First Apartment In Sydney Equipped With Solar Power Saw Reduced Bills

Co-op Stucco is a student housing apartment built in Newtown, Sydney and was recently equipped with solar power. According to the residents, since the installation of the solar panels and battery, they have noticed the big percentage reduction with regards to their power bills. It has already been a year since the system was installed in Stucco confirmed that the power bills of the residents have reduced to almost 55 per cent. This is because of the fact that the generated energy is greater compared to its usage in the previous year. During the completion of the building, commercial painters in Sydney were hired and the painting remained in good condition despite the installation.

Stucco waited for a year of operation before giving any regarding the system. According to their figures, the system has done some positive change for their residents. In fact, the electricity bills have decreased by 55 per cent with the help of 114 solar panels along with 36 modular batteries from Enphase.

During the previous year, the residents had to pay only $240 worth of electricity bill. There is a big difference compared to the year before that wherein they have to pay $540 since they have been getting electricity from traditional retailer alone. With this setup, the co-op serves as the manager as well as retailer in what is considered to be an embedded network. Which means occupants can buy electricity from them with the condition that there is enough solar energy stored inside the batteries coming from the solar panels.

The project leader is Bjorn Sturmberg while he was still in charge of Stucco. According to him, the results from Stucco showed that it is possible for the apartment sector of Australia to have access to renewable energy which does not hurt the environment. This will also help tenants in the city to reduce their cost of living which is undeniably higher. Gone are the days when only private homeowners can access solar powered system.

Developers planning to develop apartments in the area will have to invest in more than just commercial painters in Sydney if they want to offer more to their tenants.