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Useful Tips To Ensure A Successful Cross-Border Trade

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Whether you are new to freight forwarding or a seasoned professional with decades of experience under your belt, there will always be challenges when shipping cargo between the US and Canada. Even if the two countries are close neighbours, they have significantly different cultures, markets and trade regulations.

Things to consider in cross-border trade

  • Cross-border trade requires several partners with all of them having certain roles to get goods safely from Point A to Point B. Success will depend on having the right partners for your specific needs.
  • It is important to determine the mode of transportation that will be used, the lead times and whether the goods require expedited or regular delivery. After you have settled these things, you will have a better idea on the right partner that you will need.
  • Timing is very critical in cross-border trade. The process demands a synchronized dance among the players that is perfectly aligned to ensure that shipment moves smoothly. Some aspects may be beyond control but by doing research, you will understand the timeframes for each step of the process.
  • Timing is usually based on demand which can go up or down depending on the time of the year, week of the month, day in the week and even hours of operation. If there is no traffic on the bridge, crossing can take about 30 minutes; however, it is not uncommon to encounter lines of up to 10 hours during peak seasons. If the truck has not had a custom inspection, an additional 8 hours can be expected.
  • All businesses want to save on costs but logistics is often an expensive part of the shipping process. The freight forwarder you choose must be worth the price. It also important to take into account drayage, customs clearance, additional warehousing, sorting, labeling, and many more.

You can request a quote from Titan Transline to make sure that your shipment will arrive at its destination at its highest quality. You are guaranteed a trusted network to deliver your freight on time, every time with top of the industry equipment, specialized professional expertise, and white-glove level of service for the most competitive price.

How To Boost A Marketing Campaign Through Customer Reviews

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New visitors must be provided with a reason to stay longer on your site. They need proof that the brand is worth their time and eventually, their money. Before the visitor moves through the sales funnel to make a purchase, they need to believe that the business is genuine and trustworthy. This is where customer reviews come in.

Customer reviews are the social proof that increases brand credibility and strengthen customer relationships. Reviews prove that there are customers who are buying the products or services and are willing to share their experiences with other people.

In order to boost the marketing campaign, reviews must be highlighted in the landing page. The goal of the landing page is to keep the visitor focused on the message. Since customer reviews can influence a purchasing decision, the focus must be on cultivating trust. The reviews can be used to prove that the business is worth the customer’s trust and money.

Social media has been transformed from a communication tool to a marketing tool for businesses. Since people prefer to use social media to share their experiences, it is important for a business to showcase customer reviews on social posts to increase brand credibility and convince other users to take action.

You can now watch King Kong marketing agency review on YouTube. For those on the fence about the service, the review video goes a long way to push them to the right direction. While loyal customers have great things to say about the brand, it won’t hurt to use the review in a video that is more fun and engaging.

Obtaining Justice For Victims Of Revenge Porn

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Revenge porn is a form of digital abuse where one or more sexually explicit photographs or videos of a person are posted or shared online without permission. The intimate photograph of the victim was likely taken by herself and shared to an ex or it was taken by someone else like an ex-spouse or ex-partner. It is also very likely that the photograph or video was stolen from the victim’s personal computer by a hacker.

What to do if you are victim of revenge porn

There are sites that host nude and sexual photos, usually of women that were posted by an ex. Aside from the photos, the site includes the woman’s personal information including links to a Facebook account and nasty comments. Although most revenge porn sites have been closed in response to lawsuits and prosecutions, new sites sprout like mushroom all over the web. They often pick out images that have been widely distributed online. It is very difficult to have the sexually explicit images removed completely from the internet even if they have been successfully removed from one site.

It is a criminal offense to knowingly publish or distribute an intimate image of another person without his or her consent. If you are a victim of revenge porn, you can consult with a civil defence lawyer to take action and have the photos or video removed from the internet.

An example is revenge porn site UGotPosted that lost its immunity when it was sued in California. The first line of defence that is frequently used by revenge porn sites is they have the immunity or protection from prosecution for content that was posted by a third party. This means that the site is just a conduit and is not responsible for what its users post. However, the appellate court found out that the developer is involved in curating the photos and information on the site.

Legal help is provided by MyDefence to victims of revenge porn. State laws may vary but victims have the chance to recover monetary damages for the harm to the emotions and reputation, statutory damages and punitive damages. There are civil lawyers who are particularly experienced and knowledgeable with this aspect of law.

Montana Offers COVID-19 Vaccines For Canadian Cross-Border Truckers

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Montana’s government recently announced in a statement early May that it’ll be offering free COVID-19 vaccinations to Canadian truckers that cross the border from Alberta into the state.

Cross-border truckers like in firms like Titan Transline have to be on the road a lot, which makes it hard for them to find time to get inoculated, in spite of the fact that they’re considered essential workers. The program is aware of that, and will inoculate cross-border truckers at a rest stop near Conrad, Mt.

Vaccinations started on May 10, and will continue until May 23, 2021, with around 2,000 truckers being eligible for inoculation. They also don’t need to schedule an appointment.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney stated that about 800 commercial trucks cross the US-Canada border at just the Coutts crossing on a daily basis, adding that there’ll be no cost for Albertans who accept the program.

