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Fast Fashion As Large Contributor To Environmental Problem

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The holiday season is a time for many to don their favorite sweaters and get cozy. But experts say that the rising popularity of these holiday-themed sweaters is causing us some serious environmental impacts.

Fast Fashion

It seems that every year, ugly xmas sweater competitions and parties are starting to become more and more popular. It is a festive occasion for many to unwind and have fun, but research has shown that most people only wear their xmas sweater once, only to be disposed or stashed away afterwards.

In a survey in the UK, 24% out of more than 3,000 respondents say that they do not want to be seen wearing the same sweater that they wore the previous year, and 29% say that they get a new one every year because of the cheap prices. This puts one in every four sweaters to be thrown away or never worn again. Additionally, 35% explained that since they only wore the sweaters once, these are often good as new.

Experts explain that it results to some clothes that are still in good condition to be thrown away. The cumulative effect of these wastes can fill up landfills and generates 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse emissions every year.

Throwaway Culture

Researchers further explain that people should reflect on this throwaway culture and how it affects the environment. Sarah Divall from Hubbub, an environmental charity organization, explains that it is a sign of our addiction to fast fashion— cheap clothes that people only wear once and disposed simply because buying new ones is cheap. She and the rest of the organization encourage people to swap or donate these sweaters instead of throwing them away.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of fast fashion is a serious matter. The industry is considered one of the major factors in depleting non-renewable resources, using massive amounts of energy, water, and chemicals. The process also emits a large quantity of greenhouse gases, which aggravate the overall environmental condition of the planet. Polyester, acrylic, and nylon, which are synthetic fibers often used in fast fashion also take thousands of years to decay, causing a huge problem in pollution.

Washing clothes made with synthetic fibers is also discovered to be harmful. In a 2011 study, researchers found out that a single piece of synthetic clothing can produce up to 1,900 micro plastic fibers in one washing alone.

Will Jollibee Be Able To Conquer The International Fast Food Scene?

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Jollibee is one of the established fast food chains in the Philippines and in the past year it has been slowly opening branches in various cities in the world especially where there is a high concentration of Filipinos. The question now is whether it will have the same fate as predicted by Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan with South Africa’s fast food market. According to Dellan, the fast food from South America will soon conquer the rest of the world but will it be the same for Jollibee?

In the Philippines, the sales of Jollibee are the highest compared to Western fast food chain brands such as KFC or McDonald’s. While business is booming back home, will it flourish with its new branch opened in Los Angeles? During the opening of Jollibee’s brand in Virginia Beach, many Filipinos came to be a part of the event despite the fact that some are from Maryland and they had to drive two hours in order to get there. When they got there, the queue was very long that they had to wait another hour before they can finally eat.

One of the most remarkable openings is in Midwest Illinois when the number of Filipinos who came to the opening looks like a blockbuster hit movie. There are currently 37 branches of Jollibee all over the United States which goes to show just how many Filipinos are living and working in the country. Based on the recently published official data, there are more than 3 million Filipinos in the US. Their loyalty is evident with the way they patronize the fast food chain they have grown to love back in their home country.

Tony Tan Caktiong, the chairman and founder of Jollibee, said that their main goal is to be one of the global giants and be recognized in the same league as Yum Brands and McDonald’s. Based on the observation of Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, the brand have to overcome first its biggest challenge – the food is geared towards the taste of Filipinos and they have to evolve if they want to cater to the foreign market.

Developers Turning To Mixed-Use Projects

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With Thailand experiencing shortage in real estate, many developers are turning properties into mixed-use developments, meaning that what would be a design hotel in Silom will also have offices, retail outlets, luxury residences and even parks in order to goose up revenue and generate sustainable income for the property.

This wave of mixed-use properties is being led by TCC Asset Co. Ltd., the property subsidiary of the Thai beverage tycoon Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, which invested a total of Bt148.5 billion across three mixed-use complexes; the One Bangkok, the PARQ, and SamyanMitr Town.

Other developers, like the Bhirombhakdi family’s Singha Estate, have also been investing in mixed-use projects across the capital.

According to a recent survey conducted by The Nation, Bangkok’s mixed-use projects have an approximate total investment value of Bt649.2 billion, effective until 2025. This is due to the capital’s land shortage, as well as the preference of people living in the capital to stay close to their workplace as well as any retail and entertainment venues they prefer.

