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Hundreds Of Public Schools Display Themselves In Victoria As Protest Against Funding Cuts

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Getting high school furniture and running an institution costs a lot of money, which is why the Morrison Government’s $256 million cut to public school funding in South Australia has received a lot of flak. In response, public schools in the region took over Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga.

Hundreds of public schools from the region were on display on the square’s lawn, as part of the Fair Funding Now! campaign, not only to counter the funding cuts, as well as to secure additional funding for public schools. Alongside the pubic rally, the Fair Funding Now! mobile billboard campaign is also being launched in Booth by, with the mobile billboard set to roam across Adelaide, with the aim of informing the community the importance of getting proper funding for local public schools, to ensure quality education, and to get resources like primary and high school furniture, among others.

According to the Australian Education Union Federal President, Correna Haythorpe, the people in South Australia were vexed that the Morrison Government was skimping on public school funding, with parents, teachers and voters alike making their disappointment on the government’s decision to cut $256 million from public school funding clear.

After six years, Ms. Haythorpe says, the Federal Coalition has made it very clear that they don’t support public schools. Reportedly, the government’s plan would drop all the public schools in the South Australia region below the national resource standard, every last one. This means that none of them would have the funding to meet the needs of students for the next half-decade, at the minimum.

AEU South Australia Branch President Howard Spread bury says that recent polls have stated that the majority of voters consider public school funding to be a key issue for them for election, with more than two-thirds saying that greater investment in the local public education facilities is a better investment  for federal funding than tax cuts for high income earners.

He notes that this is a clear rebuttal of the Morrison Government’s cuts to public school funding by their electorate.  They have made it clear what they want; a government that takes funding public schools seriously.

The Importance Of A Workout That Is Achievable And Enjoyable

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There are people who want to lose weight, become stronger or improve their health who work with personal trainer in Manly West who is a certified fitness professional. Personal trainers develop and implement a fitness training program with individualized exercises according to the person’s goals, skills and requirements.

For most men, the first signs of aging start in their 30’s. They recognize the need to make adjustments to their diet and lifestyle. It is very likely that lots of pizza did not have any effect in the past but now they find themselves adding weight.

According to Josephine Raum, a bariatric dietician at Cooper University Health Care, metabolism starts to slow down once a person gets older. However, getting in shape after a prolonged absence from the gym can be very challenging particularly when the man is on the later stages of adulthood.

According to Philadelphia-based personal trainers, a sports medicine physician and a dietician, it is important for a person to start with a game plan. They have to identify what they want to achieve and what time they will exercise. Most people who are in their 30’s or 40’s have careers and family obligations.

Jayel Lewis, a certified personal trainer at Fitler Club said that people must start with something that is achievable in order to maintain the exercise and see results. It is also important to choose an activity or workout that is enjoyable so that getting in shape will not be a sacrifice.

There are different exercises to choose from like cardiovascular workouts that include aerobic exercises, running, cycling and swimming or resistance training that includes push-ups, air squats and body weight exercises. However, the personal trainer must ensure that proper techniques are being applied in order to avoid injuries. Injuries are a big concern when a person is in his 40’s.

Avoiding injuries is one of the reasons why a personal trainer in Manly West must be hired to individualize an exercise program. For example, running is a great cardio workout but stress is placed on the joints. Swimming, elliptical workouts, yoga or tai chi can be good options to avoid overstressed joints.

Perth’s Busy Roads Allotted Budget For Improvement

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For the third budget released by the McGowan Government, an amount of $1.52 billion will be used for eight road projects to be constructed. This is the highlight of the latest budget to be released in May which is expected to benefit Perth container transport, businesses and all the residents.

According to the details from Rita Saffioti, the transport minister, and Mark McGowan, premier, the construction is expected to begin in 2020 and it will result to the creation of about 7,000 jobs.

The funding will be coming from the State and Commonwealth. The project will answer to the most pressing issues of the roads such as congested intersections and the busy corridor for the entire length of Tonkin Highway.

