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The Portland Loo Opened Today At Downtown Miami

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Miami recently revealed its very first permanent public bathroom today. For those who want to find relief in their own homes, this website has a variety of bathroom and shower tiles, but for those who unfortunately find themselves in the same situation in downtown Miami, “The Portland Loo” may just be a lifesaver.


The Facility

The Portland Loo will be open from 8:30 in the morning until 8:30 in the evening at 101 W. Flagler St. It just near the Metrorail station, which is just a short walk from the Miami-Dade Main Public Library. The facility looks like a booth, with its own sink, toilet, and safe needle area. It also has its own attendant. The local government mentioned on Twitter the loo is a basic and important amenity that would be available for all pedestrians in the city. This would be a great amenity for commuters, travellers, and the homeless.



The design was based after the public stand-alone bathroom in Portland, Oregon, which was developed in partnership with Madden Fabrication. Homeowners can have easy access various options to personalize their bathrooms like this website, but for the homeless, Portland’s bathroom is a good way to access their basic needs in the area. The bathroom was a response to the rising population of homeless individuals in Portland, and to avoid local businesses from being disturbed when they need to go to the loo. The United States and Canada are home to more than 20 loos.


Bathrooms are often overlooked and sometimes even forgotten, until one needs it. These public facilities provide relief and a safe place for everyone to relieve himself or herself wherever they are.


Opening Ceremony

The city’s mayor Francis Suarez attended its official opening today for ribbon cutting, together with Ken Russel, commissioner for Miami, and commissioner Eileen Higgins from Miami-Dade. The mayor says that the facility shows the city’s efforts in providing basic services that would be accessible to everyone in the area.


The courthouse, the Government Centre, the public library, as well as Miami Dade College also have restrooms open for the public, together with the recently opened public bathroom. Some commercial establishments may also allow the use of their bathrooms.


Why You Need An Audit Insurance

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When a tax collector finds their way to your business, you’ll try to hide from them. Even if you know you’re doing everything properly for your business and have all the needed records for the review, a tax audit from ATO can still leave you with hefty expenses. Why you may ask? ATO may need you to provide all the information they may ask about your business. You may need help from a tax accountant which can really be costly. To make things simpler, you may need an audit insurance for back up.

Technically, you may need a complete audit insurance that shoulders the professional fees you need to pay as the outcome of a financial audit, investigation, inquiry or review by the ATO or some other accredited federal, state or territory bodies.

The Tax Commissioner has antecedently forecasted that around 15% of small- to medium-businesses will have to abide with the ATO compliance programme including tax audits. This is the reason why many of these businesses resort to audit insurance in preparation for being billed with thousands of dollars.

A tax audit may review if your business is corresponding to the requirements like taxes for land, income and payroll; BAS/GST compliance; workers compensation; superannuation needs; record keeping; and, other documents requested by the accredited bodies.

These documents will need more time to prepare and will definitely include more money to spend. The money spent here is not what you have expected and will set aside. And you’ll find it hard to estimate for how long the tax audit will take or what it will ask for. To ensure that you have everything you need, it may be worthwhile to be covered with audit insurance and avail possible packages that truly suits your needs.

So, if you want peace of mind and relieve you from the stress that ATO tax audits can do, the audit insurance should payout the extras. You never know when ATO can ask for audit on your business and you need to be really prepared. If you need help to know more about this insurance coverage, contact reliable and reputed insurance providers.

Ferrari And Honda Bike Dealers To Transact Through Bitcoin Using New Listing Website

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Racers, collectors, and car owners can now look for Ferrari and Honda bike dealers online and transact through Bitcoin.

Buy and Sell Vehicles Through Bitcoin

Enthusiasts traditionally had to look for Ferrari or Honda bike dealers in their cities and transact through cash or check, but the new website released in December last year has come to change that.

A Site For Dealers And Sellers

At the beginning, the site only had four vehicles for sale, but now, it has more than 80 cars and bikes. The site lets dealers and sellers to upload their sales ads with the corresponding price in dollars and Bitcoin. Website manager Filippo Martin explains that the side has had more than 28,000 visits since it went live last year. There are 86 vehicles currently listed, but that is as far as his information could reveal. The site is a listing website, and he doesn’t get involved with the sales.

