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When Drains Are Blocked, The Streets Become Ugly

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Mafoluku is a part of Akinwumi Ambode’s Lagos State. It is surrounded on the east by Orile Oshodi, on the west by the high-end Ajao Estate, and on the north by Murtala Mohammed Airport. Why is Mafoluku in the news? First time visitors to the ugly street are aghast at the sight of clogged drains seeping with decomposing admixture of human waste and leftover food items

Mafoluku is in serious state of disrepair. The buildings along the streets are deteriorating with their corrugated roofing sheets protruding haphazardly towards the short and narrow streets. The defaced roads have stubbornly defied modernity. Mafoluku is a perfect example of a neighborhood that has suffered from perennial neglect from both the previous local and state governments.

The first unwelcoming sign on the streets that greets visitors is utter state of decay with unrepaired drains. When it rains in Mafoluku, the clogged drains make the streets much worse. Streets like Old Ewu, Omilade, St Paul’s and Branco are often rendered impassable to vehicles. However, commercial motorcycles and motorists as well as pedestrians compete with struggle for a sparsely leveled ground.

In the middle of all the frustrating squalor, normal trading goes on in the side streets particularly along Omilade Street and the connecting link to the old Ewu Road. Street traders like Iya Riskat who continue to sell sundry food items are appealing to the government to fix the roads as well as the drains because the rate of mosquito infestation is quite high.

Iya is not alone with her pleas because even bus drivers are disappointed by the state of the neighborhood. They allege that politicians disappear into thin air after harvesting a reasonable amount of votes. Politicians prefer to stay and work in the Island, Ikoyi and Victoria Garden City because it where the big men reside. Until the economy improves, Mafoluku will remain in a sad state of disrepair.

The task of drain unblocking is not really very difficult for one with a wealth of knowledge and experience. There is modern equipment available to carry out fast and effective repairs to the drains so that the blocking issue will be addressed.

Sound Waves Used To Cure Decorator’s Hand Tremors

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Doctors made another breakthrough after they were able to cure the uncontrollable right hand tremors of a patient who is a painter as well as a decorator. The technique is a new innovation that makes it possible for medics to perform an operation in the deepest part of the brain without having to resort to an invasive surgery.

The patient is Selwyn Lucas, a 52 year old man working as painter and decorator who was suffering from the tremor which he is not able to control in his right hand. This has been going on for 20 years already.

The condition’s underlying caused is due to the abnormal electrical circuits that are present in his brain. The medics utilized focused beams through an ultrasound in order to target the faulty tissue as well as reset the patient’s brain.

Mr. Lucas is a resident of St. Austell, Cornwall. After his operation, he is now able to keep his right hand steady and in his own words he is feeling fantastic. The new therapy is the latest test and he agreed to be the one of first among 20 other patients who will be undergoing the trial.

Scientists are currently on the process of performing trials for the said technique and they are using patients with essential tremor. The tremor is considered a brain disorder that is makes individuals shake without control. Currently, there are about one million individuals in the United Kingdom that are affected by this.

It is the hope of the experts in the medical field that in the coming years it can also be applied in other conditions wherein shaking is present such multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. As of today, patients suffering from these tremors are only advised to take medications while in severe cases, deep brain stimulation is required. When this happens, electrodes must be surgically implanted into the patient’s brain.

Mr. Lucas is happy now that he will be able to continue his job as painter and decorator after suffering for five years where he can only use his left hand thus affecting his work performance.

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When Trees Are Threatened By New Housing Developments

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When there are new housing developments, trees are usually threatened and residents have to fight to save them. Barratt Homes West has formally presented a planning application with the Glasgow City Council to transform the former Scottish Power site in Newlands. Based on the initial plans, 98 trees that are bordering the White Cart Water will be kept but the most recent designs show them being cut in spite of surveys showing that majority of the trees are in the highest category (A) for quality.

According to a local resident, John Paul Tonner who is leading the crusade against the removal of trees, Barratt Homes is removing the trees to make space for more houses regardless of the benefits provided by the trees to the community. Instead of looking like a Scandinavian green development, the housing project has turned into a space without trees.

The now empty space is now being dealt with in two parts. In the first part, Barratt Homes has submitted its plans for 158 houses that will be built on the car park. The second part deals with the planning permission that is expected to be submitted for the B-listed Cathcart House.

About 85 of 98 trees lining Invergordon Avenue end of the site are in Good or Fair condition with 13 listed as Fair-Poor or Poor. Majority of the trees are healthy and expected to last for the next 40 years. The other trees may have a shorter life span of 20 years.

An objection was submitted by Tonner and his neighbors to the Glasgow city council. They believe that the council will be looking at the in-depth plans for the wider areas considering that it will soon see 700 new homes and about 1,200 residents. A public consultation will be held because it is inevitable that a small portion of the trees will have to be removed.

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