Construction will also cover the bottleneck of the Tonkin Highway stretching the length of the Swan River starting at the Guildford Road until the Great Eastern Highway.

Premier Mark McGowan said that these projects will be the highlight of the budget and aims to improve the current eastern suburbs. This will solve the congestion problem and will make it possible for motorists to reduce the time they spend on the road and stuck in traffic.

He added that they made sure they managed the financial aspects well and ensured that Western Australia will get the essential funding they need from the Commonwealth. Ever since, they have been investing in roads as well as the Metronet which is proving to have a good impact in the economy as well as open up opportunities to create more jobs.

It is expected that by 2020, they will already begin working on the Tonkin Highway and the government estimates that additional 520 jobs will open. For the widening of the Tonkin Highway, they are going to use $58 million of the fund from the state and $232 million will come from the Federal funds. For the upgrading of the Welshpool road and Kelvin road including the Hale Road flyover, 73 million will come from the state and $293 from Federal.

After the construction works are over, a Perth container transport company will have better roads to use which is beneficial for businesses.

Oil Price Hike On The Gold Coast Before Easter Weekend

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Car owners know how expensive it is to maintain a vehicle. Many are looking for ways to save such as finding the cheapest mechanic on the Gold Coast but one thing car owners cannot control is the price of fuel. A few days before the Easter weekend, petrol prices started to increase all over the coast. This move is not surprising at all because it is a common move seen prior to important holidays. The increase in fuel prices is happening all over the Coast from the north to the south. It will then slowly happen in suburbs all over the city.

In just a span of 24 hours, the prices in some gasoline stations have increased to $1.59 from the previous $1.29. It is expected that the price will remain the same until the next week as many are going away for the Easter holiday to visit their loved ones.

For motorists who are looking to save from oil prices, visit stations that are located along Brisbane road or in Southport. Oftentimes, the independent gasoline stations have lower prices because they are competing with the giant chains such as BP, Coles and Caltex. Offering lower prices of gasoline is the only way for them to stay ahead of the competition.

There are a number of stations that chose to remain at the $1.30 price per litre instead of going up to $1.59.

Rebecca Michael, the chair of public policy, revealed that the price hike affected stations like a wild fire. Despite the steep costs, drivers who are trying to save will still be able to get bargain prices if they visit the right stations.

She added that the most expensive fuel can be bought at the ends of the Coast – north and south while the cheaper gasoline products can be bought at middle areas. She attributed the fast increase into the blooming effect.

Ms. Michael revealed that customers are now utilizing mobile apps to check for petrol stations with the cheapest fuel prices. This is one way for them to save aside from getting the cheapest mechanic on the Gold Coast in case their vehicles encountered some problems.

Which Australian State Is The Largest User Of Solar Energy, NSW Or Queensland? 

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The decision to install Gold Coast solar panel can deliver financial benefits to a household. Solar power is produced when the energy from the sun is converted into electricity or used in heating water, air and other substances. Solar is a renewable energy source that will not be lost unless the sun stops to shine.

At present there are 2 types of solar power technology: solar photovoltaic (PV) that converts sunlight directly to electricity through the PV cells and solar thermal where sunlight is converted into thermal energy or heat that can be used directly or converted to electricity.

Solar PV’s are combined in panels that are placed in rooftops or installed in fields to create large-scale solar farms. Solar PVs and solar thermal can be combined together in one system to generate electricity and heat.

One of the key issues for voters in the New South Wales election is climate change. It is expected to be the factor that will highly influence voters in the federal election scheduled for May. At present, New South Wales and Western Australia are the only states in Australia that does not have a renewable energy target.

Campaigns are focused on investments in renewable energy most particularly solar energy. According to Premier Gladys Berejiklian, the largest user of solar energy is NSW which does not check out. NSW compared to other states has the largest population. In order to measure solar energy use, data must be collected on solar energy generation, capacity and consumption which are in proportion to the state’s total energy use.

