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Wyoming Group Removes Obstructive Fencing For Migrating Wildlife

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Farms and ranches need power fencing, but sometimes, these fences are left to rot in their obsolescence or are placed badly enough that they become dangers to the wildlife in the region.

For this reason, the local Jackson hole Wildlife Foundation formed its volunteer fence-pull team, whose mission is to remover and/or modify fencing in the region that is superfluous and endangering the wildlife in the region. In 2018, the foundation is approaching its 25th anniversary, and it’s set a new milestone for itself; removing 200 miles of unneeded fencing.

This effort had 26 volunteers and foundation staff out in the field earlier in July removing nearly one whole mile of unneeded power fencing in a relic pasture located not far from the House Creek elk feedground operated by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. The staff and volunteers started their work at the junction located between the Bridger-Teton National Forest and a plot of state-owned land located 10 miles southeast of Jackson, right off of Highway 89.

Wildlife Foundation board member and Wyoming Game and Fish wildlife biologist, Aly Courtemanch, says that, with the livestock having stopped grazing within the national forest’s bounds, the barbed-wire fence around the area is now unnecessary,  and has stated that removing the fence removes a problem for migrating wildlife that passes through the area, primarily elk and mule deer. The three-strand fence was a danger to animals going through the area, which is why the volunteers pulled them out from their wooden posts. The wiring was then rolled up and hauled to recycling.

The group doesn’t just remove barbed wire from fences, it also modifies existing fencing to ensure the safety of wildlife in areas where fencing is still needed for farms and ranches. Modifications include lowering the height of fencing, replacing the top and bottom wires with smooth wiring, and the like.

Foundation Executive Director Jon Mobeck explains that barbed wire is kept at the middle to protect the wildlife in the area as well as grazing cattle, due to the fact that wild animals go over or under fencing, but cattle approach them differently, opting to push through.

The NPO’s goal is to reduce the risk of animals migrating in the region; either by removing unneeded fencing or modifying necessary fencing to be safer for them to deal with.

Important Points To Know For Foreigners Willing To Setup Business In Thailand

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Thailand is the largest economy in south East Asia, second to Indonesia. Setting up a company and doing business in Thailand is straightforward and easy. Investors willing to set up business in Thailand can consult good lawyers or consultants, who can guide them regarding all the legal matters required for the registration of the company and doing business and obtaining the necessary permits and licenses.

In order to set up a business and do company registration in Thailand, you need to know about the business laws and regulations of the country. Here is a step by step guide on how to set up business in Thailand

  • The Foreign Business act of 1999, governs all the foreign businesses in the country. The law contains all the provisions regarding the acceptable business activities for foreign nationals, license requirements, ownership rules and prohibited activities. All the foreign businesses should strictly adhere to the act, failing which will attract serious penalties and jail term.
  • Foreigners can start a limited partnership firm, representative office or branch office of a company or a Limited company in Thailand. Foreigners can register private and public limited companies in Thailand but they must strictly adhere to the ownership rules before applying to register the company and start business.
  • Having a nominee shareholder in the company who does not have any financial stake and interest in the company is strictly prohibited by the law.
  • Getting the company registration in Thailand as a Thai majority company is beneficial for foreign nationals. Thai majority companies require less capital and need fewer licenses and permits when compared to Thai minority companies. Thai majority companies can also purchase land in the country, when need arises.
  • The capital requirement for company registration in Thailand and obtaining the foreign business license is THB 3 million per business activity. It is TBH 2 million for a Thai majority company and THB 1 million, if you have a Thai spouse.
  • All the companies doing business in Thailand or generating income from the country should pay the Corporate Income Tax levied by the government.
  • In order to acquire a business or do company registration in Thailand, foreigners will need a non-immigrant ‘B ‘business visa. The business visa can be obtained from the Thai embassy at your home country.

Common Foot Problems In Children And The Need To Consult A Podiatrist

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A podiatrist is also known as a chiropodist. They are certified healthcare professionals, who specialize in diagnosis and treatment of issues related to lower legs, feet and toes. Podiatrists offer a wide range of services, starting with the treatment of minor feet problems like corns, callouses and in-grown toenails, to treating major issues like complications due to diabetes and serious foot injuries. Some of the common conditions treated by a podiatrist are corns, calluses, foot infections, athlete’s foot, deformities in foot, problems with foot arch, ingrown toenails, accidents and injuries to foot, diabetic complications, and posture and gait problems.