JLL Managing Director SuphinMechuchep says that, with the market facing a bout of instability and rising prices, single-use developments are become less and less favourable. As a result, more and more developers are option to develop mixed-use projects, and from a design hotel in Silom to large plots of real estate, both large-scale complexes and single buildings are being developed as mixed use projects. Property consultancy firm, JLL, took note of the trend, and expects it to continue for a bit.

A mixed-use development brings with it land use synergies, as combining multiple facilities within a single project lets the developer contracted on the work to draw on a common resource, cutting down on costs while maximising land use. The individual components also compliment each other.

Retailers enjoy a steady flow of consumer traffic from the residents in the residential side of the project, while allowing for  a more expensive meal that’ll help with talking to hotel guests and office works. Meanwhile, office tenants benefit from the diverse offerings raise the appeal of the company.

Research regarding these mixed-use properties say they these mixed-use projects allowed for a new ecosystem which it accomplished by bringing home, lifestyle and work at one place, on top of adding market value for the properties.

The Truth About Recurring Computer Viruses

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When a computer is infected with a virus, the owner hires Perth customer support to help fix the problem. The computer might be virus-free but it does not mean that the virus is no longer able to infect other computers or even the very same one. What is it with viruses that are like zombies that never die?

According to Symantec’s lead threat researcher, Candid Wueest, majority of the worms has the ability to spread on its own therefore they can be seen elsewhere. When a malicious program infects a computer, it searches the internet for other computers resembling the vulnerability shown by the host computer. As soon as a new host is found, it creates another copy that will further search for new targets and the cycle goes on.

Wueest has spent many years hunting for viruses and he explained that it only takes a small army of computers to spread the worm like wildfire. He said that one of the most active viruses going around is Conficker – it stuck to its first victim on November of 2008. During its prime, the worm was able to infect more than 15 million computers running on Windows operating system.

Confickeris also known to attack known organizations such as Greater Manchester Police, UK warships and the French navy among many others. These organizations were attacked during a time when they were still using Windows XP, a version of the Windows operating system. Due to the trouble it has caused, Microsoft decided to offer a bounty of $250,000 to whoever can point to the creators of the destructive virus. Up until this day, there is still no lead and the bounty remains unclaimed.

Conficker is not the only virus that is considered to be a zombie. According to a data from Symantec, there are still traces of the SillyFDC virus which started in 2007, the Virut which first attacked in 2006 and Sality which is a file infector that started spreading since 2003. Nowadays there are many professionals that offer Perth computer support to those whose computer has been infected with a virus. Furthermore, there is a wide array of anti-virus software in the market, both free and paid versions.

Advantages Of Outsourcing Logistics To A 3PL Company

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Logistics is an important aspect that determines the profitability of businesses. It is an important aspect of supply chain management and involves a lot of functions like warehousing, transportation, distribution and delivery of products. Most of the large businesses have in- house logistics departments which take care of all the warehousing and transportation needs of the company. Small and medium businesses which cannot afford to have in-house logistics teams can outsource the function to a 3PL provider.

A 3PL or a third party logistics provider takes care of all the logistics requirements of a business. Functions of a 3PL provider include transportation, inventory management, warehousing, freight audit, logistics management, shipment tracking, reverse logistics and other value added services. Business should hire experienced and reputed 3PL companies like Tecdis Network- European Specialist Logistics firm, which has a network of partners across Europe and provides logistics solutions to a wide range of industries.

Advantages of outsourcing logistics

  • The major advantage of outsourcing to a reputed 3PL is the cost effectiveness. Professional 3PL companies like Tecdis Network – European specialist Logistics, have a network of logistics partners, who are market leaders in their regions. These companies can provide cost effective logistics services to their clients because of the economies of scale.
  • Logistics management requires staying updated with the fast changing regulations, laws of different countries. A trusted 3PL network like Tecdis Network – European specialist Logistics, with partners across Europe makes it easier for the clients to expand their operations to foreign markets.
  • 3PL firms are experienced in taking care of the issues involved in exporting the products to foreign countries. They can take care of the customs issues, track the lost shipments and take care of the brokerage fee and other charges.
  • Outsourcing the logistics management to a professional 3PL company like Tecdis network, helps companies to operate easily in multiple markets. The professional 3PL companies have warehousing capacities in various countries and can help the client with cost effective solutions to test foreign markets. For manufacturers, it is much cheaper to use the services of a 3PL company than to set up warehouses in different countries they operate in.

