Low-income Families And Children In Need Focus Of New Study

One of the privileges enjoyed by a child from a well-off or a middle class family is Chinese tutor Singapore because these are not cheap. This is an opportunity that not every kid in the country got to experience. This is why the government is starting from the bottom in order to learn how they can help these children and their families.

According to NTUC First Campus which is the top two pre-school operators in the nation, they are going to conduct a study to know the disadvantages experienced by children from unfortunate background and their family as a whole. The study aims to find out how they can be aided.

The study will lasts for three years starting in 2019. The initiative will be collaboration between NTUC First Campus and National Institute of Education (NIE). It will take a look at the current support provided by the operator and how it is making a change in the low-income families and their children.

The start will focus on the well-being of around a hundred children and their learning. This will start in their Kindergarten 1 until they reach Primary 1 which is in 2021. It will also take a look at the difference the assistance had made to the circumstances of the families.

The participating students will be coming from 10 My First Skool facilities, another initiative under KidStart which is aimed to help young children coming from poor families.

Ng Chee Meng, the secretary general of NTUC, made the announcement about the study during her speech at a My First School located in Yung An Road. The study will recruit two researchers coming from NTUC First Campus while the NIE will send forward their six best.

The study will be given a maximum budget of $500,000. The money is expected to be enough to cover the operating expenses. It will not guarantee that the children will have Chinese tutor Singapore but it will make their living situation certainly better than before.