Interior Design Tips That Could Transform Your Space From Blah To Grand

Whether it’s your home or your business space, having a nice interior can give you a sense of well-being. While some might consider that designer office furniture is just as added expense, these very things can do wonders to change the atmosphere of a space that might even influence the mood of the people for the better. How about you? Do you feel like your home or office is nothing but dull and could really use some design update? Interior designers from London share some tips on how you can easily turn a dull-looking space into something that could wow your visitors.

Interior Designers from Alexander James recently transformed different space to come up with fresh new looks. For a one-bedroom apartment in London, the designers introduced a grey wall and then placed a huge wall décor on top it, which helped highlight the ceiling. For the kitchen, they introduced a glass table which made the monochromatic scheme pop up even more, giving off a clean and contemporary look.

For a six-bedroom apartment in Buckinghamshire, animal print furniture added some touch of character to the once boring space, finished off with an arrangement of simple framed images on one wall. The shelving space that houses the television was made more interesting with the help of coordinating ornaments. The addition of oak furniture in the kitchen gave it a homey rustic feel.

A former four-bedroom chapel in North London on the other hand was renovated with the use of statement furniture and luxurious fabrics. Its bedroom was transformed with the help of paneled headboard and mirrored glass wall.

As seen from the transformations made the designers of Alexander James, small additions can transform a space wonderfully. For those on a budget, it does not necessarily mean having to buy expensive designer office furniture for a business space for example. Simple upgrades like changing curtains, painting a wall, adding some touches of greens in a room – all of these can help update the interior design of your home or office space. But if you can afford it, changing your furniture altogether like buying new pieces of designer office furniture can also do much to change the look of your space for the better.