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Logistics Software Company Receives Funding Of $10 Million

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There are many sectors of logistics such as server logistics and managing these operations are made possible with modern technology and tools. This is the goal of Convey which is a software platform dedicated to helping online retailers as they handle their daily shipping logistics. The firm is happy to announce that they have gathered $10 million of funding in order to be able to penetrate new markets.

The company’s headquarter is located in Austin and their latest funding came from a number of companies such as NextGen, Silverton Partners, RPM Ventures and Techstars Venture Capital Fund among many others. This time around, they were able to raise a total amount of $27.75 million ever since the company started its fund raising campaign.

Convey is a logistics software firm that was established in 2013. It started out in Phoenix before it relocated to Austin after 12 months of operation. The move came after the company decided to participate in Techstars which is an accelerator program that hosts startup companies. The program lasted for three months. In 2014, the company launched a seed funding campaign. Afterwards, they decided to recruit Rob Taylor who is known as a veteran in the software industry in Austin and he was designated as CEO.

The main focus of Convey is to make it easier for online retailers to manage their deliveries through the use of their platform. Customers of the retail stores are able to track their orders and connect with the sellers when necessary. This way, potential problems are prevented before it turns into something bigger.

The goal now of Convey, after receiving additional funding, is to penetrate other market for server logistics such as the construction industry, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. They believe that through their software the clients will be able to bridge various industry players – carriers, shippers and customers. At the end of the day, Taylor said that their target is to make sure the delivery experience is better than ever. They wanted to penetrate the healthcare industry because they understand how complicated it is to deliver expensive medical equipment.

Virtual Reality: The Best NRL Official Merchandise Ever

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Watching your favourite sports on TV or even through various streaming sites over the Internet can be boring at times that you sometimes wonder how it feels to be able to watch game while being at the venue of the game itself. Even if you can go to the venue itself, buying tickets can be a nightmare because whether you admit it or not, tickets in sports events such as the NBA can really burn a big hole in someone’s savings account and what if you’re indeed an avid follower of one of the teams playing in the NBA, watching all of their 82 games scheduled during the regular means you have to pay big amount of money to enjoy the game, live. It’s basically the same thing when you’re a fan of the NRL in Down Under Australia especially if you are eagerly collecting every single NRL official merchandise of the NRL team that you are rooting for. NRL merchandises nowadays are relatively expensive and rare ones have become even more expensive through the years.


Last June 15, 2017, NRL league officials have announced that they have found a way to revolutionize live NRL viewing experience by employing the use of virtual reality technology for everyday fans. Imagine being behind an NRL player as he is dripping sweat in action, all while you are eating your hot dog, while being seated in your seat from the grandstand- only experiencing all of the action through a headset that is connected to your seat. The seat is called the Smart Seat which is carefully padded to give fans a first-class style comfort. The said seat is equipped with built-in speakers and its own control panel which you can use if you want to summon your own television replays on a screen that is attached to the armrest as if you’re inside a bunker. In fact, even with the slightest movement of your head while you are connected to the headset, it’s already enough to provide you with the full 360 degree view of what is actually happening in the game through your eyes. In addition to this, the control panel has a button which you can push to have an NRL official merchandise delivered right to your lap.

HVAC Technicians Talk About The Tools That They Want

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Steve Moon who is the owner of Moon Air Inc. in Elkton, Maryland shares his thoughts on having the right tools. He says that if technicians are given access to better tools, then one can easily expect to have lesser warranty calls and this could even lead to better efficiency. This sentiment is applicable to all hand tools.

It is already a known fact that HVAC technicians depend on hand tools for work, and these will not lose their use anytime soon. 2014 saw a global revenue of $14.3 billion for this industry and is expected to balloon even more where it is already being predicted that this will have a revenue of $17.7 billion by 2020.

It is already common for companies to upgrade their tools. Decision often depends on several factors. Some would choose based on price. Others on the other hand are loyal to a certain brand. Others are influenced by ads or reviews. According to Randy Hamilton who is a trainer at GAC Services in Gaithersburg, Maryland, brand preference is one of the common reasons why companies choose meters and not really so much with hand tools. However, he pointed out that not everyone can afford the branded ones.

But HVAC technicians are not just on the lookout for durable and dependable hand tools these days. They are also saying that they find iPads and other tablet devices important for their trade. And it’s not because they want to play some games with it.

According to sales engineer accounts manager of Victory HVAC, Ed Bouchard, he would want to have one because this would come in handy for accessing invoicing, websites, controls, and so much more. Even HVAC professionals now understand that they could do more with the help of technology.

And they may be in luck too. Those who do not have an iPad or a tablet yet may be able to afford one soon. Competition in the mobile industry is getting stiffer with local players putting a pressure on global providers. Because of this, people can expect to see prices of mobile devices decline in the near future.

Giant Retailers Expecting Huge Spending From Online Customers

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The holiday season is fast approaching and big retailers are preparing for the influx of online orders. Amazon, Wal-Mart and Macy’s are working behind the scenes to ensure fast and efficient delivery of online orders. Amazon is cutting its time to process orders from hours to minutes by using robots to pull items for shipment from warehouse racking.

Retailers are now expanding their warehouses to the size of football fields so that they can handle shipments efficiently. Orders are sent directly to online shoppers through the use of sophisticated software that tells the quickest and cheapest way to get orders shipped. It is race time for retailers as more and more people are expected to shop online.

In the United States, online sales are expected to increase by 12% to reach $371 billion this year. According to Forrester Research, online sales will account for overall retail sales. However, as online shopping grows, so does the impatience of shoppers who want to receive their orders immediately.

Traditional brick and mortar stores are trying to catch up with Amazon that has a standard for 2-day fast delivery to members of its Prime Loyalty program. However, even Amazon is feeling the pressure to meet the demands of customers for fast delivery. The goal of many retailers is to meet the two-day delivery standard but most are challenged to comply.

Wal-Mart aims to get packages to online shoppers who get standard shipping within 2 days for the holiday season. Wal-Mart is now using 83 of its more than 4,500 US stores to ship orders to customers. The world’s largest retailer is also investing from $1.2 to $1.5 billion to its online business in expectation of the heavy spending on ecommerce.

To stay competitive in this digital age, a website is an indispensable tool for a retailer. Holiday spending is expected to rise and if you have a website, you will gain the opportunity to sell to online shoppers. However, it is important to ensure that your business will meet the expectation of online consumers from fast delivery to efficient service. Please feel free to visit Perth Web Design for your website design needs.