Majority Of Thai Employees Happy With Their Jobs

One of the major benefits of being a resident of a country such as Thailand is that working does not require a Thai work permit which is a requirement for foreign workers. According to majority of workers in Thailand, they are happy with their jobs but they are also hoping that the incoming government will do something about the minimum wage. Their main concern is that they wanted a raise of the minimum wage along with health benefits for all the employed individuals.

This is based on the recent poll that was conducted by the National Institute of Development Institution. The poll was done all over the country in order to test the happiness of the workers and to inquire about their expectations with the new government regarding on how to make their lives better. The result of the poll has been rounded off to the closest 0.1 per cent.

Based on the result, 64.9 per cent are happy when it comes to their jobs while 27.4 per cent said that they are very happy. Those who are not happy with their work life belong to the 7 per cent of responder and only 0.8 per cent of them said that they are absolutely not happy with their jobs.

When asked about what the government can do in order to help workers in Thailand, 47.1 per cent voiced out that they are hoping that government can increase the current minimum wage in order for them to meet the demand of the cost of living. Medical benefits are on the forefront of 22 per cent of the workers while 11.3 per cent said that they want labour skills to be promoted equally as professional jobs. Around 10.6 per cent of the workers wanted the government to look for solution on how to solve the problem of unemployment.

There are cases of employers who are taking advantage of their workers and the hope of 6.7 per cent of Thai laborers is that it will be prevented from happening in the future. A small percentage, 2.1 per cent, voiced out their disappointments with regards to migrant workers with Thai work permit that are taking away the work that is intended for the locals.