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Harley-Davidson Unveiling New Motorcycle

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The most iconic producer of motorcycle in the United States is Harley Davidson and it has been getting a lot of attention recently because of its plan to release an electric bike called Live Wire which is set to be released before the end of 2019. Fans of the brand are already looking for motorbike clothing sale to have a new wardrobe to match the new motorcycle which is expected to change Harley-Davidson’s history.

It is no secret that the motorcycle brand is not cheap but one of the things that fans have noticed with the upcoming LiveWire is that the supposed price tag of the electric bike will be almost $30,000. This is a high point for electric motorcycles because it is gaining more attention but with the entry coming from Harley it is expected to change the status of the current market.

While many are still waiting for the electric bike, another announcement from the company shook the entire industry. Harley said that it is going to manufacture small-displacement motorbikes with an engine capacity of 338 cc. This will be marketed in China and will be produced in partnership with Qianjiang Motorcycle Company Limited which is the sister company of Geely, the company known to be the owner of Volvo.

In order to achieve success with this new venture, Harley needs to court the Asian market especially the consumers in China. For the past few years, sales of motorcycles in United States are not looking great. Despite this, Harley is still feeling positive as it continues to profit from its motorbike sales.  There is nothing catastrophic that is expected to happen in the near future but according to Matt Levatich, the CEO of Harvey, they are planning to gather half of their sales from outside the US market.

China is known to be the largest producer of motorcycles in the planet. Many of the riders are investing in motorbike clothing sale to make sure that they are riding safe and comfortable. With this, Harley plans to convert more Chinese consumers in using motorcycles manufactured from their brand as a starting point.

Why An Office Fitout Needs An IT Advisor

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According to a recent report by JLL, available office space is moving faster than demand so that landlords opt for office fitouts in Canberra to be more competitive. Office fitouts are overwhelmingly expensive but it provides significant quality to organizations. For significant office design changes, it is important to engage with an IT advisor early in the process to save precious capital.

In order to save precious capital in the office fitout and project management, prospective tenants that are considering location change must consider well connected buildings that have the firm’s preferred carriers. Carrier presence in the building will eliminate if not reduce initial capital costs for wiring the building to build connectivity.

Prospective tenants must also consider the building itself and its characteristics like slab to slab height, size and continuity of vertical hallways, existing power and cooling systems, size and location of support spaces, separation or integration of building systems and security. An IT advisor can evaluate the characteristics so that costs can be estimated on how the building can support the firm’s IT infrastructure.

Each of the vendors will require a different negotiation. For example, if the project is prolonged or multi-phase, discounts can be provided on total purchase instead of each individual phase. You can use logistics to maximum advantage for payments and shipping to safe on the costs of storage and early procurement.

An IT advisor is very important in the office fitout design because he can propose the right solutions for the environment. Design proposals can be evaluated whether they are “fit for purpose.” Standardization will allow easy troubleshooting of network, cabling and AV. The firm will be able to maintain is overall brand and user experience. It is always important to plan ahead to save on costs and avoid expensive change orders.

A team of designers who are experienced at office fitouts in Canberra can develop office design and furnishing solutions. The goal is maximize space available with environmental aesthetic and operational efficiency in mind. Employees stay 8 hours or more inside the office and they need an environment that is comfortable to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Amazing Liveaboard Diving In Indonesia

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A liveaboard makes it possible for someone to explore the more remote and sometimes better sites to dive. It also introduces a one of a kind opportunity to go stargazing while sailing the calm ocean. It’s also a chance to spend the evenings with Mother Nature. The on board cabins have air conditioning units and provide the right kind of comfort for the passengers.

Indonesia has some of the most amazing liveaboard diving sites in the world. People who are interested in scuba diving may want to consider a liveaboard in Indonesia. Traveling on a diving cruise allows the diver to get access to the hard-to-reach places. As a result, it is almost impossible to encounter another diver underwater. Also, a diver may take up to 5 dives in a day during a liveaboard cruise. The diver has an option not to do all the suggested dives.

