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Marriott Set To Open 17 New Hotels In 4 Years

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The recent boost in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) sector has led to hotel promotion bangkok to focus on that sector, with hotel companies moving to accommodate the needs of the sector. And, now, Marriott International is looking to move with the trend as well.

The international hotel company is seeking to ride the wave of popularity of the MICE Sector, via opening 17 hotels across Thailand primarily aimed to the needs of the sector over a mere four year time span.

Marriott International’s Asia-Pacific group has already made their official statement, which was communicated via the group’s VP for Brand and Marketing, Mike Fulkerson. According to Mr. Fulkerson, the brand-new hotels, once completed, would be operated via the various brands, a considerable chunk of which are luxury brands, in the Marriott portfolio.

Some details of the plan have already been revealed, with a few of the projects set to be constructed in the four-year time span having been unveiled to the public prior, which includes:

  • Surawong Road Marriott
  • Marriott at Asiatique the Riverfront
  • An as-of-yet unnamed Marriott in Pattay.

All of these new developments are the property of Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, the Thai beverage tycoon.

The Sirivadhanabhakdi family has recently re-launched the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, the family’s flagship hotel, which was previously known as the Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel. The Queen’s Park is the first Marriott property in the Asia-Pacific to attain the ‘Marquis’ categorization, and, much like the recent trend of hotel promotion bangkok, it is focused on the MICE sector.

The Queen’s Park hotel has 21,336m2 of space, containing 37 event rooms, 1,360 modern rooms and suites, plus six local and international restaurants, located right at the heart of Bangkok.

Mr. Fulkerson has stated that Marriott International operates 39 hotels in Thailand, with around 550 worldwide.

In order to handle hotel promotion bangkok Marriott has teamed up with TED, a media organisation with a history of working with big names like Bill Gates,  Jane Goodall and Philippe Starck, to host TED’s 4th Salon at Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. The partnership was established back in September 2016, leading to similar events being held across the globe, like in Seattle, Abu Dhabi and London.

1 Billion Dollars For Road Sawing In Brisbane, Other Road Repair Works  

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Roads are important to man’s life. They lead people to different places and see different things which their hearts are desiring to see for so long. Also, roads are serving as constant reminder to everyone that we all have our own roads to tackle. Now, there are various kinds of roads that we see whenever we are going out, going to the beach for example. Some of these kinds of roads that are commonly filled with a huge number of land motor vehicles that are passing on them on a daily basis are expressways, freeways, national roads that are usually found in urbanized areas and of course, the thousands of side streets which can be taken by drivers who want to avoid getting stuck in the traffic jam along the main roads especially during rush hour both in the morning and, in the early evening. Now, it’s the sole responsibility of the national government, together with the local government of the cities and municipalities and, with the continuous help of the private sector, to make sure that all roads are safe to be used by all sorts of land motor vehicles because as we can see, more and more cars are going out there and it means that more roads are needed to be built and regularly be allowed to undergo road sawing in Brisbane to make sure that they are well-maintained.


And of speaking of road sawing in Brisbane in Down Under Australia, the local government of Brisbane, through its city council, will be allotting a whopping 1 billion Australian Dollars which is already 1/3 of the city’s 3 billion Dollar budget, for the repair works that are needed to be done in the city’s roads. This will include works for 39 major road projects, 250 minor projects and, resurfacing of the 650 streets around the city. In fact, 650 million Dollars alone will be spent for the continuous upgrades works along Kingsford Smith Drive that are expected to be completed by 2018. Also included in the line-up of major roads works is the four-laning of the Inner City Bypass which costs 60 million Dollars.

Melbourne Resident Believes Power wall 2 Will Result To Zero Power Bills

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Tesla Power wall in Brisbane is currently a controversial topic because of its promised benefits and one man from Melbourne claimed that the Powerwall 2 by Tesla will result to a zero in your electric bill.

The first every Powerwall 2 was installed in Melbourne in a one-storey house with three bedrooms located in Coburg. The house is owned by Brendan Fahey along with Josephine, his wife. Aside from their existing solar panel systems, they decided to add the shiny new battery manufactured by Tesla. This decision was made after a calculation made by Brendan that shows that their energy bill will go down to about zero with the help of the Powerwall 2.

It was October of last year when Powerwall 2 was announced by Tesla. This is a new version after the original Powerwall which was released in 2015. The new version was an improved model of the original and different from the original in many ways. One of the major differences between the two is the existence of a built-in inverter while the original can use one through external mediums. The Powerwall 2 also has double the capacity compared to the original because it now has 14kWh from the previous 7kWh.

The average household in Australia is said to use about 16kWh of electricity everyday or a minimum of 13.5 kWh for those in Victoria. With the help of the Powerwall 2, Australians will be able to store enough energy that could power almost the entire day and will eventually lead to their electrical bill being zero. There is also a big chance for them to move into off grid.

This is the result of the calculations made by Brendan when he tried combining the Powerwall 2 to his current solar energy system. He said that he kept a record of their electrical usage from the first day of December last year and used the electricity generated by the solar energy to create a simple formula. He took into consideration the gains and losses and it turns out that the 14kWh will be enough to power his entire home and they won’t have to worry about paying their bills. With this news, it is expected that more consumers will be interested in Tesla Powerwall in Brisbane.

A Peek At The Glass Marquee Used For Pippa Middleton’s Wedding

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Pippa Middleton’s wedding is a page out of a fairy tale book. When given the chance to take a peek at what’s inside the wedding marquee used for the wedding reception, there are no words to describe it. There is no telling how many brides will be inspired to find marquee hire in Melbourne for their upcoming weddings right after seeing Pippa’s fairy tale one.

