Honda To Shutdown Swindon Plant In Southern England By 2022

Honda is a Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles and cars. Honda has recently announced that it will close the Swindon factory in Southern England by 2022. According to Honda, they want to consolidate production as the company focuses on new vehicle technology. However, Honda motorcycles in the UK will still be available through authorized dealers.

More than 160,000 vehicles were built by Honda in Swindon. The plant produced the hatchback version of the popular Civic model that accounts for less than 10% of Britain’s total output of 1.52 million cars. However, Honda has been struggling in Europe in recent years because of several challenges that include declining demand for diesel-powered vehicles and tough regulations due to the uncertainties over Brexit.

According to Justin Tomlinson, Conservative lawmaker from Swindon who voted for Brexit in 2016, he has had meetings with the business minister and representatives from Honda and the Japanese vehicle manufacturer has confirmed the plans. Tomlinson does not believe that the decision is Brexit-related but a reflection of the global market. The Japanese manufacturer wants to consolidate production in Japan.

In October 2017, Honda announced that vehicle production at its Sayama plant will be stopped by 2022 because of the shrinking domestic market. Like most of its rivals all over the world, Honda wants to streamline its operations. Besides that, the company is also investing heavily in the development of electric vehicles and self-driving cars.

Honda wants to be known as a mobility company and not simply a manufacturer of cars and motorcycles. If the UK does not secure a favourableBrexit deal, Japan may pull out its investments in Britain which is considered as the gateway to Europe. The recent trade agreement between Japan and the European Union will eliminate tariffs on cars from Japan. Japanese car maker Nissan has also cancelled plans to build the X-Trail sport utility vehicle in Britain.

There are authorized dealers of Honda motorcycles in the UK that can cater to all that a rider needs from new and used motorcycles and scooters to parts, accessories and clothing. There are fully trained Honda technicians that can assist riders who want to add personal touches to the bikes.