Children suffer most problems in lower legs and feet. They suffer from problems relating to deformities in feet, infections, posture and gait problems, ingrown toenails and problems relating to the foot arch. Parents should consult reputed children’s podiatrist in Sydney as soon as they notice foot and leg problems in children. This will help in tackling the problem at the early stage and to avoid lifelong complications.

Consult a qualified and reputed children’s podiatrist in Sydney as soon as you notice any one or few of these symptoms in your children

  1. Swelling of toenails or redness in between toenails and toes.
  2. Severe leg and foot pain that does not go away in a couple of days.
  3. Painful warts on the sole and feet, which leads to difficulty in walking and standing
  4. Bunions, hardened skin, corns and calluses
  5. Deformities in feet and wrongly shaped toes
  6. Numbness in feet
  7. Ingrown nails on toes
  8. Feet sores that do not heal with normal treatment
  9. Injuries happening due to sports, accidents and other strenuous physical activities
  10. Pain in the heels due to heel spurs
  11. Problems with the arch and other deformities in the feet
  12. Posture and gait problems

Consulting an experienced children’s podiatrist in Sydney will help in early diagnosis and treatment of the underlying foot problems due to which children experience pain and other issues.  The podiatrist will examine the feet and legs of the child and order further tests if required. He will analyse the gait and posture and find the root cause of the problems. Podiatrists treat feet conditions in children using medications, orthotics, special shoes, support strappings and performing minor surgeries whenever required.

How The Grand Central Terminal Was Saved From Being Demolished

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Major landmarks are some of the most important elements in the New York City Illustrated Map that is created with attention to detail and flair for creativity. If the illustrated map was created decades ago, it will include old interesting features that are no longer present today. It is only through the map illustration that you will gain an idea on the iconic buildings that have been replaced with newer structures.

One of the cherished structures in New York City is the Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan that is not only architecturally stunning but used heavily in the region. Every day, more than 750,000 subway and train commuters pass through the terminal. However, a few decades ago, this stunning landmark nearly got torn down because during the mid 70’s developers have made plans to partially demolish the complex to make way for the 53-story tower office.

A group of preservationists that included former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis fought with the developers. On June 26, 1978 the Supreme Court made a ruling that any proposals that will tear down the terminal will be rejected. This decision set a precedent for all historical landmarks in New York City.

After 10 years of construction and $2 billion in cost in today’s dollars, the Grand Central Terminal was opened for the public in 1913. In the middle of the 70’s Stuart Sanders, an executive of the railroad company that owned Grand Central proposed improvements to make the terminal more profitable. Saunders was known for spearheading the demolition of the original Penn Station located in New York.

The objective of Saunders is to build a 53-story skyscraper to replace one of the Grand Central’s terminal. When the Landmarks Preservation Commission denied the proposal, Saunders sued the city. The preservationists were able to save the Grand Terminal from demolition. Two decades later, the terminal underwent a $113.8 million renovation.

It is very likely for the beauty of the Grand Central Terminal to be captured in the New York City Illustrated Map because it is a popular landmark that will be easily recognized by a visitor to the Big Apple. The illustrator’s creativity will add color and warmth to the hand-drawn map illustration.

How Courier Quote Can Save You Money For Courier Services

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Nowadays, one has to spend their money wisely and save when needed. If you had to spend something for a courier like buying a new furniture or having things delivered to your customers, the following tips below can help cut the expenses for delivery. In short, you need to get a courier quote to know how much you’ll be spending for it.

  • Get lots of quotes: If you want the best of your delivery, secure a courier quote for all the items you need to be delivered. If you get more quotes, it helps you choose a courier company with the best price. Contact various couriers to give you some quotes and choose among these providers the one that gives a reasonable deal. Usually these quotes will provide the best reduced price.