Some of the Best Liveaboard Diving Trips in Indonesia

  1. Raja Ampat

It is possible to dive in Raja Ampat any time of the year. But, the best time to take a dive is between October and April. Raja Ampat is a territory with the richest biodiversity in the world. Raja has four main islands and its small independent islands come close to 1,500.

  1. Komodo

Some of the most gorgeous diving destinations in Indonesia are located in Komodo National Park. The liveaboard cruise in Komodo allows the diver to go to the areas that gray sharks and manta rays often inhabited. A diver may choose to visit Komodo any time of the year, but the best time is between April and November.

  1. Cenderawasih Bay

Cenderawasih Bay is one of the best locations to experience to dive with whale sharks. The region is home to WWII’s magnificent wrecks. It is possible to explore Cenderawasih Bay all-year-round, but the best time is between June and October.

There’s also the Banda Sea, which can be only be accessed through liveaboard in Indonesia, that extends from Raja Ampat to the north and Nusa Tengarra to the opposite direction. This place is quite difficult for a tourist to access and full of underwater mysteries waiting to be discovered.

Giving The Grey Bathroom Tiles A Different Kind Of Feel

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Grey is the decade’s colour trend, but choosing the right shade can be tricky. Pale grey can make the already gloomy room exude a certain degree of coldness. Dark greys may give a feeling that everything seems too black.

Some thought that grey bathroom tiles are just too cold for bathrooms. On the contrary, grey can create a soothing surrounding when paired with the right colour combination. Most hues go well together with grey. However, it is advisable to just pair it with one or two colours to achieve a sort of designer scheme.

Layering greys create a calming effect. When combined with other colours, it can take the design scheme to the next level. The current trend calls for the use of solid, vibrant colours that will naturally standout against the neutral milieu.

Here are some of the best ideas that can create a different kind of feel on grey tiles, and never shy away from using this tile colour in the bathroom.

Turning the Grey Wall into Something Else

  1. Accessorise the grey wall.

Adding candles and colourful accessories to the warm, pale grey wall can add comfort and a different kind of appeal. The warm grey wall already exudes certain sophistication and versatility.

  1. Create a country feel.

When remodelling a bathroom, choosing a dramatic shade of grey for the wall tile is a good idea. Decorating the wall with interesting accessories in pale colour can add a country vibe to it.

  1. Keep it clean and serene.

The grey colour exudes an ethereal beauty with a sophistication that’s difficult to describe with just a few words. Make grey wall’s exquisiteness standout by adding classic fixtures and fittings as well as white-gloss pieces.

  1. Use grey tiles in the shower room.

Choosing a floor-to-ceiling tiling for the shower area is a wise decision. The grey tiles can make the shower room more appealing, but avoid making the colour look so flat. Adding white fitting and fixtures to create contrast will do the trick.

Whether it’s the existing grey bathroom tiles or remodelling, the grey wall can exude a different vibe according to the homeowner’s wishes.

Useful Tips For Those Seeking A Financial Advisor

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You should consider hiring a professional to provide financial advice in Australia if you are confused with what to do you with your money. Many individuals want to start investing or they simply want to invest more money. Others want to know how much they can save to be able to retire at 65. Others are interested on how much life insurance they need.

The fact is, there are financial decisions that do not require professional advice and which you can probably handle on your own. If you want to organize your entire financial picture and want to set up retirement savings, you will likely need a good financial planner. It also makes sense to hire a financial planner if you need to make big financial decisions like establishing a retirement savings plan and how to minimize taxes.

You do not have to be a sophisticated investor with stocks that are worth millions in the market to need a financial advisor. There are instances wherein you need advise on investment strategies like what stocks or funds to buy in or how you can manage your investments.

Financial advisor also includes financial planners or investment advisors. It is important to consider financial advisors who follow the fiduciary rule which means that they will always take into account their client’s best interests. In fee-only rule, the fees paid by the client are the only compensation they receive. They will not earn any commission if you invest in certain funds or buy financial products.

