Influencers Generate Brand Awareness On Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Every December, traffic generated by the website of Ugly Christmas Sweater increases by more than 350% if compared to summer and fall months. According to Similar Web Ltd. data, November and December accounts for at least 90% of the retailer’s sales. This is why the online retailer starts planning for the Christmas season as early as February.

The online retailer capitalized on the trend of wearing ugly Christmas sweaters at parties and the fad has not faded at all. At least 115,000 items mostly ugly sweaters were sold during last year’s holiday season. The growth has slightly outpaced the expected 10% growth because of successful influencers, marketing campaigns and exclusive licenses and deals with businesses that are producing custom sweaters.

Before the 2018 holiday season, the online retailer of ugly Christmas sweaters secured PewDiePew, a Swedish YouTuber, actor, comedian and gamer and Ninja, an e-sports gamer. Both are high profile influencers who helped in building brand awareness for the holiday product.

The online retailer and PewDiePew worked together in designing a holiday line that includes sweaters, pants, knit hats and jumpsuits. PewDiePew wore the clothing in his YouTube videos which helped in selling the products. At least 3,500 items were sold within 24 hours after the video was posted. The online retailer was able to sell at least 10,000 items over the course of the 2018 holiday season.

When an influencer creates and wears a product instead of simply posting about them, consumers do not feel that it is an advertising campaign. Aside from generating brand awareness, influencers help in retail sales.

The online retailer of ugly Christmas sweaters is also collaborating with micro-influencers with less than 10,000 followers. The influencers get a free product and sometimes money to promote the product. The potential for high returns is quite big and is typically 3 or 6 times the investment.

It is no longer surprising to see people wearing the Ugly Christmas Sweater to parties and family gatherings. It has become a Christmas tradition for many families to wear ugly Christmas sweaters that no would be caught wearing twenty years ago. With 2019 Christmas season fast approaching, it is guaranteed that you will be seeing more of those ugly sweaters.