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3 Tips In Hiring Sydney Plastering Contractor

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If your interior walls require a major renovation or if your ceiling starts to peel off, look for a Sydney plastering contractor who will help restore the pleasing appearance of your space. There are a lot of contractors around Sydney that specialize in wall repairs and plastering. However, in order to avoid wasting your time and more so, your money, be cautious in hiring contractors.  Here are some ideas to help you find the right plasterer in your area.

Contact several contractors

There are a lot of service providers for wall plastering. You can find them by asking for referrals from your friends, neighbours or business partners. Another option is to check the internet for contractors in your area. There are also websites that provide information on professional service providers such as plasterers. The web-based information system offers the names and contact information of service providers. If you already have the names and contact details of Sydney plastering contractor, visit their website to get more information. Contractors have different specialization and it is important that you hire the right contractor that can provide your specific plastering need. Another option is to check the yellow pages for your required services.

Request for site inspection

When you have the name of potential contractors, the next step is to request for site inspection for them to determine the exact work needed and for them to provide a cost estimate for the job. Generally, contractors provide obligation-free inspection to possible customers. After the site inspection, contractors will send you the materials needed the estimated time frame for the project and the costs.Compare the rates, the service inclusions, warranties and other details that will protect you as a customer.

Make a decision

When you have all the information that you need and when you have already compared the cost estimates, it’s time for you to come up with a decision as to which Sydney plastering contractor you are going get your needed services from. Read customer reviews and testimonials for more ideas. Allocate a budget for the project and set a schedule for the job.

Costco Coming To New Zealand

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When it comes to getting petrol or mag wheels in Brisbane on the cheap, Aussies are familiar with the bulk-shopping discount retailer Costco.

The popular retail chain will be opening its first warehouse at Westgate, Auckland, and will offer the chain’s full format and range, covering a fuel station, tyre centre, food court, optometry clinic, and hearing aid services, alongside the expected groceries and home ware.

Development of the New Zealand site will start at some time between June of 2019 and 2020, with its opening scheduled for 2021.  There were two options for a big-box store, with Westgate chosen over the other option;Wiri.

Costco Australia Managing Director Patrick Noone says that the store might also add a pharmacy in the future. He notes that the store will be modelled on their Aussie operations, but will, instead, feature Kiwi brands. This means that the Kiwi Costco is expected to operate around the same price range, around 25-30% cheaper compared to other retailers in the area.So, instead of cheap fuel and mag wheels in Brisbane, it’ll be cheap fuel and mag wheels in Auckland.

The Auckland Costco will be a three-level development, with one level set for shopping, with the remaining levels set for car parks, with 800 spaces.

The company was also considering opening more branches, in Wellington and the South Island, once the Auckland development.

Since Costco stores usually stock around 3,500 brands, there has been questions as to which Kiwi brands will make the cut, but Costco has not spoken on the matter.

First Retail Group Managing Director Chris Wilkinson says that Costco’s move is a big development for consumers in New Zealand.

Wilkinson says that Costco is known for its disruptive tendencies, which Wilkinson says will affect a large range of categories, not just groceries, but also covering commercial cleaning supplies, and other fields, thanks to being a store without boundaries.

Wilkinson does note that he feels that the Kiwi market has been waiting for someone like Costco, as they’re a travelled population, with a lot of experience in dealing with overseas market, which means that people are expecting the kind of offers that something like Costco would have.

He says that this isn’t the sort of place people go for expensive products, it’s where people go to stock up. Here, communities form.

Report Shows Skill Deficit In UK Logistics Market

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Talent in Logistics, the UK logistics awards organisation, recently published a report regarding skill hiring in the logistics sector in the country, and noted a bit of an issue.

According to the data, the sector has a bit of a recruitment issue, to the lament of companies and sites like, with only 8% of UK youth considering the logistics industry as an attractive option for their future career. On top of that, their data shows that about 42% aren’t even aware of the logistics industry and what it does.

