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IMEX Launching New Platform

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IMEX is no longer using their previous platform but rather a newer version called EventReference. The platform is catered towards conference and events management and it is cloud-based. I will help organizers manage their systems. The developer of the platform is RefTech, a company based in the United Kingdom.

All of the online interactions under IMEX will now be handled by Event Reference and it will be accessible to attendees of the show. There are information provided in the system such as booth directory of the exhibitors, appointment schedule of both exhibitor and buyer, hosted travel of the buyer as well as the entire registration.

Furthermore, everyone who will be attending to events by IMEX will be able to register themselves with the use of EventReference. They can also manage their registrations and create an itinerary.

According to the CEO of IMEX Group, Carina Bauer, their company has grown and because of this their processes have also undergone evolution. They focused on their audience and changed according to what they wanted, their demands as well as their growing needs. With this, the platform of the organization has to undergo evolution at the same time.

She added that their previous system was created by RefTech especially for them. This is the reason why they consider their transformation to EventReference to be an evolution rather than revolution to cater their users. They give impotance to their exhibitors, hosted buyers and visitors thus the new system should be something they still recognize and is familiar to them including the functions and where these are located.

When it comes to the company’s current needs, EventRefence is considered to be the most suitable option. They also pride themselves in working with RefTech for the longest period and they believe that they are in good hands. They are working closely with Simon Clayton who is the chief ideas officer of RefTech and they always deliver according to their requests,

Modules are now being created by RefTech which follows that requirements set by IMEX. These modules will help in improving the functionality of the software which will be useful for conference and events management proving once more that their system is top of the line.

3 Tips To Find Cheap Mattress With Excellent Quality

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One key to having a good night sleep is using the right bed materials. The type of pillows, blankets, bed sheets and mattress cover or comforter will contribute to the quality of your rest. One of the important components of your bed is your mattress. Having a good cheap mattress will not only contribute to a well-rested night, it will also help in developing good body posture. There are different types of mattresses and you can find them cheap with the following ideas.

Check from online shops

You can find all sorts of products from the internet and that includes high quality but affordable mattresses. Search for an online shop that offers a wide variety of mattresses from different brands, price range and sizes. It would also be best if the online supplier offers sleeping accessories and related supplies such as pillows, blankets, etc. To minimize your expenses, look for deals or discounted products. Of the numerous online suppliers of cheap mattress, choose one that guarantees secure and encrypted payment options.

Local furniture suppliers

 Apart from online sources, you can also find high quality and affordable beds and mattresses from your local furniture shop. One of the advantages of driving to your local furniture shop is you can actually try the mattress and see if its firmness or softness is suitable for you. If you have a preferred online supplier, find out if they have an offline shop or a showroom that you can visit. You might also want to know  if the supplier delivers for free.

Search e-commerce sites

E-commerce sites are more like online shops wherein you can transact and make purchases online. However, unlike online shops which are owned by a single supplier, an e-commerce site is like a market place where different suppliers and buyers converge. You can find individual sellers or dealers for cheap mattress and just about any product. You can discount mattresses and even used or second hand types. Make sure to buy from sellers that are verified and with high ratings. E-commerce sites are known to have a lot of bogus sellers and buyers so more caution is needed when shopping from these types of websites.

How To Choose A Contract Food Manufacturer

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Having a contract food manufacturer offers convenience among industries that require quality and high volume of meals such as the hospital industry, aged care, schools and even for major events. You can find a number of service providers in your area but it is important that you consider a few important things in order to ensure that you will provide nutritious meals to your guests and customers. Here are a few things to consider when hiring a contract food manufacturer.

Organic and all natural food

Providing hospital food and for the elderlies in home care requires for you to be choosy and meticulous to ensure that your guests and patients will maintain good health or recover faster. Food is vital to a person’s health and it is important for the sick and aged to have high value food that are free from chemicals and artificial flavouring. Thus, choose a contract food manufacturer that offers organically grown food products that are free from pesticides and harsh fertilizers. Pesticides are not only harmful to the consumers; they can also damage the environment.

Offers customized food products

When choosing a manufacturer for the food requirements in your institution, consider one that offers bespoke food services or one that can deliver your exact needs. They should be able to deliver customized food packages such as those that are heat-and-served and cook-chill meal options. The manufacturer can also provide multi-portion food options to provide food services to patients or guests with different needs in food amount. Aside from that, the food manufacturer should be able to offer a service that would allow their customers to label the food products under their company or brand name.

Quality and nutritious food

There are a number of contract food manufacturer that you can find in your area but it would be best if you would go for a company that offers food products that has gone through strict quality control procedures. The preparation and the facility must be certified by the BSI group as HACCP compliant along with a certification from NSW Food Authority. Quality assurance should be regularly performed by independent auditing company such as BSI Group.

A Disgusting Single House In Pinklao Where Woman Lived For Seven Years

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A woman was reportedly evicted from her rental home of seven years as it was filled all over with garbage. She failed to clean the single house in Pinklao all these times.

Last June 11, the landlord was stunned to see the apartment with trash, empty plastic bottles, torn clothes and food dated to 2013.

According to Thai media, the property managers and landlord arrived at the single house in Pinklao, Bangkok, and saw that the space will filled up with dirt and garbage, that there was no room for one to stand.

Pictures of the so-called rental flat was first unconcealed in Facebook, which was posted on June 9-10.

The shocking images attracted nearly 13,000 shares where piles of trash were seen in front of a TV set.

There were several empty water bottles between the wall and a bed, which also had junk objects.