Kenney has added that he asked Canadian PM Trudeau to lobby the Biden administration to loosen its rules regard vaccine exportation to make it possible for US states to send their excess vaccines to Canada, as well as Mexico.

Cross-border truckers are welcoming the announcement, with trucker Keith Pike stating that it’s good to get vaccines and get people inoculated from COVID-19, regardless of where they come from. The faster people get inoculated, Pike says, the better.

Pike stated that he knows what workers in firms like Titan Transline a lot of truckers like him are having to deal with amidst the pandemic, so getting vaccinated and some extra safety measures is a big help, especially for those that travel far across the US-Canada border.

The goal of the announcement from Alberta, which is similar to the agreement between Saskatchewan and Manitoba with the state of North Dakota, is to protect truckers, who are essential in keeping trade channels open.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte stated that they’re grateful that they can work with Premier Kenney in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, protect truckers and their loved ones, as well as make sure that their communities continue to get the goods that they’re reliant on.

Ratings And Reviews As Powerful Marketing Tools

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The use of ratings and reviews in marketing has been a long-standing strategy in many industries. Requesting for reviews takes very little effort but it reduces the costs of advertising while maximizing the exposure of the brand, products and/or services.

Reviews from reputable sources establish consumer confidence on new brands making it easier for them to sell a product. Encouraging consumers to try a new product can be challenging no matter the circumstances. By using ratings and reviews, consumers can be influenced into purchasing a new product.

Reviews from well-respected and trustworthy sources can instill confidence to an ordinary consumer and might be enough to make them choose the product over the competitor. However, after convincing the customer to buy the product, it is important to provide them with the best experience possible to persuade them to come back for more.

Gaining a large number of favorable reviews can bolster brand recognition Large companies employ different strategies to persuade customers to leave a feedback. However, once they have accomplished the task, they halt their strategies. The solution is to join trustworthy third-party review platforms where customers can leave their reviews and provide exposure to the product. Using third-party platforms and social media is also a good way to send a message across to the industry.

It is very likely that you have across king kong marketing reviews on third-party review sites. You can’t help but notice that most of the reviews come from the employees of the digital marketing agency. Happy and satisfied employees are always willing to spread a good word for their employer.

Best Ways To Optimize WordPress Website UX

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There are many benefits to having a good website UX (user experience). Aside from increasing traffic, an optimized website UX can reduce bounce rates and improve positive feedback from users. For modern users, every millisecond is very critical when it comes to speed and user experience. A delay of a few seconds can result into increased bounce rates and fewer conversions.

How to optimize WordPress website UX effectively

The backbone of every successful website design is UX research. There are UX experts who can tell you the difference between a good and bad UX after examining the website. From their critical feedback, you can gather insights regarding the UX and see the website from the point of view of an expert.

Different UX research techniques can be combined in one place to be able to conduct a field study. Observe the behaviour of users on your website in their environment to learn how they feel in different situations. When you get a deeper insight into their problems, you can find new ways of solving them.

Usability testing is a technique that helps in evaluating the website through testing by potential users. Observe how users perform the different tasks on the website and then, collect data. However, make sure that the group of users belong to your target audience.

User personas are fictitious models of the ideal target users of the website. You have to focus on the traits and behaviours they display so that you can assess what they expect from the website. User data research can be used in developing user personas.

Nowadays, there are no longer any excuses for a slow-loading WordPress website. Google Page Speed Insights can be used as a tool to examine website speed. You can asses how your website performs on desktop and mobile devices to determine the elements that need improvement. You can optimize the database, use a caching plugin or content delivery network to improve page speed.

There is a team of WordPress website developers that can optimize both speed and user experience. There are many ways to optimize WordPress website UX; you can check it out here. The team will employ different strategies to deliver the right results.

The Basics Of Digital Marketing

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With technology, comes change. Marketers are well aware of that fact. Wasn’t more than 10 years ago when a cheap, barely-functional website with a few keywords was enough for a digital marketing campaign.

With people spending so much time on their computers and their mobile devices, surfing the internet, however, that is no longer the case.

It’s no exaggeration to say that digital marketing is a key part of whether or not businesses fail or succeed, so it’s important for any business owner to have a grasp of it. Here are the basics.

What is digital marketing?

In the simplest of terms, digital marketing accounts for any and all marketing done via online media channels, like websites and social media accounts. The aim of these endeavours is to get your brand noticed, generate leads, and then convert those leads into loyal customers.

Why is it important?

Marketing is all about reaching one’s audience, plain and simple. Specific numbers vary, but it’s generally agreed upon that there’s always someone looking for something online. With people connected to the internet so much thanks to mobile devices, being online is now key for any business looking to survive.

The channels

  • Your website: The online storefront, so to speak, and pretty much the most important piece of the digital channel. It needs to be fast (<3 seconds fast), secure, mobile- and SEO-friendly, and it needs to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Search engine marketing and optimization: The vast majority of the time, people look to Google to find things. Naturally, this means that properly marketing online involves making sure your site is as visible and enticing to search engines as possible.
  • Pay per click: As the name implies, it’s when you pay when someone clicks on one of your ads. People see a lot of pay-per-click ads, with the most common being paid search ads, like the ones you see when you look up a king kong marketing review and the like. A lot of clicks tend to go for the top three paid ads on a search engine’s result page, so take note of that.