For the period between Match 01, 2018 to March 01, 2019, Queensland generated the highest total number of gigawatt hours of solar electricity through its large scale systems. NSW is 2nd place with Victoria in 3rd place. In small scale rooftops systems, Queensland has generated the highest gigawatt hours.

The vast majority of Gold Coast solar panel can be found in the rooftop of homes. As of December 31, 2018, more than 2 million households in Australia have a rooftop solar system. Knowledgeable and experienced electricians address the household’s need to have solar panels to access the free energy that the sun provides.

Useful Tips For A Child’s Birthday Party

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Whether it is a birthday party, wedding or anniversary, party hire in Sydney has all the ingredients to make the event successful. Party hire has made the job of event planners easier and simpler by providing all the necessary equipment and accessories that will make the event memorable and unique.

Every year, parents promise that they will give their children a low-key and more affordable birthday party. However, it is very easy to be influenced by Pinterest where you can find different ideas to make a birthday party unique and more memorable. There are birthday party themes ranging from homemade clam shell cookies served in actual fishbowls to coral reef rock candies.

Whether it is the first birthday of your child or the older kids, there are new pretty attainable ideas that make the event more enjoyable. For example, balloons in different shapes, colours and designs are always used at birthday parties. You can highlight the balloons by adding some upscale touches. The balloons can be used as backdrop in the photo booth by arranging them into garlands or arches.

Cupcakes are always present in children’s birthday parties but today doughnuts are the latest frosted pastry in the spotlight. There are doughnut-themed birthday parties with doughnut walls, lavish spread of different breakfast foods and giant doughnut cakes. Doughnuts can also be used in games like doughnut decorating contests, pin the sprinkles on doughnut and twister.

The enchanted forest parties started when Beyonce and Jay-Z left no stone unturned on the birthday of their twins. The $200 thousand birthday bash included a makeover and personal archery lessons. Parents who like the enchanted forest theme can host a whimsical backyard party without breaking the bank. Children can participate in activities like painting your own fairy house, making your own flower wreath or brown rabbit sack races.

Whether it is a small or large birthday party, party hire in Sydney is always willing to provide all the requirements for the events. If you prefer a backyard party, there is a wide range of tents that can be hired for the occasion. The tent can be decorated according to the theme of the birthday.

Canada’s Bison Transport Acquires HO Wolding

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One of Canada’s biggest trucking companies, handling trucking in Cambridge and across the country, Bison Transport, has recently acquired Amherst, Winsconsin-based dry van company, H.O. Wolding (HOW), which has a fleet of 320 trucks that operate in the Midwestern, Northeastern and Southeastern regions of the US.

Bison Executive Chairman Don Streuber made a statement on the matter, saying that they’re pleased to welcome the people; the driver, staff and partners, from the HOW company to the Bison family. They’ve talked with Don and Dick Wolding, the operators of the HOW group, and they’ve decided that there’s a lot that both companies had in common when it comes to drivers, customers, safety and operational conduct.

Bison Transport President and CEO Rob Penner, says that their acquisition of HOW is a strategic investment in the US’s domestic transportation industry, one that they have to work alongside one of their US subsidiaries; Britton Transport. The aim is to provide a greater scale and provide a wider range of services to their customers, via empowering HOW’s leadership with the expertise, resource and business model of Bison Transport.

Penner says that the people operating at HOW have managed to foster trust from their customers, as well as their drivers, and they want to foster that reputation. Marc Wolding, a third-generation Wolding who’s been in the trucking company for years, he reports, will take the role of HOW President, bringing in his experience, business acumen and leadership, which he demonstrated by helping building HOW’s reputation as a reliable trucking company just like Bison has when it comes to trucking in Cambridge and across Canada, both as a carrier and employer, in their operating region.

HOW ex-president and CEO Don Wolding says that, while Dick and him were discussing the transaction, they’ve agreed that the key factors for sale would be how the culture and operational conduct of the two companies would fit, particularly with how it would help their people. In early discussions with Bison Transport’s leadership, he says, it was made clear that Bison was the right company for them.

Financial details on the transaction hasn’t been revealed to the public.