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Milwaukee Receives Funding For Early Childhood Education Programs

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Societies all over the world have recognized the value of investing in early quality childhood education because of the spillover effects to the children, their families and society. Children are born with an innate ability to learn and absorb information from the environment. Early childhood education is offered by Star Bright Montessori for children ages 2 to 6 years old to shape their minds and attitudes towards learning.

Next Door and the United Community Center (UCC) in Milwaukee will receive more than $13 million in funding from the Federal Office of Head Start for early childhood education programs. The funds will serve more than 1,200 infants and toddlers that are living in poverty.

According to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, the funding is a transformative community asset that will prepare children for kindergarten. It will also support families during the critical years of their children’s life. Younger residents are the target of early childhood initiatives in Milwaukee.

Next Door will serve 749 children while Head Start will serve 629 students’ ages 3 to 5 and 120 student’s ages 6 weeks to 3 years. Next Door president Dr. Tracey Sparrow said that support through high quality early childhood education can prepare children for success in school and close the achievement gap for children who are living in poverty.

Meanwhile, UCC serves a total of 510 children and provides programs for Hispanics and South Side Milwaukee residents ranging from 6 weeks in age to those ready for college. Over the last decade, enrollment rates and college acceptance for UCC alumni has increased from 8% to 96%.

UCC’s investments in early childhood education in Milwaukee has fueled change and laid the foundation for success at the at-risk communities. This exciting step forward ensures that every child regardless of his circumstances at birth can be provided with opportunities to be successful.

It is important for parents to always remember that education is something that no one can take away from their children. High quality early childhood education provided by Star Bright Montessori will support a child’s most critical development years. Education is the ticket that will open more doors for a child to the world.  

The Art Of Vinyl Sticker Printing

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The new trend of physical advertisement in this generation is by using Vinyl stickers. They are more eye catcher compared to other signage that is available in the market. Most of all, it is very easy to create one.  All you need to have is your design, a computer, and vinyl papers. Or if creating one hassle you, you can order a custom made stickers from the internet.

The process of vinyl sticker printing brings so much fun. It is also a good hobby that you can share with your kids or a family member. It is very safe and entertaining. Cutting a vinyl sticker is easy and affordable, a great way to decorate your property. It also gives a unique touch because you personally created it. This means you don’t have similar designs unless you make it public.

Besides, being artsy fancy on your home. It is also a great help for your business and your brand. You can cut letters out of it and placed it on your desired corner of the business establishment. They are durable against dirt, wind, and heat. It’s very cheap compared to having LED signage. It is way more artistic than the latter.

With proper knowledge and material, learning vinyl sticker printing is very easy. There are short-courses that you can enrol to gain the basics of it. You can turn it into a business if you become an expert as years pass by. Not to mention, the needs for these services are growing. More and more of businesses are need of these stickers to do the advertising for them.

With all the benefits of learning this art form, you might consider investing time and money on it. It will suddenly pay off. It might be the passion you been looking for. This might be a life-changer for you and your family. It doesn’t matter how high or low your capital is, the most important thing is your willingness to learn. And also, you need to be courageous in taking the risk. This is not a guaranteed success. There are downfalls, but all worthy.

How To Conceal Using A Foundation That Covers Tattoos

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What if your stylish tattoo needs to be hidden in some ways for a while? You may be having a job interview in a corporate office and need to create a good impression on your interviewer. Or probably visiting a conservative grandma and don’t want to let her notice about your tattoo. Sometimes, the tattoo you once were proud of need to be concealed for a good number of reasons. It’s when you need a foundation that covers tattoos, so you won’t have to sustain a painful removal.

Make Up

A foundation that covers tattoos is probably the best ways to conceal your tattoo without having to remove it permanently. Many beauty companies offer thicker forms of makeup just to cover up tattoos on the body. As you can observe, many celebrities have their tattoos covered up with the right products and techniques for various acting roles. The biggest problem of the makeup will depend on where the tattoo is and how convenient the makeup is to match your skin tones.


