How Hotels In Cardiff City Centre Show You What To Do In This City

Cardiff is an unusual place with a distinct past and is known as Europe’s youngest capital city. With such distinction, it makes Cardiff one of the best places to visit. Also ensure that you’re booked in one of the hotels in Cardiff city centre for a marvellous accommodation. Here, you’ll also find interesting activities to do, and you can start the tour through the must-see attractions here.

  • National Museum Cardiff

The National Museum is where you find art collections of the world-famous impressionist and post- impressionist works, the 20th century art and the 1930s surrealism. This is where visitors usually flock to see the rich history, geology and archaeology of the city.

  • Wales Millennium Centre

The Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay is easy to navigate with its amazing slate and steel structure. It’s also called the Armadillo due to its copper-coloured dome. This is where a variety of performances and concerts are done. There are also restaurants and cafes to dine, with regular free events to create a lively environment. You’ll also want to find out hotels in Cardiff city centre for your bookings.

  • Chapter Arts Centre

Chapter was founded in 1971 through a variety of fundraising projects which included a concert by Pink Floyd. Here, you’ll be able to see events in its gallery, two cinemas and three theatres, where entrance is free. There are also two bars and a café to relax and be sociable with other travellers.

  • Cardiff Castle

The structure of the castle dates to the 50AD, with building walls elaborated with ornaments in the 19thgothic century. It was designed by William Burges, a renowned architect for the third Marquess of Bute, who was supposedly the world’s richest man. This is a must-see monument to see the extravagance at that time.

  • The Taff Trail

Cardiff is where you find green spaces than any other city in Europe. In the Taff Trail are rail routes, tramways and towpaths, allowing you to walk or bike from the Cardiff Bay through its 2000 acres of parkland.

After such long and exhausting day, you’ll want to restore your strengths in one of the hotels in Cardiff city centre to start a new day the next day.