The floor had stained dirt while the electric fan was covered with a thick layer of dust.

According to a Chinese-speaking newspaper in Thailand, the woman rented the single house in Pinklao for nearly seven years.

The location was soon revealed after the female tenant failed to pay her power bills on time.

As reported earlier, staff from the property management company decided to enter the flat for inspection of its condition on June 11.

However, they unsuccessfully opened the door as it was full of garbage. The staff had to forcefully kick the door to open.

They were stunned to see piles of garbage in the flat, which barely had space for them to move.

The workers also revealed that they found damaged water pipes, a broken shower head and a cracked toilet.

According to the angry landlord, “I called the attention of the tenant, but she only said that it was my duty to clean the apartment. She also claimed that she paid 1,200 baht or £27 for the cleaning of the single house in Pinklao.

That afternoon of June 11, the tenant was asked to moved out of the apartment. As negotiated, the woman consented to pay extra cleaning fees and payments for the destroyed items.

Additional Smart City Plans To Be Launched By MQDC

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According to MQDC or Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Ltd, a company that specializes in property development, whichis owned by the Chearavanont family, they are thinking about launching a project that will be used for various purposes. The concept will follow after the smart city and they will be releasing it in the provinces of Thailand as well as in China within the next few years. This is great news for the country as construction boom continues despite the existence of many establishments such as a 4 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit that is flocked by many local guests and tourists.

SutthaRuengchaipaiboon, the president of the company, said that the firm is currently brainstorming about new locations that are plausible in the north and west of Bangkok. This is where the mixed-use project will be constructed that will embody their concept of a smart city wherein they will utilize clean energy. This will be their starting point before they release the same concept in provinces of Thailand and eventually overseas.

He added that in order for them to create a property for their smart city project, it is important to have good infrastructure. They are also looking into cities that are located in the main provinces of Thailand such as Chiang Mai and Phuket because of their potential.

The firm is also thinking about expanding their smart city project overseas and they are eyeing China because of the local connections that Charoen Pokphand Group have in the country. CP Group is also known to be owned by Chearavanont family and it specialized in agribusiness.

As of the moment, the MQDC is building their smart concept on a project called Whizdom 101 which is a development dedicated as a mixed-use establishment. The investment they have poured into this project is 30 billion baht and it is found around Sukhumvit.

Aside from the 4 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit, tourists will now have additional reason to visit the capital city of Thailand. According to MQDC, the project will have three condominium buildings and most of them have already been sold.

4 Guides In Buying Orchids For Sale

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There are different types of orchids for sale that you can find online and even at your local flower shops and markets. With all the choices available, you might end up confused and uncertain which of the lovely orchids you are going to choose. Here are some tips.

Type of plant or flower

There are certain types of plants and flowers that are suitable for different occasions. There are orchids that profess love, condolences and well wishes while there are plants that are suited for ornamental purposes. There are also those that can make a place roomy and healthier with extra fresh air in the air.

Your budget

Another thing to consider is your budget. The prices of orchids vary depending on the size, design, size and freshness, arrangement and other factors. If you are looking for something more affordable, cut down on size or number of flowers instead of choosing a more elaborate arrangement but is offered at a much cheaper price. Avoid bargain orchids for sale as there might be some reason why the flower is being offered at a discounted price. If you want fresh and beautifully arranged orchids, invest on it because high quality products usually come with a price.

Expertise in arrangement

Another thing to consider when buying orchids or plants is its arrangement and the experts behind it. There are certain flower arrangements that would certainly brighten one’s day and it should be the type that you should pick to ensure that you will make someone smile with your chosen flowers. Make sure that the arrangement is suitable for the type of occasion or reason for giving the flowers. If you are not sure which flower to pick, as the expert advice of a florist.


One important consideration in choosing orchids for sale is the reputation of the wholesaler. Read customer feedback and find out if they have mechanism for customer complain such as customer service that customers can call if they are not happy with the plant or flower that they received from the wholesaler.

Rising House Prices Popularizes Mobile Storage In Sydney

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Let’s face it: the prices of everything nowadays are jumping up like there’s no more tomorrow. There are various reasons that are can be attributed to the rising prices especially of basic commodities that are essential to human lie. For example, a country’s inflation rate is the often blamed reason why the prices of goods in a country because the inflation is the rate of general prices of goods and services that are continuously rising up. This leads to the purchasing power of a specific currency to fall. Another reason that is usually blamed for the ridiculously unstoppable rise of prices is the never controlled-stability of oil prices especially in oil producing countries in the Middle East. You see, as Letty Ortiz once said in one of the movies from the Fast and the Furious saga, “Gas(oil) is gold,” And we all know how true is that statement, right? Nowadays, even purchasing and renting houses or even apartment units have become more difficult financially. Even with the presence of flexible payment terms, it’s still expensive. And if you need to move from one home to another, it’s recommended that you do so by hiring a removalist because they can help you with everything concerning moving from place to place. In fact, when you are in Sydney, you can even rent out a mobile storage in Sydney in case you’re out of space in your new home.



Due to the painful fact that prices of houses in Melbourne and Sydney are jumping up, the house owners are now taking up big steps which include finding a cheaper home that comes with a smaller amount of space which you can move around and fill with limited number of things. Included in the drastic changes that people in Down Under Australia are now employing is the use of mobile storage in Sydney which can be rented out or even bought so you can have your very own storage facility which you can use to store things that can no longer be stored in your home due to the limited space. In fact, many Australians believe that using such a storage facility is a cheaper way of living than to pay hefty rental fees.