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Majority Of Thai Employees Happy With Their Jobs

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One of the major benefits of being a resident of a country such as Thailand is that working does not require a Thai work permit which is a requirement for foreign workers. According to majority of workers in Thailand, they are happy with their jobs but they are also hoping that the incoming government will do something about the minimum wage. Their main concern is that they wanted a raise of the minimum wage along with health benefits for all the employed individuals.

This is based on the recent poll that was conducted by the National Institute of Development Institution. The poll was done all over the country in order to test the happiness of the workers and to inquire about their expectations with the new government regarding on how to make their lives better. The result of the poll has been rounded off to the closest 0.1 per cent.

Based on the result, 64.9 per cent are happy when it comes to their jobs while 27.4 per cent said that they are very happy. Those who are not happy with their work life belong to the 7 per cent of responder and only 0.8 per cent of them said that they are absolutely not happy with their jobs.

When asked about what the government can do in order to help workers in Thailand, 47.1 per cent voiced out that they are hoping that government can increase the current minimum wage in order for them to meet the demand of the cost of living. Medical benefits are on the forefront of 22 per cent of the workers while 11.3 per cent said that they want labour skills to be promoted equally as professional jobs. Around 10.6 per cent of the workers wanted the government to look for solution on how to solve the problem of unemployment.

There are cases of employers who are taking advantage of their workers and the hope of 6.7 per cent of Thai laborers is that it will be prevented from happening in the future. A small percentage, 2.1 per cent, voiced out their disappointments with regards to migrant workers with Thai work permit that are taking away the work that is intended for the locals.

Honda To Shutdown Swindon Plant In Southern England By 2022

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Honda is a Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles and cars. Honda has recently announced that it will close the Swindon factory in Southern England by 2022. According to Honda, they want to consolidate production as the company focuses on new vehicle technology. However, Honda motorcycles in the UK will still be available through authorized dealers.

More than 160,000 vehicles were built by Honda in Swindon. The plant produced the hatchback version of the popular Civic model that accounts for less than 10% of Britain’s total output of 1.52 million cars. However, Honda has been struggling in Europe in recent years because of several challenges that include declining demand for diesel-powered vehicles and tough regulations due to the uncertainties over Brexit.

According to Justin Tomlinson, Conservative lawmaker from Swindon who voted for Brexit in 2016, he has had meetings with the business minister and representatives from Honda and the Japanese vehicle manufacturer has confirmed the plans. Tomlinson does not believe that the decision is Brexit-related but a reflection of the global market. The Japanese manufacturer wants to consolidate production in Japan.

In October 2017, Honda announced that vehicle production at its Sayama plant will be stopped by 2022 because of the shrinking domestic market. Like most of its rivals all over the world, Honda wants to streamline its operations. Besides that, the company is also investing heavily in the development of electric vehicles and self-driving cars.

Honda wants to be known as a mobility company and not simply a manufacturer of cars and motorcycles. If the UK does not secure a favourableBrexit deal, Japan may pull out its investments in Britain which is considered as the gateway to Europe. The recent trade agreement between Japan and the European Union will eliminate tariffs on cars from Japan. Japanese car maker Nissan has also cancelled plans to build the X-Trail sport utility vehicle in Britain.

There are authorized dealers of Honda motorcycles in the UK that can cater to all that a rider needs from new and used motorcycles and scooters to parts, accessories and clothing. There are fully trained Honda technicians that can assist riders who want to add personal touches to the bikes.

IKEA Will Be Coming To Auckland

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Good news for Kiwis looking to buy office furniture in New Zealand, as IKEA will coming to the country soon. The retail giant will set up its first store in Auckland, then another at South Island, complete with the company’s famous meatballs, plus around 400 new jobs.

IKEA New Zealand Manager Will Edwards confirmed the news, adding that the there’ll be two IKEA stores in the region, one to complement the other. He says that Kiwis have been clamouring for an IKEA store for a long while now, as the blue and yellow building is iconic.

