Giving The Grey Bathroom Tiles A Different Kind Of Feel

Grey is the decade’s colour trend, but choosing the right shade can be tricky. Pale grey can make the already gloomy room exude a certain degree of coldness. Dark greys may give a feeling that everything seems too black.

Some thought that grey bathroom tiles are just too cold for bathrooms. On the contrary, grey can create a soothing surrounding when paired with the right colour combination. Most hues go well together with grey. However, it is advisable to just pair it with one or two colours to achieve a sort of designer scheme.

Layering greys create a calming effect. When combined with other colours, it can take the design scheme to the next level. The current trend calls for the use of solid, vibrant colours that will naturally standout against the neutral milieu.

Here are some of the best ideas that can create a different kind of feel on grey tiles, and never shy away from using this tile colour in the bathroom.

Turning the Grey Wall into Something Else

  1. Accessorise the grey wall.

Adding candles and colourful accessories to the warm, pale grey wall can add comfort and a different kind of appeal. The warm grey wall already exudes certain sophistication and versatility.

  1. Create a country feel.

When remodelling a bathroom, choosing a dramatic shade of grey for the wall tile is a good idea. Decorating the wall with interesting accessories in pale colour can add a country vibe to it.

  1. Keep it clean and serene.

The grey colour exudes an ethereal beauty with a sophistication that’s difficult to describe with just a few words. Make grey wall’s exquisiteness standout by adding classic fixtures and fittings as well as white-gloss pieces.

  1. Use grey tiles in the shower room.

Choosing a floor-to-ceiling tiling for the shower area is a wise decision. The grey tiles can make the shower room more appealing, but avoid making the colour look so flat. Adding white fitting and fixtures to create contrast will do the trick.

Whether it’s the existing grey bathroom tiles or remodelling, the grey wall can exude a different vibe according to the homeowner’s wishes.