Using Cryptocurrency

Martin explains that the site offers transactions through cryptocurrency, which has been a growing trend due to the number of people using it. The change in transaction methods such as this indicates that projects are shifting towards the digital market– not only private ones, but also for companies as well as car dealerships.

For those who are new in cryptocurrency, they can still take part in the market as the website allows users to use Coinbase to set up their Bitcoin wallets which could be used for trading through cryptocurrency.

What Can You Buy?

The listing site has a variety of options. Avid collectors of Ferrari cars can get the 2005 Ferrari 575 SuperAmerica for $398,000 (BTC 56.71898). Its seller, FerrariGuru, says that it is one of the most collectibles in the modern era.

The 2003 Honda CR-V could be yours for only $1,200 (BTC 0.171) it has a 45,000 mileage.

As for motorcycles, the rare 2016 Yamaha R6 with only a 416 mileage is up for sale for $2,500 (BTC 0.35625). Brian Harris, its seller, explains that it is the best that you can find, and is a biker’s dream, including Power Commander’s full exhaust.

Unfortunate Children Trap In The Sex Work Industry

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Problems with children working in the sex industry have been present for many years in Bangladesh. It is unlike the adult escorts in Sydney where they are old enough to decide on what they are doing and they are protected by the law because it is legal to do so in the country. According to the technical manager of Combating Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Md Shohidul Islam, a study in 2016 revealed that 628 street children are currently living in the three wards located close to the shrine of Mirpur Shah Ali.

These children are as young as 8 years old and the oldest is 18 years old. The 344 females and 284 males have escaped abuse therefore they are in the centre. He said that the drop-in centre accepts children who have nowhere to go and living on the streets. They are open during weekdays from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

Islam said that they are aware that some of the children are working in the sex trade but that is why they try as much as possible to give them the decent environment for their age but they still go back as soon as the night comes. He admitted that it has become such as vicious cycle and they cannot do anything about it.

CCSEC, the brainchild of Terre des Hommes Netherlands, offers shelter home to children that are involved in the sex trade. It is located in Tangail and as of writing they have 130 children who are recipients of education and courses related to life skills. Islam said that these children have already turned their back on the sex trade and are starting a new life altogether.

Bangladesh National Women Lawyer’s Assocation’s president, Fawzia Karim Firoze, said that in accordance with the Prevention and Suppression of Human Trafficking Act 2012, children below 18 years old are not legally allowed to work in the sex trade.

This is different from the adult escorts in Sydney where the trade is within the laws. Bangladesh, on the other hand, does not even categorize sex trade as a legal profession.

FYNN Development: Featuring Thailand’s Best From A Thai’s Perspective

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For many travellers, finding a good place to stay in a busy city could be quite tough, which is why FYNN Development has committed in developing properties and providing convenient hotel in Sukhumvit guests with the best services that they can offer.


Starting Young

As a kid, Jom Salakshana enjoyed going on family vacations in their holiday home in Koh Tao. He looked forward playing in its white sand and granite cliffs, as it was located in the Gulf of Thailand— a truly relaxing place. He recalls the turquoise waters of the area and the gentle whale sharks that he used to swim with. As he grew older, he preserved this love for nature and his home, and used this passion in managing the Haad Then Beach Resort. He started hospitality of real estate development company called FYNN Development.


Property Development with a Personality

Jom wanted to retain their character and personality as a real estate company, and he says that they are proud to represent who they are through their services


Now, travellers, convenient hotel in Sukhumvit guests, and even local residents can enjoy their luxury condominium called the FYNN Sukhumvit 31. It combines the convenience of the district and the privacy that luxury condominiums offer. Before the FYNN Sukhumvit 31 was the FYNN Aree, named after its location. It is an eight-storey residential complex that was met by a huge success on its launching date. They were able to sell half of all their units on its launching date alone.


Entrepreneurial Outlook

Nom explains that he uses what he learned when he studied in the west, together with his experience in global investment banking to be on par with bigger companies and come up with clever strategies and the best quality of service that they could provide. He says that the basis of how the executes business is a combination of his strengths and weaknesses.


