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Honeymooners Choose A Bus To Bangkok From Krabi

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Krabi is considered a romantic place here on earth. If you just married your new spouse, you’ll be planning a honeymoon to this island. It’s the best getaway to spend quality time with your partner, while exploring and relaxing with nature. The magnificent island of Krabi is combined with stunning mountains and crystal clear blue waters. It’s actually the best place for honeymooners who want to be intimately alone for a few days. However, when the vacation is over, you will need to ride a bus to Bangkok from Krabi so you can return to your homeland.

How to Travel Back?

To leave Krabi and return to Bangkok, you will be travelling with a similar bus ride. You can connect to planes or probably a bus to Bangkok from Krabi so you’re on your way home. The Krabi International Airport is not that far from the city centre. If you have booked in advance, you’ll definitely get a fair price for the ticket. There are buses awaiting at the terminal, or you can even travel fast by train.

Places You May Have Visited

As you are on a honeymoon, you may have visited some of the romantic places in Krabi. The intimate moments you’ve shared with your partner have made your honeymooning worthwhile. You have cherished, relished and enjoyed the magnificent Krabi.

And for that, you may have visited Rai Leh Beach; the Viking Cave at Phi Phi Island, where it got its name from European ships; Maya Bay which was famed by the film “The Beach”; Phra Nang Beach in Ao Nang, where you see limestone cliffs; and, Tup Island, where you lazily swam and went snorkelling by the sea.

Things to Do

As Krabi is perfect for honeymooning, you will want to spend a day trip with your loved one. As there are so many surrounding islands, the beaches may not be suitable for various watersports and adventure. However, you can hire a speedboat to take you to the middle of the ocean and see a panoramic view. You can also shop for local souvenirs and taste local cuisine in fanciful restaurants. Once done, you head to a station where a bus to Bangkok from Krabi is waiting for you.

Suzuki India Launches The GSX-S750

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Suzuki Motorcycle India, subsidiary to the international Suzuki Motor Corporation, made an announcement on the 25th of April 2018, one that’s been eagerly awaited by the Suzuki motorbike dealers in the country for quite some time now; the launch of the GSX-S750 in the country.

Originally, the GSX-S750 was shown off to India’s motor enthusiasts at the 2018 Auto Expo, and now, the bike is launching across the country, to be sold at Rs 745,000 or about US$11,000. The Suzuki Big Bikes dealerships across India are now taking bookings for the new bike, and the first batch of bikes is expected to be shipped sometime in May. For those looking to head for their Suzuki motorbike dealers, the bike will be available in 2 color schemes: Metallic Triton Blue/Glass Sparkle Black and Glass Sparkle Black/Candy Daring Red.

The new model resembles its cousin, the Suzuki GSX-S1000, maintaining the same aggressive styling but scaled down, as the GSX-S750 measures in at 2,125mm and 1,055mm in height and length, respectively, with a 1,455mm wheelbase and a seat set at the height of 820mm next to its fuel tank. An all-digital LCD instrument console provides info to the rider and allows access to the bike’s three traction control system.

The motorbike is powered by a 749cc, liquid-cooled DOHC in-line engine with four cylinders, giving it 114hp @ 10,500 rpm, as well as 81Nm of torque @ 9,000 rpm. The bike’s 6-speed gearbox transmits its power to its Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S21 tires, set with 17-inch alloy wheels. Stopping power is provided by Nissin Brake-powered four-piston twin disc brakes up front, with a 240mm single-piston caliper out back. The dual-channel ABS that’s standard in most motorcycles is, of course, also present. The bike’s fuel tank can hold up to 16 liters, and the whole thing itself weighs in a 215kg, a bit higher than average.

The bike will release on the market, and is expected to clash with the Triumph Street Triple S, the Yamaha MT-09 and the Kawasaki Z900.

Satoshi Uchida, Managing Director for Suzuki Motorcycle India says that the GSX-S750 is not only Suzuki’s first release for the financial year of 2018, but is also their first sub-1,000cc product.