Wearing the right clothes will help you cover your tattoo especially if it’s located on your body. A turtle neck sweater or long sleeves can save Thanksgiving dinner in a pinch. However, hiding a tattoo with clothes seems limited especially if your tattoo is in an area where the wardrobe needs to look natural. If you wear turtle neck sweaters during summer, then you’re sure you won’t feel comfortable.


You can use bandages to cover up your tattoos especially if it’s on your arms or legs. However, they will look awkward to look at, especially that they can draw attention from people around. Small tattoos may be covered with band-aid, but only for some time. This is probably a reason why bandages won’t really work to cover up the tattoos. So, what you really need is makeup skills with a foundation that covers tattoos and the right products.

You can find the best products of foundation that covers tattoos from the Internet. You just need to read positive reviews from customers using it.  Also test the product on your skin if it really works for you. Just ensure that the products you use match your skin tones, so it will look natural.

The Risks Of Foreign Language Tattoos

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Tattoos have existed for as long as humans. In ancient Egypt, slaves were tattooed to differentiate them from non-slaves. Today, even if tattoos are considered awesome, there are some people who need tattoo cover up makeup to hide the body art from their elders and curious onlookers. Not everyone accepts tattoos as unique art.

For centuries, people would use foreign words on body art for social significance or sophistication. Even if the words are visually dazzling, Britannica calls them beautiful gibberish. In the past, travellers from Victorian England would go to Japan to collect indelible ski souvenirs as reminders of their journey to Japan. Until now, some Westerners still go to Japan to have tattoos.

Foreign language tattoos have become prevalent but errors on the designs have also become widespread. Apart from a vague sense of worldly sophistication, people get those foreign-sounding tattoos for complex reasons that include rebellion, self-expression, individual or group identity, cultural tradition or simply a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Chinese is popular language for tattoos among Western people. They do not speak the language but they like its exoticism. There are also Arabic tattoos which can be puzzling for a casual observer. In the West, Arabic tattoos can be threatening whereas Latin tattoos signify high culture elitism.

Linguistic accuracy must be considered when choosing permanent skin tattoos because if it fails, you have to live with the indelible mark or pay a high price to have it removed. However, even if the design is wrong, it still exemplifies a human search for significance. Having access to something foreign that goes beyond the locality is still grand.

While not everyone will prefer a foreign-sunding tattoo, there is still a certain magic to the foreign words like carpe diem or esprit de corps. People know the meaning but still it is more aesthetically creative and striking.

If you do not want your tattoo to become too obvious in a certain situation, use tattoo cover up makeup that matches perfectly with the skin tone. When it is completely waterproof, you are more confident of a temporary cover that will not rub off easily when you sweat or when the skin gets wet.

Jaguar Covered With Vinyl Stickers For A Cause

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A hospice for children is grateful for the selfless act of a retired businessman when he was able to gather as over £63,000 using his passions for Jaguar cars. Retford resident, Stuart Dizon, was able to raise the money because of people and businesses that wholeheartedly bought vinyl stickers which he willingly displays on his Jaguar XK 4.2 V8. Even the company for NZ sticker printing was in awe of the man’s initiative to help others.

Dizon used to be the owner of Trent Hire but ever since he has decided to use his energy in helping others thus he started the fundraising for the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. The facility is providing essential care to young people who are suffering from terminal diseases all over the area.

The sticker display on his Jaguar started when he made stickers using the names of over 125 youngsters who are currently under the care of the hospice. Despite what he is doing for the facility, he cannot hide his sadness because seven of the young individuals whom he has placed a sticker name on the car has already passed away. It was April of this year when he began the campaign.

According to Dizon, he cannot fathom how the parents felt when they lose their kids at a very young age. He knows that it is a tragic scenario. He even remembers the time when four children passed away within the same week of each other.

There was a woman expressed her desire to have his son’s name as a sticker as well but she wanted a different colour. He agreed and the woman said that she is willing to donate more money for what she is asking. Upon agreeing, the woman tears up because she lost her son when he was only 18 years old.