As for the logistics workforce in the UK is, only 9% under25, with 45% over the age of 45, which means that, should current market conditions remain, the sector will be hit with a devastating skills shortage.

The Talent in Logistics research was conducted at the World Skills UK Live exhibition, with about 500 students and teachers acting as the sample size.

The data from the research was then used to write ‘Changing Perceptions: Attracting Young Talent Into Logistics’, a whitepaper that details the logistics industry, including major players like, highlighting the extent of the skill shortage issue, bringing it to light, and provide possible suggestions and useful information that might be of us for business leaders to find new skill, primarily by hiring and retaining millennials.

About a quarter of the youth; 26%, that were quizzed by Talent in Logistics stated that they don’t believe that the logistics sector has gender diversity. Only 18% of the respondents have been talked to about, and/or informed of logistics as a possible career path.

Talent in Logistics Business Manager Ruth Edwards say that the popular perception of logistics is the biggest issue when it comes to recruiting new talent, which is why, she says, the organisation has been working to promote the importance of bringing in talent from groups that aren’t too widely represented in the logistics industry.

Ruth added that they’re calling on the sector and the UK education system to do their part in informing the youth of the many opportunities and career paths that can be found in the logistics industry.

Honda Dealer In Cleveland Celebrates 50 Years Partnership With Honda

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A wide range of Honda motorbikes are available at authorized Honda motorbike dealer from the latest supersport bikes to adventure bikes and street bikes. In Cleveland, a motorcycle dealer has been in the business for almost 65 years. David Beam partnered with Honda 50 years ago and begun operating Honda Motorcycles at Shelby.

David Beam was the first motorcycle dealer in Cleveland County. Way back then, most of the motorcycles you will see on the road are Harley Davidson’s. When he started to sell Japanese brands, there was a sudden demand for something new. The Japanese motorcycles had new technology that was different from other brands.

Honda Motorcycles in Shelby is now run by the children of David Shelby but he stops by the shop every day. His goal was to keep the business within the family and make it more successful. Scott Beam who joined the business after graduating from college has always loved motorcycles. He rode motorcycles since he was 5 years old but he never thought that he will make a living from it.

Since Honda Motorcycles in Shelby was launched, it has seen 4 locations and a lot of changes in the industry. David Beam still remembers the days when Honda started to manufacture dirt bikes and 4-wheeled vehicles. The biggest change in the industry was technology.

Local customers have remained loyal to the Honda brand. They still ride the motorcycles they purchased way back in the 60’s and 70’s. David Beam is happy when customers from 50 years ago drop by. They discuss the qualities of motorcycle riding and why they never stop riding.

Riding a motorcycle is one of the true freedoms left for society. When you are on the road, you do not worry about anything. You just enjoy the ride and the freedom.

There is an authorized Honda motorbike dealer in UK that offers a wide range of Honda supersports bikes. Honda Motorcycle Extended Guarantee is also available for those who are eligible. It can be requested from the dealer. There are also easy financing options with the best rates in the market. Financing can be arranged within 30 minutes for new and used motorcycles.

Tanzania Imposes Taxes On Wigs And Hair Extensions

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Many people prefer to change their hair style every now and then because it makes them feel good about themselves. They opt for hair extensions in Bondi because it feels perfect and liberating. However, in Tanzania, the government decided to impose taxes on wigs and hair extensions so that women will keep their hair natural.

When Tanzania Finance Minister Philip Mpango announced the tax on wigs and hair extensions in parliament, many MP’s applauded in approval. On the other hand, there is also public outrage because it seems that women are being punished for wanting to improve their appearance through wigs and hair extensions. While it is true that traditional values must be upheld, society is changing.

Mr. Mpango announced 25% tax on imported wigs and hair extensions and 10% tax on those that have been produced locally. The goal of the taxes is to increase government revenue. The cheapest wigs can be purchased for $4 but there are also wigs that sell for $130.

AnnasatasiaSigera, a well known importer of wigs in Tanzania asked why the government chose wigs to be taxed when there are so many products that should be taxed. Women love artificial hair. In fact, a woman who wants to remain anonymous told BBC that she spends $450 on hair extensions.