Nom is the grandson and heir of the Thai industrialist Dr. Boonsong Srifeungfung. He finished his undergraduate studies in the University College London and took his MBA in finance in the University of London. When he came back to Thailand, he started managing the family salt business and gained experience to finally start his own.


Fraudulent CAs Problematic In India

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During India’s recent tax filing season, chartered accountant insurance was in demand, thanks to the common phenomenon of conmen masquerading as chartered accountants. These so-called CAs falsified taxpayer income returns for their clients which resulted in large refunds, ranging from Rs50,000(about USD 712) to Rs 2 lakh (about USD 2,851).

These fraudulent CAs got refunds for their customers by understating their taxable income, or by claiming certain tax deductions and exemptions. This task is made easy by the fact that deductions or exemptions claimed in an income tax return require no supporting documentation. A Mumbai-based CA explained, saying that one can claim deductions for medical insurance, education loan, or even deductions for disability of self or dependent without needing to verify their claims with any evidence. In exchange, these fake CAs take a cut of the refunds, getting a share of about 10-15%.

Thousands of taxpayers in the country used these illegal channels to file their income returns and claim refunds. All a taxpayer really needs to do is to get and provide the Form 16, alongside the Aadhar, and the bank account number, and their return will already be set.These fake CAs take about a week to work, utilizing their knowledge of the Indian tax filing system to get by the book.

Tax experts in the country, however, have warned that the discrepancy put up by these people will likely be detected when the return is put up for assessment. Until recently, tax deducted at source (TDS) information found in their Form 26AS can be used to match up the numbers with the tax declared in the return. CFO Sudhir Kaushik,, says that the tax department has altered their methods, with the process now involving a check of the Form 16 to match it with the income declared in the return, which is why it’s best to have chartered accountant insurance and go through legitimate channels.

Chartered Accountant and Managing Director Raj Khosla,, says that if the assessing officer smells deliberate intent in income misreporting, they can slap a fine, as well as start the prosecution of the taxpayer.

If a taxpayer has knowingly claimed a deduction or exemption and does not have proper documentation to back it up, the it is considered an infraction; tax concealment, which has a 200% penalty.


Fast Fashion As Large Contributor To Environmental Problem

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The holiday season is a time for many to don their favorite sweaters and get cozy. But experts say that the rising popularity of these holiday-themed sweaters is causing us some serious environmental impacts.

Fast Fashion

It seems that every year, ugly xmas sweater competitions and parties are starting to become more and more popular. It is a festive occasion for many to unwind and have fun, but research has shown that most people only wear their xmas sweater once, only to be disposed or stashed away afterwards.

In a survey in the UK, 24% out of more than 3,000 respondents say that they do not want to be seen wearing the same sweater that they wore the previous year, and 29% say that they get a new one every year because of the cheap prices. This puts one in every four sweaters to be thrown away or never worn again. Additionally, 35% explained that since they only wore the sweaters once, these are often good as new.

Experts explain that it results to some clothes that are still in good condition to be thrown away. The cumulative effect of these wastes can fill up landfills and generates 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse emissions every year.

Throwaway Culture

Researchers further explain that people should reflect on this throwaway culture and how it affects the environment. Sarah Divall from Hubbub, an environmental charity organization, explains that it is a sign of our addiction to fast fashion— cheap clothes that people only wear once and disposed simply because buying new ones is cheap. She and the rest of the organization encourage people to swap or donate these sweaters instead of throwing them away.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of fast fashion is a serious matter. The industry is considered one of the major factors in depleting non-renewable resources, using massive amounts of energy, water, and chemicals. The process also emits a large quantity of greenhouse gases, which aggravate the overall environmental condition of the planet. Polyester, acrylic, and nylon, which are synthetic fibers often used in fast fashion also take thousands of years to decay, causing a huge problem in pollution.

Washing clothes made with synthetic fibers is also discovered to be harmful. In a 2011 study, researchers found out that a single piece of synthetic clothing can produce up to 1,900 micro plastic fibers in one washing alone.