There are instances when a robo-advisor is a cheaper option. They can automatically rebalance the investment portfolio according to your specific goals and risk tolerance. Robo-advisors are suggested to individuals with a long term outlook for their investments. Robo-advisors can also provide access to human investment advisors and financial planners for an extra fee.

The concept of online financial advice in Australia is fairly new but while they do not have a physical office, they can provide high quality advice for a cheaper price. Online financial advisers are human; they are not robots. They have the necessary experience to provide valuable financial advice to people who want to protect their anonymity.

How Event Planners Face The Challenges Of GDPR Compliance

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GDPR is a new set of rules that provides citizens in the European Union with more control over their personal data. One year after GDPR took effect, a great majority of event planners (90%) say that they are still challenged in complying with its requirements. Under the terms of GDPR, organizations have to ensure that data is gathered legally and managed properly to avoid exploitation and misuse.

Based on the results of a new study made by Events force, it was revealed that 81% of event planners were complying with the GDPR regulations but they are facing ongoing issues like consent management, running GDPR checks with event vendors and the 3rd party use of attendee’s data.

According to George Sirius, CEO of Events force, the research also showed that in spite of the challenges that event planners have to face in complying with GDPR regulations, a number of positive changes were noticed in the industry particularly concerning event management, data management and data security.

Event planners have started to use data protection credential in their marketing strategies. They wanted to show attendees that they can be trusted with the attendee’s most valuable asset which is their personal information.

The study also included the impact of legislation on the industry in the past 12 months including the kind of changes that organizers have to make when planning and managing events. At least 44% of the respondents are sharing fewer data with stakeholders and suppliers with the exception of hotels and event venues.

Many organizers (40%) have prioritized data security through tighter security controls. At least 25% ensure that new GDPR checks are made on suppliers and 3rd parties that they deal with. Event marketing professionals (36%) claim that the legislation has improved the quality and creativity of the communication campaigns.

If you are looking for an exceptional conference and events management company in Sydney, please visit that offers personalized service and meticulous attention to detail. The company continually strives to meet the expectations of its clients. It offers a wide range of event solutions that will add value to an organization. You can also select services that will specifically complement the in-house event management resources.

Labelexpo Europe Show In September 2019 Opens Registration

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Companies that handle tradeshow logistics in Europe is familiar with Labelexpo Europe, as its considered by many to be the world’s largest label and package printing industry trade show. The event, a four-day show that displays the latest technology in the industry, is currently in its 40th iteration, and is now accepting registrations.

The 2019 iteration of the event has a motto of ‘Move your business forward’, with a focus on improving business strategies and to move the industry itself forward.

Managing Director Lisa Milburn, Labelexpo Global Series,  says that 2019 is a milestone year for Labelexpo as it celebrates 4 decades of operations, so they wanted to set it apart by making the biggest, most ambitious show to date. She notes that their industry is constantly moving forward, but it’s a constant that having the right tools and strategy is the key to success, and they wanted to reflect that in the year’s theme.

There’ll be plenty of need for tradeshow logistics, as the show already has more than 600 confirmed exhibitors, including big names like HP, Fujfilm, Epson, ABG, and others. This iteration of the Labelexpo Europe is supported and endorsed by several trade bodies; FINAT, Febelgra, EUQID, SPPES, UNFEA, and VsKE.

Alongside the exhibition, there’ll be three new show features that’ll be debuting at Labelexpo Europe 2019.

The Flexible Packaging Arena is a demonstration of two press lines; one digital, the other conventional, which produced indirect food contact flexible packaging, as adherent to the GMP’s latest standards.

The Brand Innovation Showcase are for brand owner visitors, where they can learn about key brands’ strategies, how to create an award-winning label and packaging designs, as well as take part in an exclusive tour of the suppliers’ stands, where they can experience live demos of the latest technologies and innovations in the industry.

Lastly is the Sustainability Insight Cafe, where the latest sustainable developments, both products and services, designed to support more environmentally conscious endeavors in the industry will be shown off.

Milburn stated that they’re proud to introduce three new features to the show for 2019, and that they’re very much looking forward to meeting with people throughout the course of the show.