First Apartment In Sydney Equipped With Solar Power Saw Reduced Bills

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Co-op Stucco is a student housing apartment built in Newtown, Sydney and was recently equipped with solar power. According to the residents, since the installation of the solar panels and battery, they have noticed the big percentage reduction with regards to their power bills. It has already been a year since the system was installed in Stucco confirmed that the power bills of the residents have reduced to almost 55 per cent. This is because of the fact that the generated energy is greater compared to its usage in the previous year. During the completion of the building, commercial painters in Sydney were hired and the painting remained in good condition despite the installation.

Stucco waited for a year of operation before giving any regarding the system. According to their figures, the system has done some positive change for their residents. In fact, the electricity bills have decreased by 55 per cent with the help of 114 solar panels along with 36 modular batteries from Enphase.

During the previous year, the residents had to pay only $240 worth of electricity bill. There is a big difference compared to the year before that wherein they have to pay $540 since they have been getting electricity from traditional retailer alone. With this setup, the co-op serves as the manager as well as retailer in what is considered to be an embedded network. Which means occupants can buy electricity from them with the condition that there is enough solar energy stored inside the batteries coming from the solar panels.

The project leader is Bjorn Sturmberg while he was still in charge of Stucco. According to him, the results from Stucco showed that it is possible for the apartment sector of Australia to have access to renewable energy which does not hurt the environment. This will also help tenants in the city to reduce their cost of living which is undeniably higher. Gone are the days when only private homeowners can access solar powered system.

Developers planning to develop apartments in the area will have to invest in more than just commercial painters in Sydney if they want to offer more to their tenants.

Slow Pace Of Home Buying And Selling Not Good For Removal Companies

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The entire relocation process is stressing enough for a family or a business but there are furniture removals in Sydney that will minimize the headache. A team of professional and highly skilled removalists will look after all the removal needs whether for a business or a home. Good old-fashioned service that is very rare nowadays is guaranteed.

Figures from BBC reveal that homeowners are no longer moving as often as they did before the credit crunch. Prices of homes have gone up, getting mortgages have become stricter and seniors prefer to stay in large properties. A few years ago, people move 4 times after their initial purchase of a home; right now, it is more like twice. The trend today is home expansion so that parents can create enough space for a growing family.

Since sales of new homes have gone down, it means less work for removal companies. According to Kieran Whitehead of Osbornes, the removal business is affected because they have fewer customers. Some of the removal companies opted for another industry like storage.

Peter Barlow, a Burnage real estate agent said the people who are planning to put family-sized homes in the market are disappointed after looking at a real estate’s window and saw that very little was on offer. This is a problem for the older generation who want to downsize. They want a bungalow but nothing is available.

Mr. Cook from Savills is concerned about the effects of the economy. People have to spend money when they move because a better job is waiting. Because of the difficulty to make a move, labour mobility is impacted. The most obvious option is to rent which is being done by some even if they own a property. If British homeowners decide to stay put, removal companies may soon be out of business.

Relocation is a time consuming process that is best left to professional furniture removals in Sydney that are trained to avoid scratches and bumps on the valuable furniture. If furniture is not handled properly, damages are very likely to happen. There are instances when the insurance company won’t cover the damages sustained if the move was made without professional help.

Colorado’s Boulder’s Fate Brewing Down 300K In Taxes

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The rural Boulder town brewery, Fate Brewery has an official Colorado business registration, one that’s not looking so hot right now. That’s because the company is currently in debt to ol’ Uncle Sam, with $300,000 worth of tax liens from the Colorado local government and the IRS, with these concerns apparently having been an issue of the company since 2015.

Fate Restaurants LLC, owner of the Fate Brewery currently owes two liens to the IRS totaling at $269,325. Company owner Michael Lawinski says that these liens are not a new development, but are related to another lien currently in effect for the company back in 2016, which amounts to $83,799.

On top of all that, Lawinski also has a lien against him, on a personal property, somewhere in Louisville for $59,290, which was levied in January of 2018. Lawinski states that this lien was simply a refiling of an issue from the past, Fate Restaurants LLC has been working with the same IRS examiner on these liens since 2016. He states, matter of factly, that it was old news to the company.

Lawinski has refused to comment on the liens, even the newer, more expensive ones. Officials from the IRS had the same sentiment, refusing to reveal details about the liens.

