Nightlife Venues Near A Hotel In Sathorn

Nightlife is a part of traveling to a popular destination like Bangkok. One of the famous places in Bangkok is Sathorn, which is famous for its vibrant nightlife with numerous bars, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Going out with friends or spending the night with your special someone in Sathorn is worth the effort with the entertainment that you get from it. Staying in a nearby hotel in Sathorn where the popular entertainment centres are located allows you to totally enjoy your stay in Sathorn.

Here are the most popular nightlife venues in a hotel in Sathorn for your pleasure:

  1. Ce La Vi Bangkok

Ce La Vi Bangkok or formerly called Ku De Ta Bangkok was among the most upscale openings in Bangkok that created a buzz in the city. The entertainment brand and lifestyle are world famous in all the fine restaurants, nightclubs, and bars spread across Asia.


  1. Junker and Bar

This bar is usually packed-out every night, though achieving it is not an issue becausethe size of the place is easy to fill.


  1. Met Bar

This is in the Metropolitan Hotel in Bangkok, which started in 1998. It is now the hottest and most popular nighttime bar in Ibiza west.


  1. Park Society Rooftop Bar

The latest trends in Bangkok are the rooftop bars because open-air clubs are popular. Rain is not an issue because half of the year, the weather is safe.


  1. Revolucion Cocktail Bar

This cocktail bar with a Latino theme is popular for its fine cocktails as well as local DJs. Revolucion Cocktail Bar originated in Shanghai. This cocktail bar in Bangkok is the next branch in Southeast Asia.


  1. Smalls Bar

Smalls has made waves in the expat community of the city with live music and innovative cocktails.


  1. So Pool Party At Sofitel

This is a pool party done monthly at the fabulous 5-star Sofitel Hotel and considered as the best hotel of its type.

You can also visit Tawandang Brew House, the Roof @ 38, UNCLE Cocktail Bar, Vertigo and Moon Bar, and many more.

The active nightlife in Sathorn is one reason for many tourists to flock in the city. You can also browse their respective websites for more details and better judgment.