  • Be more patient: You have to provide a flexible date for your collection and delivery. If the courier passes on your route at least twice or thrice a week, they can possibly give you a lower price on said days. If you are flexible with your dates, you make the pickup time a delivery bargain. Also, if you want to deliver merchandise through couriers on a regular basis, consider holding back few items and have them delivered all at the same time. One huge cost that couriers make is having an empty trip to the collection point from the delivery point. If you have several deliveries in one trip, the courier can save some costs and will pass these savings to you.


  • Ask about the courier quote: If the courier company provides you a quote that is a bit out of your budget, you may ask if they can lower it down. Sometimes, they can minimise the price on certain days to fit their route, or they can choose to bargain it with you. If the courier refuses to reduce the price, you need to check back other quotes that you have received. It’salso a way to determine you’re getting a fair price for the courier services.

The following are helpful tips to get the best savings for all your deliveries without affecting the service quality and how your customers will receive it.

Camara Education Works To Improve Education In Backward Communities Using Modern Technologies

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Camara education is a not for profit organization that provides comprehensive eLearning packages to the schools in backward communities. The organization partners with schools and provides them with highly subsidized computers and education tools to enable them with modern technology.

Camara education enters into contract with partnering schools to provide all the necessary hardware, training and maintenance for the eLearning package. The work done by the organization is acknowledged by Denis OBrien, patron of Digicel foundation.

The organization sends a vetting team to the partner schools for an initial inspection of the school. The school should build a separate eLearning room in the campus with all the required specifications. The room should have the prescribed electrical safety, ventilation, fittings and furniture.

The organization provides refurbished computers to its partner schools. The computers are of reputed brands and contain the Pentium four processor. Each computer lab will have a server PC of high specifications and equipped with 100 GB hard drive and 1 GB RAM. Al the computers in the network can share the huge content and software present in the Server PC.

The computers are equipped with Camarabuntu, a customized version of Ubuntu and have a large number of educational tools related to maths, English, Geography and science. The computers are contain quizzes and games for the students. The server PC has a huge collection of reference material, e-books, video lectures and software for all the computers in the network.

Camara education, with contribution from Denis OBrien foundation also caters to the schools in Haiti and Jamaica. The organization has presence all over the world and works for the betterment of education especially in the backward communities.

The organization has trained team of volunteers to provide onsite and offsite support to the partner schools. The computers, which are sold at highly subsidized rates, are covered with a free maintenance contract. The defective or non-working computers are replaced by the organization. The organization also trains teachers of the partner schools on how to use the eLearning material appropriately for the benefit of the students.

Denis OBrien, the patron of Digicel foundation and the founder of Iris O’Brien foundation, acknowledge the work of Camara education and contributed funds to work in Haiti and Jamaica.

Safe Places For Women To Go Backpacking

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Going on a holiday on your own can be an exciting journey but it can be nerve wracking especially for women. While it is good to travel, it is also recommended to do so in a safe environment. Good thing many tourist destinations nowadays are using measures to ensure that tourists are protected while staying in their country. Every woman has different taste when it comes to travelling. Others might be looking to try the best French restaurant in Chiang Mai while others are searching for a place to try out their adventurous side. Depending on what you plan to do, here are a number of places to visit alone for women.

Amsterdam. This is recommended for women who love the outdoors. There are rental bicycles everywhere which is the best way to see the beauty of Amsterdam. For those who do not know how to cycle or do not want to at all, there are train stations to be used for public commuting. One of the highlights of visiting Amsterdam is going around the canals. The city might be busy all the time but there are a number of museums worth visiting. For those who are looking for a culture trip, Museumplein should be on the top of the list.

Honolulu. For women who are in love with the beaches, Hawaii is the best place to go. The locals are friendly and the spirit of the island can be felt through their warm and sunny disposition. Honolulu is recommended for solo travellers because you can socialize with the locals and tourists alike or you can enjoy the trip on your own bubble. Aside from the beaches, the rest of the island holds a charm such as a hiking session at the Diamond Head or just staying inside your hotel room and enjoy a good book.

Chiang Mai. There are many places in Thailand worth visiting but for solo women travelling to see more of the culture of the locals, Chiang Mai is the place to go. It is also worth noting that the area holds the best French restaurant in Chiang Mai aside from the local street foods that are also worth trying. One can also look for more adventure by visiting the Old City or taking a stroll through the temples.