Ferrari And Honda Bike Dealers To Transact Through Bitcoin Using New Listing Website

Racers, collectors, and car owners can now look for Ferrari and Honda bike dealers online and transact through Bitcoin.

Buy and Sell Vehicles Through Bitcoin

Enthusiasts traditionally had to look for Ferrari or Honda bike dealers in their cities and transact through cash or check, but the new website released in December last year has come to change that.

A Site For Dealers And Sellers

At the beginning, the site only had four vehicles for sale, but now, it has more than 80 cars and bikes. The site lets dealers and sellers to upload their sales ads with the corresponding price in dollars and Bitcoin. Website manager Filippo Martin explains that the side has had more than 28,000 visits since it went live last year. There are 86 vehicles currently listed, but that is as far as his information could reveal. The site is a listing website, and he doesn’t get involved with the sales.

Using Cryptocurrency

Martin explains that the site offers transactions through cryptocurrency, which has been a growing trend due to the number of people using it. The change in transaction methods such as this indicates that projects are shifting towards the digital market– not only private ones, but also for companies as well as car dealerships.

For those who are new in cryptocurrency, they can still take part in the market as the website allows users to use Coinbase to set up their Bitcoin wallets which could be used for trading through cryptocurrency.

What Can You Buy?

The listing site has a variety of options. Avid collectors of Ferrari cars can get the 2005 Ferrari 575 SuperAmerica for $398,000 (BTC 56.71898). Its seller, FerrariGuru, says that it is one of the most collectibles in the modern era.

The 2003 Honda CR-V could be yours for only $1,200 (BTC 0.171) it has a 45,000 mileage.

As for motorcycles, the rare 2016 Yamaha R6 with only a 416 mileage is up for sale for $2,500 (BTC 0.35625). Brian Harris, its seller, explains that it is the best that you can find, and is a biker’s dream, including Power Commander’s full exhaust.