However, businesses should hire experienced and reliable 3PL providers like Tecdis Network – European specialist Logistics, who have expertise in logistics management across various industries and provide custom-made solutions to match the client requirements.

How Hotels In Cardiff City Centre Show You What To Do In This City

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Cardiff is an unusual place with a distinct past and is known as Europe’s youngest capital city. With such distinction, it makes Cardiff one of the best places to visit. Also ensure that you’re booked in one of the hotels in Cardiff city centre for a marvellous accommodation. Here, you’ll also find interesting activities to do, and you can start the tour through the must-see attractions here.

  • National Museum Cardiff

The National Museum is where you find art collections of the world-famous impressionist and post- impressionist works, the 20th century art and the 1930s surrealism. This is where visitors usually flock to see the rich history, geology and archaeology of the city.

  • Wales Millennium Centre

The Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay is easy to navigate with its amazing slate and steel structure. It’s also called the Armadillo due to its copper-coloured dome. This is where a variety of performances and concerts are done. There are also restaurants and cafes to dine, with regular free events to create a lively environment. You’ll also want to find out hotels in Cardiff city centre for your bookings.

  • Chapter Arts Centre

Chapter was founded in 1971 through a variety of fundraising projects which included a concert by Pink Floyd. Here, you’ll be able to see events in its gallery, two cinemas and three theatres, where entrance is free. There are also two bars and a café to relax and be sociable with other travellers.

  • Cardiff Castle

The structure of the castle dates to the 50AD, with building walls elaborated with ornaments in the 19thgothic century. It was designed by William Burges, a renowned architect for the third Marquess of Bute, who was supposedly the world’s richest man. This is a must-see monument to see the extravagance at that time.

  • The Taff Trail

Cardiff is where you find green spaces than any other city in Europe. In the Taff Trail are rail routes, tramways and towpaths, allowing you to walk or bike from the Cardiff Bay through its 2000 acres of parkland.

After such long and exhausting day, you’ll want to restore your strengths in one of the hotels in Cardiff city centre to start a new day the next day.

Important Points To Know For Foreigners Willing To Setup Business In Thailand

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Thailand is the largest economy in south East Asia, second to Indonesia. Setting up a company and doing business in Thailand is straightforward and easy. Investors willing to set up business in Thailand can consult good lawyers or consultants, who can guide them regarding all the legal matters required for the registration of the company and doing business and obtaining the necessary permits and licenses.

In order to set up a business and do company registration in Thailand, you need to know about the business laws and regulations of the country. Here is a step by step guide on how to set up business in Thailand

  • The Foreign Business act of 1999, governs all the foreign businesses in the country. The law contains all the provisions regarding the acceptable business activities for foreign nationals, license requirements, ownership rules and prohibited activities. All the foreign businesses should strictly adhere to the act, failing which will attract serious penalties and jail term.
  • Foreigners can start a limited partnership firm, representative office or branch office of a company or a Limited company in Thailand. Foreigners can register private and public limited companies in Thailand but they must strictly adhere to the ownership rules before applying to register the company and start business.
  • Having a nominee shareholder in the company who does not have any financial stake and interest in the company is strictly prohibited by the law.
  • Getting the company registration in Thailand as a Thai majority company is beneficial for foreign nationals. Thai majority companies require less capital and need fewer licenses and permits when compared to Thai minority companies. Thai majority companies can also purchase land in the country, when need arises.
  • The capital requirement for company registration in Thailand and obtaining the foreign business license is THB 3 million per business activity. It is TBH 2 million for a Thai majority company and THB 1 million, if you have a Thai spouse.
  • All the companies doing business in Thailand or generating income from the country should pay the Corporate Income Tax levied by the government.
  • In order to acquire a business or do company registration in Thailand, foreigners will need a non-immigrant ‘B ‘business visa. The business visa can be obtained from the Thai embassy at your home country.