Pippa Middleton, 33 years old, is the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. She married James Matthews in an elegant wedding ceremony held in Berkshire last month.

The entire ceremony, especially the wedding reception, was held in secrecy as per the request of the couple but reporters were allowed to take a peek inside the wedding glass marquee used for the reception a few days after the celebration. The glass marquee was worth $170,000 and it housed more than 300 weddings guests during the reception as they partied all through the night of the wedding.

DjordjeVarda is the official floral designer during the wedding. He posted in Instagram a few pictures of what he did during the wedding. Those snaps were then deleted a few moments later from his Instagram account but it was too late as many people have already reposted the said photos enabling other people to see.

In one of the pictures, Varda showed of the cherry blossom trees at the middle of the reception marquee. Sources said that the wedding theme was Enchanted Forest. Pictures of the floral displays were also uploaded and it is magical in every way. The tables are filled with floral arrangements and the centrepieces used are pretty roses.

Just looking at the photos posted, it seems that the Saint Barths designer was able to deliver to life what Pippa had in mind.

The tables are covered with green tablecloths and mirrored boxes were used to lift the floral arrangements higher in order to be the centre of the scene.

Brides who are looking for marquee hire in Melbourne should book a few months before. Sources revealed that the construction of the marquee lasted for a week and gardeners were working nonstop days leading to the wedding to make sure the grounds will be flawless for the wedding.

How To Simplify Insurance Workflow And Boost Productivity

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Take a look at how things are being done in your organization or business. If you are still doing things manually, chances are, your employees are taking too long to accomplish things and there could be too many people involved even in simple tasks. The good news is that there are available technologies that you can use for an automated insurance workflow in your business or organization.

The first thing to do is to remove redundant and obsolete processes in your system. Check how you do your process and if t still involves a lot of paper and sending of fax and offline documents. Eliminate outdated office equipment and physical clutters since simplification should not just involve your system, it should also include your physical atmosphere in the office.

The next step is to simplify your tasks and speed up your service delivery within your team and your customers. One characteristic of a successful organization is its systems and processes are automated and simplified through the use of modern tools and software. Find out which part of your organization can be automated. It could be the accounts payable, production, service delivery, HR and other significant departments of your business. Make use of reliable software with an expert trainer to transfer the technology and help your team manage the tool.

Determine what the issues are in relation to your business so you can have an automated solution to it. One excellent feature of automated software in your system is that, you can receive alerts and notifications if ever there are issues allowing you to respond or rectify the mistake in an efficient and timely manner. Not only are you able to automate your insurance workflow, you also eliminate the risk of errors and wasting your financial resources.

Overnight Shipping Can Supercharge Your Business

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Nowadays, being late is bad for business reputation. You don’t want to be late – not in business meetings, and certainly not in your deliveries. That is why businesses that provide products online are being choosy when it comes to picking out a courier service. A day late could easily get a business a negative review which could easily hurt their business.

Why the penchant for having a positive review in the first place? It’s because consumers nowadays often read reviews from real customers before buying a certain product or service. And mind you, most people would trust the opinion of strangers. If you are in the online retail business, now is the time to consider overnight deliveries if you only want to impress your customers.

What are some of the things that you need to know about it? Overnight shipping is a type of delivery that is often done through air transport. Cost-wise, this type of service is often more expensive than other types of delivery services. However, there are cheap courier international providers who may be able to provide you more affordable rates.

Aside from getting positive reviews, what are the other reasons why you should consider this type of service for your business? Take note that some goods need to be delivered immediately out of need or because they are perishable. Some of these include medicines, flowers, baked goods,  and enterprise products. Overnight delivery services guarantee that these goods are delivered at the doorstep of the recipient the next day.

But when using this service, there is one important thing that you need to be reminded of. Couriers will have their own cut-off times. Make sure that you send your package before this time to ensure timely delivery of goods.

Is it possible to save on costs using this type of delivery service? Yes and no – it all boils down to the company that provides it. Some courier companies allow for business accounts which let customers save a little on costs. Some on the other hand do not offer this type of account. Most courier services already have their own websites so you can easily check and compare rates and services online. You should be able to find one that’s perfect for your business needs.

Eating Guide In Bangkok For Tourists

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When you go to a restaurant for the first time, you observe proper etiquette and the do’s and don’ts of dining. The same thing happens when you visit Thailand as tourists and dine at a restaurant in Bangkok. The capital city of Thailand is known as one of the top food city in the world but one can easily miss the best if not informed with wonderful choices.

Talking with the locals is one way to know more about the best food in the city, not to mention the most affordable ones. There are food stalls and eateries that were only put up to serve tourists visiting the glorious city and these are the types that should be avoided if you want to experience authentic Thai cuisine.

If you are not so keen to try out a restaurant in Bangkok, you can visit food courts inside the malls. These are ideal for the hot weather in the city which can leave one sweating while eating outside. Aside from the large servings, the food is very affordable too.

When in Thailand, remember that restaurants and food stalls always assume that tourists prefer a less spicy dish compared to locals. If you are fond of spicy food, you can always clarify the lever of spice you want. When ordering, just say the word Thai-style and they get that you want it hot and spicy. It is a wrong assumption though that every Thai loves spicy dishes because it still boils down to preference.

Do not be shy if you are craving for Pad Thai while in the country. While the origin might be confusing, it is still a well-known dish in the country and can be found in a number of street carts. If you want to try the staple food that most Thai eat on a daily basis, you should try kaprow, which is a rice dish that comes with meat or fish. Another basic dish locals eat is the som tam or papaya salad.

While eating in food stalls might be a good experience, your holiday in Bangkok will not be complete without trying out the best and sophisticated restaurant in Bangkok. You should treat yourself to fine dining and taste a variety of cuisine options.