Paul Weissman, Boulder County Treasurer, says that interest and fees are capable increasing the financial values of liens. He says that he thinks that Fate Restaurants LLC are currently on a payment plan to deal with their unpaid taxes.

Official records from the Colorado Department of Revenue show that the local government is owed for $18,780 for taxes on liquor excise and unpaid sales from 2015-2017. A department spokesperson says that the liens are public record for 15 days after payment.

Another issue bearing down on Fate’s Colorado business registration, is a court record case regarding owing Buffalo Lock & Key for $2,084 unpaid fees for services rendered. Buffalo President Cindy Angell said that the lawsuit was dismissed and that the bill has also been paid.

Lawinski has stated that these liens were not Fate experiencing financial problems, that the company was not worried about the prospect of losing market share.

What To Consider When Selecting A Meeting Venue In Bangkok

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Imagine, you have a meeting agenda and need to organize an entire event. You need to decide a meeting venue in Bangkok along with the guest lists you have in mind. This can turn out a nightmare if you don’t know how to plan for this event. You will surely need careful preparations especially that you are expecting a huge amount of people coming here and abroad. You need to decide on a budget.  You need to choose a suitable place. All these things will turn out a chaos if you don’t plan ahead. But never panic as there are simple tasks you can do for this purpose:

  • Location

In Thailand, you will find a number of meeting venue in Bangkok where you can find suitable for your event. If you book in luxury or budget hotels, they can accommodate all your needs. You will want a calm, peaceful and serene venue that will have discussions go smoothly with no interruptions. You can find that their conference rooms are suitable for your needs and will help you with the process.

  • Cost

You need to find a location that will suit your budget. You may want to ask about the provider’s offering a discount, how much the venue costs, and when they will require payments. If you get all these responded, then you must consider the meeting venue in Bangkok to be your choice.

  • Facilities

In your small group or corporate meetings, you will be needing projectors, white boards, facsimiles, printers, parking space and refreshments. Ensure that your chosen provider can provide all these to make your event successful. If you are opting to have your event booked in Bangkok hotels, they can give you a complete facility and amenity to do all that. There isn’t even time to worry as you can easily commute to these places.

  • Size

Ensure that the meeting venue in Bangkok can accommodate a large number of people. You will need seats, rooms and a speaker to make the experience comfortable and compulsive.

If you find all the above have been answered by your chosen venue, then this should be the service provider that you need to choose.

Changes In The Route Of High Speed Railway Project

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Many locals and tourists staying at Holiday Inn in Rayong are ecstatic when it was announced that the new high-speed railway project will be stopping at Rayong’s inner city. Guess it was too early to celebrate as the government decided to change the route of the railway. The high-speed train was originally expected to terminate at the inner city of the province of Rayong. Now, the new point of termination is at U-tapao airport. According to officials, the change was decided due to safety concerns and another factor which is speed development.

EEC Office’s secretary general, Kanit Sangsubhan, said that the government is thinking about the safety of the passengers in case an unfortunate accident is to occur while at the industrial estate of the Map Ta Phut since the train will pass by this point before it finally terminates at Rayong.

Map Ta Phut is found in the Eastern Seaboard with U-tapao on the east and Rayong on the west.

Mr. Kanit added that the government has already decided to move the last station from Rayong to U-tapao airport. With the original plan, the railway will go through the industrial estate of Map Ta Phut which means that the project will face delay due to the requirements needed such as an assessment to see the effect on the environment.

The first phase of the high-speed railway between Bangkok and Rayong was intended to cover four different sections including Phaya Thai to Suvarnabhumi airport link, Bang Sue to Don Mueang, Suvarnabhumi to U-tapao airport and Bang Sue to Phaya Thai.

This month is expected for the project to announce its reference terms and bidding might start in the next few months.

Mr. Kanit also clarified that the high-speed project is one of the most essential developments intended to increase the confidence of the investors. There are other projects in line such as the EEC law and the airport expansion of U-tapao. Either way, the railway will bring convenience as passengers can easily travel from Bangkok to Holiday Inn in Rayong or other accommodations they have booked in the area.