Women think that the tax is a punishment for trying to look good. Aristotle Mwamtobe who runs a popular hair salon said that the tax can affect relationships. Both local and imported wigs can become too expensive for their female customers. If women will cut their hair, it can lead to divorcés because men prefer their wives to have long hair. Women can really look good in wigs.

Meanwhile, taxes on chocolates, biscuits, imported coolers and other equipment that farmers use were also announced by the Finance Minister.

Women can get fuller and longer hair through hair extensions in Bondi that uses 100% human hair. There are natural-looking hair extensions with high quality and can be custom-made to create a right fit. When the hair is down, the hair extensions are completely undetectable. Those who want to enhance their looks for a party or a date can opt for the temporary hair extensions that can be removed easily.

Electric Vehicles Penetrating The Delivery Market

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There are many things to look forward to in terms of the courier industry. Aside from this, the electric vehicle market is also making a name for itself. When these two are put together, it raises many possibilities. This past year alone, many courier companies including SPH Transport Services are planning to add electric vehicles to their fleet.

One of the most recent news is from Australia Post after its delivery people were seen using electric vehicles for their deliveries. These three-wheeled machines are manufactured locally in Australia. The manufacturer is a facility located in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. The electric vehicle is called the Stealth OzPOD and is currently being tested for a period of five weeks.

For this duration, the residents of Lilydale suburb will be able to see these three-wheeled machines around the neighborhood. According to Australia Post, their goal is to find out how the vehicle will operate when used in various terrains. The plan is for the electric vehicles to be added on the existing fleet of electric vehicles already in use by the courier.

Mitch Buxton, the general manager assigned for network optimization in Australia Post, said that they chose Lilydale because of its ideal location for the trial. The locals are known to shop frequently online and the area is where they deliver most of the small parcels in the past few months.

He explained that majority of the residents are shopping online for various products from media, health and beauty to fashion. The manufacturing of the Stealth OzPOD took 2.5 years before it reached trial phase. The design is specifically catered to the terrain and weather in Australia. It comes with a number of features such as surface measures, safety, gradient measures and stability.

He added that the companies is trying to transform therefore they are catering a higher number of small parcels. This is quite common for couriers in Australia such as SPH Transport Services because more and more Aussies are getting into online shopping and next-day or same-day delivery services. This is why these companies are also keeping up to make sure their clients are satisfied.

Tanzania Tightens Foreign Currency Exchange Controls Through New Regulations

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Before starting your vacation to another part of the world, make sure to exchange your dollars for the best conversion rate and cheapest fees. While it is true that there are ATM’s in most tourist destinations, you will gain better rates from Knightsbridge FX because it is guaranteed to beat the rates of competitors including banks.

There are countries with restrictions on its currency because of political and economic conditions and banks may not be able to access the currency. One example is Tanzania that has tightened currency controls through new regulations on foreign exchange bureaus. According to authorities, this is part of their ongoing battle against money laundering and currency speculation.

Months before, the government has revoked the licenses of foreign exchange bureaus and temporarily shut down a newspaper for publishing unofficial data on exchange rates. According to President John Magufuli, the central bank has previously licensed too many bureaus and some of them have broken the laws.

Since the start of the year, the Tanzanian shilling has been broadly stable. In April, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that the true value of the currency is broadly in line with fundamentals. However, IMF has warned of serious weaknesses in official data. There are indications of a slower pace of economic activity contrary to what is being reported by the government.

When the foreign exchange bureaus were closed in February, the bulk of foreign currency trading was handled by commercial banks. About $10 million are traded daily in the commercial banks because of the reduced number of Forex bureaus. This led to more transparency in the market and improved the inflow of hard currency.

With new regulations, it will be more difficult for foreign exchange bureaus to operate. Most of the transactions will shift to commercial banks. Minimum capital for Forex bureaus was also raised to 1 billion Tanzanian shillings.

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