Can You Dive When You Do Not Know How To Swim?

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One of the questions that arose during the rescue of the trapped soccer team and their coach in the ThamLuang cave in Thailand is whether the young boys can learn enough to be able to dive out. According to Mark Crowley Russel, the ability to swim is not as important to diving as the level of comfort.

The first challenge for the entry-level diving course is familiarity with the environment and not technical ability. In the PADI Open Water course, student divers are required to support themselves at the surface without using any swimming aids for a distance of at least 200 meters.

Professional diving instructors know that the fundamentals of diving and the ability to relax in water can be taught in just a few hours. However, there is a great difference between a person who enjoys a shallow reef for an hour and someone who is nervous. It is very likely for an individual to be nervous when he sees the murky waters in the cave but since the trapped kids are very young, there is a feeling of invincibility making them less nervous than adults.

The only way to overcome fear is to stay in the water as frequently as possible. Maintaining neutral buoyancy is aalso priority. For the young boys, it is assumed that there will be a support diver who will hold and operate the equipment at all points but the boys need to learn how to ascend and descend and maintain themselves at the surface if in case they get separated.

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