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The Basics Of Digital Marketing

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With technology, comes change. Marketers are well aware of that fact. Wasn’t more than 10 years ago when a cheap, barely-functional website with a few keywords was enough for a digital marketing campaign.

With people spending so much time on their computers and their mobile devices, surfing the internet, however, that is no longer the case.

It’s no exaggeration to say that digital marketing is a key part of whether or not businesses fail or succeed, so it’s important for any business owner to have a grasp of it. Here are the basics.

What is digital marketing?

In the simplest of terms, digital marketing accounts for any and all marketing done via online media channels, like websites and social media accounts. The aim of these endeavours is to get your brand noticed, generate leads, and then convert those leads into loyal customers.

Why is it important?

Marketing is all about reaching one’s audience, plain and simple. Specific numbers vary, but it’s generally agreed upon that there’s always someone looking for something online. With people connected to the internet so much thanks to mobile devices, being online is now key for any business looking to survive.

The channels

  • Your website: The online storefront, so to speak, and pretty much the most important piece of the digital channel. It needs to be fast (<3 seconds fast), secure, mobile- and SEO-friendly, and it needs to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Search engine marketing and optimization: The vast majority of the time, people look to Google to find things. Naturally, this means that properly marketing online involves making sure your site is as visible and enticing to search engines as possible.
  • Pay per click: As the name implies, it’s when you pay when someone clicks on one of your ads. People see a lot of pay-per-click ads, with the most common being paid search ads, like the ones you see when you look up a king kong marketing review and the like. A lot of clicks tend to go for the top three paid ads on a search engine’s result page, so take note of that.

Canadian Legal Experts Sign Letter Calling Out Iranian Court On Baha’I Discrimination

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The rulings of a rural Northeast Iranian courthouse have attracted attention from Canadian legal experts, including lawyers from firms like, and even a former prime minister, with people denouncing the mistreatment of the Baha’i religious minority, who are being driven out of their own homes.

Former PM Brian Mulroney, former Irwin Cotler, and several former Supreme Court justices are among the big legal experts that signed a letter calling for justice for the Baha’i people in Ivel, where the local court recently evicted 27 families from their homes.

The letter is addressed to Ebrahim Raisi, the Iranian Chief Justice, who is also in charge of the country’s investigation into the loss of Flight PS752, and all 176 passengers on board.

Cotler stated that that the rulings of the Iranian court against the Baha’i and the use of openly discriminatory arguments were ideas that Canada’s legal experts, who noted that Iranian courts claimed that they were only following Islamic law, which allowed for the confiscation of property from non-Muslims.

Notably, it’s not just politicians and legal practitioners like that have called foul on the rulings, with Muslim groups outside of Iran like the Canadian Council of Imams.

Cotler noted the sheer audacity of the court to openly admit that they were basically persecuting the followers of Bahaism, known as a peaceful religious minority, which the courts described as a perverse sect.

On top of that, the Baha’is’ counsel weren’t allowed to see the evidence against them, not see any proper legal documentation, or even have representation. Cotler notes that it wasn’t just ignoring due process; it was the court being complicit in this discrimination.

Baha’is in Ivel’s have a noted history of being the victims of official persecution, which include unethical raids, confiscations, detainment, assaults, and the like. 2020, Cotler notes, added to this list with two courts sanctioning the confiscation of the Baha’is’ property simply because they weren’t Muslim.

The confiscation of the Baha’is’ property was carried out by the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order (EIKO), who receives their orders directly from the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Notably, the US Treasury Department once accused the EIKO of controlling a lot of the Iranian economy, including assets that were taken from political dissidents and religious minorities, for the benefit of the Supreme Leader and other government officials.

The Challenges Faced By North American Truckers

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Cross-border trucking providers face various challenges when operating in a complex and intertwined global supply chain. Some of the challenges faced by North American truckers include the shortage of truck drivers, the current tariff environment, constantly changing regulations, customs requirements, and compliance/risk issues that cause unavoidable delays in well-thought-out supply chains.

Cross-border trade management is very critical to keep goods moving across supply chains in an expedient manner while maintaining good visibility. Global trade management is increasingly becoming more difficult and complex because companies that want to reduce costs to increase profitability are tapping into a large network of suppliers, trade brokers, manufacturers, and customers that are literally spread across the globe.

Companies that use to sell in domestic markets are now selling internationally. They search across the world for raw materials, services, and finished goods that they can sell to a defined marketplace. A paradigm shift has happened because of reduced barriers to trade and investment, lower transportation costs, ease in the flow of information, new enabling technologies, and the emergence of new economies in countries like China and India.

Today’s global shipping networks have become so expansive that global shippers encounter significant challenges in managing end-to-end supply chains. At least one-half of the global shippers operate in Canada, Mexico, Asia, Western Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia. The sheer expanse of their networks, tariffs, compliance, regulatory issues, and risks make supply chain management more difficult.

According to a survey, roughly three-fourths of companies rely on a combination on air, less-than-truckload (LTL), and ocean carriers to ensure that their goods get from Point A to Point B. However, the number of trucking providers often creates problems in tracking shipments, end-to-end supply chain visibility, and higher level of orchestration that add costs to global shippers. When companies look beyond their borders, they are forced to face a new set of challenges.

Less-than-truckload shipping is offered by Titan Transline for small, quick shipments. LTL shipping is backed by top-of-industry real-time tracking and specially-engineered equipment including a professional and expert team. LTL options are offered for shipments across North America including cross-border between the USA and Canada.

