Hotel Industry Of Phuket Feeling The Effects Of Drought

Kongsak Koopongsakorn, Thai Hotels Association’s president for the southern Thailand chapter, revealed that the dry spell is starting to be felt by majority of the hotel businesses. The water from the tap is flowing slower than before and the pressure is not very good either. Hotels from the south including ファミリーホテルプーケット now needs to purchase water from private suppliers which leads to higher operation cost for them. This is also affecting the traffic in the city because many water trucks are now transporting water supplies to resorts and hotels.

This situation was also confirmed by Boon Yongsakul, Phuket Real Estate Association’s president and Boat Pattana Co Ltd’s chairman. He shared that he is well-aware of the situation regarding shortages in water supply especially in major tourist destinations around the island.

He explained that the drought in Phuket which lasts mainly between January and February is due to less rainfall as opposed to the previous years. This is affecting a number of tourist destinations including Thalang, Kathu and Patong.

Mr. Boon said that the increasing number of tourists is also one major factor that impacts water shortage. During the high season, majority of the hotels in the island are fully booked and the supply of hotel rooms are also starting to grow to meet the demand. For this year alone, there are a total of 80,000 rooms in Phuket but it is expected to grow to 90,000 rooms in the following year. The bottom line is that if the drought continues every year and the island does not get enough water supplies, this might be a problem they have to face in the coming years.

He is now worried through because he trusts that the officials will do their best to find a solution. The Phuket Governor is not overlooking this type of issues and the officials are trying to look for the best way to solve the problem by getting help from officials at the municipal level.

It was middle of February when the Phuket Water Authority stopped giving out notices regarding water supply management claiming that the water supply is sufficient. Despite this, some hotels such as ファミリーホテルプーケット are still buying supplementary water supply to meet the demands of the guests.