The Jaguar is eyed by anyone who saw it on the road because the entire car is wrapped in a bright purple wrap that represents the hospice. He has already raised £63,000 but Dizon said, which make NZ sticker printing company even more in awe, is that he is planning to tour eight of his cars all over the United States in order to raise more money.

Northeastern Mississippi gallery merges art and poetry

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A new, bold exhibit in Tupelo, Northeastern Mississippi, offers a unique collection of works; art pieces that combine visual presentation with literary prowess, taking the idea of the ‘word art’ to another level.

The ‘Black Blum’ gallery was recently held in Tupelo, MS, at the Reception Hall at the Link Centre. The new exhibit was the brainchild of Asia Rainey, a recent transplant into the region that moved in last year with a passion for both visual media and creative prose and poetry.

Rainey describes ‘Black Blum’ as an intimate presentation of her passions and efforts. The gallery features her works on canvas, wherein instead of pure visual display, the acrylic art pieces are accompanied by spoken words, in a unique union of visual art and spoken word. The gallery is an interactive setting, wherein the words spoken alongside the acrylic art pieces tell the story of the acrylic art pieces.

Rainey detailed the thought process behind the gallery, and how this word art exhibit started; stated that she got the idea from a friend five years ago. She states that she had given up on paintings in the past, until a friend invited her to paint acrylic images on small wooden discs in order to turn them to unique earrings.

It was at that point that she decided to go and explore more complex acrylic art pieces on the earrings, and there decided that she would go back to visual art, and wondered what she could do with an actual canvas.

When she moved onto larger works, she says she realized her art pieces began to relay a story, and that’s where she got the idea for ‘Black Blum’. As it occurred to her that her acrylic pieces were telling a story, she decided to combine the two aspects of her creativity in order to tell a story.

Rainey states that the years of effort that made ‘Black Blum’ possible is special to her, as she says it marks her growth as a person.

The ‘Black Blum’ gallery opened at November 25, 2017, Saturday at the Link Centre’s Reception Hall, and ended the following day.

Knoxville Artist Creates Illustrated Maps For The Local Area

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A local Knoxville artist has recently just made a name for herself with her Illustrated Map work and sales in the city.

An Illustrated Map doesn’t show how to get around, but is more of a visual representation of what happens around an area, and these maps are no different.

According to the artist, Paris Woodhull, these maps of hers have locations on them that only that locals would be informed about. She adds that her maps put emphasis on the more unusual locations across Knoxville, saying that her maps include Downtown or the Knoxville Convention Center, but don’t stop there.

She says that she got the idea from interning at a Jackson Avenue company called the Happy Envelope, after she saw illustrated maps in the wedding invitations that the company handled. The owner suggested she try making some of her own, and, from there, her new business venture and calling started.

She’s made maps of Downtown Knoxville and North Knoxville, as well as the University of Tennessee, which she recently graduated from, as well as Fulton, where she went to high school. Her most recent work is an Illustrated Map of South Knoxville.

Being an illustrated map maker means that Woodhull is an artist, but she also likes to ensure that her maps are community projects. The first step of her  map making process involves using social media to tell people what map she’ll make and getting suggestions from the locals about places they like. Once the maps are drawn, they’re posted on social media again, so that she can have the community check if the maps are lacking any particular missing piece, which are then added with some post-editing Photoshop.

As with most illustrated maps, the layout isn’t comprehensive; not all landmarks and businesses in the area can be included.

Woodhull has revealed that she is working on a map that she calls ‘37919’, which will include Bearden and Sequoyah Hills, which she will soon post on social media. She has expressed her intentions of drawing a map of East Knoxville, or maybe head for other cities, such as Chattanooga.

The maps are available for purchase online, or in one of these local stores:

112 W. Jackson Ave
Knoxville, TN 37902

Knoxville Museum of Art
1050 World’s Fair Park
Knoxville, TN 37916

Makers Donuts
804 Tyson Street
Knoxville, TN 37917

141 N. Peters Road
Knoxville, TN 37923

Fig and Company
5072 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919