How To Gain Candid Customer Feedback

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A digital marketing agency considers client reviews as valuable tools for marketing. First of all, reviews are freely given to show satisfaction with the services provided. These reviews can be highlighted on the company website for others to see. There are also reviews that tell the company what it has done wrong so that it can improve its services and make positive changes.

One of the easiest ways to get candid customer feedback is through email. Email can be used as an opportunity to interact with customers and gather a more personalized feedback. Email also maximizes the likelihood of hearing from a customer. The trick however is to establish a system of replying to customer’s feedback so that they won’t feel let down.

Social is an untapped reservoir of straightforward opinions from customers. There are direct comments or mentions on social media networks that businesses can listen to. Each piece of feedback provides an opportunity for a more specific follow-up. Furthermore, the comments are less likely to be biased and customers usually share more details about their experience with a brand.

A digital marketing agency can benefit from leveraging analytics to understand how customers are interacting with the brand. Analytics will reveal the number of people who are visiting reviews.

If you are searching for a digital marketing agency, please spare a few seconds to read king kong marketing review on popular online platforms. From the reviews left by the company’s own employees, you will gain an insight on why the company standouts from the competition.

Exceptional Customer Experience Translates To Positive Reviews

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A digital agency believes that a client will be more inclined to leave a positive review after an exceptional service. 6 in 10 consumers can be expected to recommend a digital agency to their family and friends after an outstanding marketing strategy that results in high ROI.

According to a survey made by Simplr on 750 consumers last October 2020, 90% of consumers who shop online consider customer service as very important in choosing a store. This means that customer loyalty can turn to revenue. Retailers cannot ignore disappointing their customers because at least 60% are planning on online holiday shopping and they will shop at stores they know and trust.

The survey also revealed that 6 in 10 consumers said that customer service expectations are determined by the standards of the best retailers. For consumers, exceptional service means fast response time, 24/7 customer service, connecting through live chat or email, online chat with a human and professional empathic, and respectful handling of complex questions.

If customers are ignored by a retailer when there is a question or concern, the neglect goes unnoticed. It is very likely for a customer to share the sad experience with a friend. In some instances, the negative experience will be posted on social media. Retailers do not like negative reviews and they should not give their customers a reason to do so.

A positive review is proof that the digital agency has succeeded in providing their client with an exceptional experience. It is very likely that digital agency has enhanced traffic to the site and improved brand presence and business growth.

Mixed Perceptions Over Burger King’s Goodwill Campaign

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Business owners are hard to impress. When they need a digital agency to take care of their marketing strategies, businesses will search all over the web for reviews like King Kong agency reviews posted by their clients. From the reviews, they can determine which digital agency can fulfil their goals.

UserTesting made a global study among customers from India, Australia, Singapore, the US and the UK on the impact of Burger King’s “order from McDonald’s” campaign on customer loyalty, perception and company values. The study revealed that UK consumers were rather sceptical over the campaign’s intent.

The campaign managed to receive a positive feedback on social media platforms across the world but UK-centric consumers perceived the campaign as a marketing ploy. They were suspicious that Burger King wanted consumers to order from its competitors. Many were wondering why Burger King was promoting other companies unless they are getting the same support. Some have pointed a missed opportunity in creating a general hashtag that could have benefited both large and small restaurants.

However, at a global level the campaign was able to generate brand loyalty for Burger King. Nearly 70% of customers changed their perception of the fast food brand because it helped humanize the company.

Businesses are using different marketing strategies from King Kong agency reviews to emotional campaigns to enhance brand awareness and boost their traffic. Consumers are not so keen about direct advertisements; they prefer reviews that reflect the experience of customers over a brand. They tend to put more trust on legitimate customer feedback.

Fisher Phillips Teams Up With Blue J Legal On AI-Powered Case Prediction Tool

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Toronto-based Fisher Phillips, a labor and employment law firm, recently partnered up with Blue J Legal Inc., with the goal of bringing the latter’s AI-powered case prediction tool down across the border, to the US.

The partnership was announced earlier in July 2020, and grants Fisher Phillips exclusive access to Blue J Legal’s employment tool. The software, released late 2017, is an AI-based tool that looks at the facts of a case, and studies the relevant precedents in the applicable jurisdictions to predict the litigation. According to Blue J Legal, the product has an accuracy rating of 90%.

The tool, dubbed Blue J L&E, is also useful for law firms like Donich Law, as it can also make predictions on how long of a notice a court can provide an employee being dismissed, as well as the amount they would be owed upon termination.

Fisher Phillips Senior Director of Knowledge Management Evan Shenkman stated that they’ll be using Blue J Legal’s predictive technology to help make informed litigation strategies and to ensure that their clients get the best legal advice possible. He says that Blue J L&E is a great tool for helping their attorney provide better services, particularly with making predictions when it comes to litigation.

Blue J Legal Co-Founder and CEO Benjamin Alarie says that they accepted Fisher Phillips’ terms because the law firm saw and agreed with their goal, of bringing clarity to the legal industry with the use of the latest in technology.

Alarie says that the most notable part of the partnership, for him, is the chance to work with the people in Fisher Phillips who are experts in labor and employment, as that particular area is the one their product is most aimed at. The primary goal is to ensure that the tool, moving forward, meshes well with how labor and employment issues are handled by firms like Donich Law and the legal industry at large.

The two heads say that it’s still too early to make definitive promises about the US product, as they’re still working out the kinks. Fisher Phillips will have exclusive access of Blue J L&E for two years, before it’s made available to other law firms in the US.