jail term.
  • Foreigners can start a limited partnership firm, representative office or branch office of a company or a Limited company in Thailand. Foreigners can register private and public limited companies in Thailand but they must strictly adhere to the ownership rules before applying to register the company and start business.
  • Having a nominee shareholder in the company who does not have any financial stake and interest in the company is strictly prohibited by the law.
  • Getting the company registration in Thailand as a Thai majority company is beneficial for foreign nationals. Thai majority companies require less capital and need fewer licenses and permits when compared to Thai minority companies. Thai majority companies can also purchase land in the country, when need arises.
  • The capital requirement for company registration in Thailand and obtaining the foreign business license is THB 3 million per business activity. It is TBH 2 million for a Thai majority company and THB 1 million, if you have a Thai spouse.
  • All the companies doing business in Thailand or generating income from the country should pay the Corporate Income Tax levied by the government.
  • In order to acquire a business or do company registration in Thailand, foreigners will need a non-immigrant ‘B ‘business visa. The business visa can be obtained from the Thai embassy at your home country.

Common Foot Problems In Children And The Need To Consult A Podiatrist

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A podiatrist is also known as a chiropodist. They are certified healthcare professionals, who specialize in diagnosis and treatment of issues related to lower legs, feet and toes. Podiatrists offer a wide range of services, starting with the treatment of minor feet problems like corns, callouses and in-grown toenails, to treating major issues like complications due to diabetes and serious foot injuries. Some of the common conditions treated by a podiatrist are corns, calluses, foot infections, athlete’s foot, deformities in foot, problems with foot arch, ingrown toenails, accidents and injuries to foot, diabetic complications, and posture and gait problems.

Children suffer most problems in lower legs and feet. They suffer from problems relating to deformities in feet, infections, posture and gait problems, ingrown toenails and problems relating to the foot arch. Parents should consult reputed children’s podiatrist in Sydney as soon as they notice foot and leg problems in children. This will help in tackling the problem at the early stage and to avoid lifelong complications.

Consult a qualified and reputed children’s podiatrist in Sydney as soon as you notice any one or few of these symptoms in your children

  1. Swelling of toenails or redness in between toenails and toes.
  2. Severe leg and foot pain that does not go away in a couple of days.
  3. Painful warts on the sole and feet, which leads to difficulty in walking and standing
  4. Bunions, hardened skin, corns and calluses
  5. Deformities in feet and wrongly shaped toes
  6. Numbness in feet
  7. Ingrown nails on toes
  8. Feet sores that do not heal with normal treatment
  9. Injuries happening due to sports, accidents and other strenuous physical activities
  10. Pain in the heels due to heel spurs
  11. Problems with the arch and other deformities in the feet
  12. Posture and gait problems

Consulting an experienced children’s podiatrist in Sydney will help in early diagnosis and treatment of the underlying foot problems due to which children experience pain and other issues.  The podiatrist will examine the feet and legs of the child and order further tests if required. He will analyse the gait and posture and find the root cause of the problems. Podiatrists treat feet conditions in children using medications, orthotics, special shoes, support strappings and performing minor surgeries whenever required.