How Much Does Floor Sanding Services In Sydney Really Cost?

If you find your timber floors looking a bit dull, you can utilise floor sanding services in Sydney to dramatically improve its durability and longevity. The first question that you would likely ask if to know how much this project will cost. In this article you will find how the cost of timber floor sanding is calculated.

How to Sand Your Timber Floor?

Depending on the care instructions of every type of timber, most solid timber floors can be polished, sealed and sanded. Floating timber floors have real timber veneer that can be sanded, just like bamboo floors depending on what they are produced from. Having a timber parquetry floor can also be sanded and sealed. However, if your opting for vinyl and laminate, these timber flooring cannot be resurfaced or sanded. If you need help, check with local timber floor sanding services in Sydney for an expert advice.

How Much Does the Service Cost?

If you were to quote for a timber floor sanding, you can get a price per square metre, and the prices range between $30 to $60. The services don’t include staining and the polyurethane sealer, which may cost another $8 to $15 per square metre. If your floor is in poor condition, the provider can give you a higher cost for the work preparation before sanding. The higher cost of services can also include timber floors with protruding nails, as they need to be punched.

What to Ask for the Floor Sanding Services?

To ensure you have the right floor sanding services in Sydney, you need to ask some questions about their services. You need to know how long they have been operating and if they are well experienced with the job. They need to provide you with some references to ask about their services. You need to ask them if they are affiliates with an association. You need to know if they can provide you a written quote, and how long the job will take when done.

Obtaining Quotes

To compute the overall costs of sanding the timber flooring, you need to check with the experts. Ensure you obtain more quotes from various providers, so you can do comparison shopping. They may need to see the floors first before they can give you an accurate quote. Just ensure you know what’s included and the extras to determine the real price.