Edwards didn’t give a specific time frame as to when the new store would be launching, to the chagrin of those looking to buy IKEA an office furniture in New Zealand, only saying that the store would take a few years to properly set up. In the meantime, however, he said that IKEA will be opening a popup shop in the central Auckland region.

He says that it takes time and effort to create a true blue and yellow IKEA store, and it’ll take years before the development is complete, but they don’t want to keep people waiting, as they think there’s been enough waiting. Auckland was chosen as the site due to the fact that there’s a lot of people living there, as well as lots of traffic with many commuting in and out of it. The popup store, Edwards says, is basically an appetizer of sorts before the full package comes along.

Global IKEA Chief Executive Jesper Brodin made the announcement to a crowd at the waterfront venue The Cloud, in Auckland. He also stated that the new IKEA megastore would need about 300-400 employees, plus several hundred more people to cover support logistics. New Zealand, in his words, will get the full shebang, with the store to host around 7,000 items.

As for pricing, Brodin says that the aim of IKEA is to be affordable for customers, and competitive with other retailers in the market.

Edwards stated that the megastore would have 50 mock room concepts, but refused to elaborate on the popup store. He did, however, revealed that, following the completion of the Auckland store, IKEA also plans to move into South Island, plus other locations.


Pixel 3 Speakerphone Problem Unresolved In Spite Of Several RMA’s

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A less popular phase of supply chain logistics is RMA logistics or reverse logistics where a product is returned for refund, replacement or repair while the product is still covered by warranty. The reverse flow of goods from the customer site to recapture value is provided by specialist logistics including regulated disposal.

While Google is preparing for the release of new Pixel devices including a more cost effective version of Pixel 3, there are still unresolved issues from last year’s Pixel 3 phones. One longstanding issue is the Pixel 3 speakerphone that remains unfixed in spite of several Google updates.

Affected consumers have been reporting the issue since last year. According to users, the Pixel speakerphone is not audible to the receiver and takes several seconds before a call goes through normally. An affected user said that it takes eight to ten seconds to hear the caller on the speakerphone. When they switch off the speakerphone, the call goes normally. Some have reported that their speakerphone has completely stopped working.

Many users are still experiencing the issue in spite of return merchandise authorization (RMA). One user said that on the 3rd RMA hardware exchange of Pixel 3, the problems with the speakerphone and dropped calls have not been resolved.

Aside from RMA, users are trying different tricks like tweaking the setting, factory resetting and more. Nothing has worked even after the April 2019 update. It seems that the issue with the speakerphone is hardware related that is why it cannot be fixed by software updates. The fact that Pixel 3 speakers are working fine with apps like YouTube suggests that it is a hardware problem.

Since it is a hardware issue, Google can address the problem by replacing the faulty units that include Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. However, replacement units are also experiencing the same problems.

Logistics specialists will take care of RMA logistics when goods are returned to the original vendor. Reverse logistics providers work closely with the customers during the process to understand the product and plan ahead for its logistics requirements. The whole process is managed from collection of goods to their reverse flow back to the customer site to recover value when possible.

Why Is Logistics Important At

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Any business acknowledges the need for a reliable logistics system to manage the flow of goods and services to its clients. The implementation of a seamless logistics method is an integral element to keep the demands of customers and deliver an efficient performance to outsmart the competitors.

Defining Logistics Management

Logistics management plays great importance in the supply chain of a business. Logistics plans, controls, and implements the storage and flow of goods as well as services to meet the requirements of the customers. It is an important element in the successful business operations of a company that directly impacts the bottom line.

The Importance Of Logistics Management

Among the most significant advantages of a sound logistics management at is meeting the expectations of the customers and providing excellent service. The various demands of customers require shippers to provide accurate, fast, and quality service. The responsibility of logistics management is to satisfy the demands of customers.

Logistics management also creates visibility in the supply chain of the company. Its modern transportation management method will analyse historical information and track the movement of products in and out of the business.

Proper management of logistics creates an increase in revenue. Quality customer service produces a good image of the brands of the company and generates additional business. The visibility of the supply chain develops an opportunity for huge savings on cost in operations. Logistics management provides the company control on inbound freight, organizes the flow of goods, keeps optimal levels of inventory, and utilizes the movement of freight on proper modes of transportation, which could significantly cut costs.

The complexed growth of logistics management today requires a reliable logistics solutions company to handle the various logistic requirements of the clients. The wide range of logistics providers in the market provides better options to clients to get the best provider that could meet their expectations.

Since logistics management is an integral part of a business, it is also important to consider the types of equipment the company has including the working team. It is crucial to choose a logistics company that has modern equipment as well as well-experienced personnel to handle the flow of goods and services to the clients.

Hundreds Of Public Schools Display Themselves In Victoria As Protest Against Funding Cuts

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Getting high school furniture and running an institution costs a lot of money, which is why the Morrison Government’s $256 million cut to public school funding in South Australia has received a lot of flak. In response, public schools in the region took over Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga.

Hundreds of public schools from the region were on display on the square’s lawn, as part of the Fair Funding Now! campaign, not only to counter the funding cuts, as well as to secure additional funding for public schools. Alongside the pubic rally, the Fair Funding Now! mobile billboard campaign is also being launched in Booth by, with the mobile billboard set to roam across Adelaide, with the aim of informing the community the importance of getting proper funding for local public schools, to ensure quality education, and to get resources like primary and high school furniture, among others.

According to the Australian Education Union Federal President, Correna Haythorpe, the people in South Australia were vexed that the Morrison Government was skimping on public school funding, with parents, teachers and voters alike making their disappointment on the government’s decision to cut $256 million from public school funding clear.

After six years, Ms. Haythorpe says, the Federal Coalition has made it very clear that they don’t support public schools. Reportedly, the government’s plan would drop all the public schools in the South Australia region below the national resource standard, every last one. This means that none of them would have the funding to meet the needs of students for the next half-decade, at the minimum.

AEU South Australia Branch President Howard Spread bury says that recent polls have stated that the majority of voters consider public school funding to be a key issue for them for election, with more than two-thirds saying that greater investment in the local public education facilities is a better investment  for federal funding than tax cuts for high income earners.

He notes that this is a clear rebuttal of the Morrison Government’s cuts to public school funding by their electorate.  They have made it clear what they want; a government that takes funding public schools seriously.

The Importance Of A Workout That Is Achievable And Enjoyable

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There are people who want to lose weight, become stronger or improve their health who work with personal trainer in Manly West who is a certified fitness professional. Personal trainers develop and implement a fitness training program with individualized exercises according to the person’s goals, skills and requirements.

For most men, the first signs of aging start in their 30’s. They recognize the need to make adjustments to their diet and lifestyle. It is very likely that lots of pizza did not have any effect in the past but now they find themselves adding weight.

According to Josephine Raum, a bariatric dietician at Cooper University Health Care, metabolism starts to slow down once a person gets older. However, getting in shape after a prolonged absence from the gym can be very challenging particularly when the man is on the later stages of adulthood.

According to Philadelphia-based personal trainers, a sports medicine physician and a dietician, it is important for a person to start with a game plan. They have to identify what they want to achieve and what time they will exercise. Most people who are in their 30’s or 40’s have careers and family obligations.

Jayel Lewis, a certified personal trainer at Fitler Club said that people must start with something that is achievable in order to maintain the exercise and see results. It is also important to choose an activity or workout that is enjoyable so that getting in shape will not be a sacrifice.

There are different exercises to choose from like cardiovascular workouts that include aerobic exercises, running, cycling and swimming or resistance training that includes push-ups, air squats and body weight exercises. However, the personal trainer must ensure that proper techniques are being applied in order to avoid injuries. Injuries are a big concern when a person is in his 40’s.

Avoiding injuries is one of the reasons why a personal trainer in Manly West must be hired to individualize an exercise program. For example, running is a great cardio workout but stress is placed on the joints. Swimming, elliptical workouts, yoga or tai chi can be good options to avoid overstressed joints.