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FYNN Development: Featuring Thailand’s Best From A Thai’s Perspective

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For many travellers, finding a good place to stay in a busy city could be quite tough, which is why FYNN Development has committed in developing properties and providing convenient hotel in Sukhumvit guests with the best services that they can offer.


Starting Young

As a kid, Jom Salakshana enjoyed going on family vacations in their holiday home in Koh Tao. He looked forward playing in its white sand and granite cliffs, as it was located in the Gulf of Thailand— a truly relaxing place. He recalls the turquoise waters of the area and the gentle whale sharks that he used to swim with. As he grew older, he preserved this love for nature and his home, and used this passion in managing the Haad Then Beach Resort. He started hospitality of real estate development company called FYNN Development.


Property Development with a Personality

Jom wanted to retain their character and personality as a real estate company, and he says that they are proud to represent who they are through their services


Now, travellers, convenient hotel in Sukhumvit guests, and even local residents can enjoy their luxury condominium called the FYNN Sukhumvit 31. It combines the convenience of the district and the privacy that luxury condominiums offer. Before the FYNN Sukhumvit 31 was the FYNN Aree, named after its location. It is an eight-storey residential complex that was met by a huge success on its launching date. They were able to sell half of all their units on its launching date alone.


Entrepreneurial Outlook

Nom explains that he uses what he learned when he studied in the west, together with his experience in global investment banking to be on par with bigger companies and come up with clever strategies and the best quality of service that they could provide. He says that the basis of how the executes business is a combination of his strengths and weaknesses.


Nom is the grandson and heir of the Thai industrialist Dr. Boonsong Srifeungfung. He finished his undergraduate studies in the University College London and took his MBA in finance in the University of London. When he came back to Thailand, he started managing the family salt business and gained experience to finally start his own.


Onyx Hospitality Group Strengthening Its Team With New Appointments

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The Onyx Hospitality Group is currently working hard to expand its reach across the Asia-Pacific region, with new hotel promotion in Sukhumvit and other promos to compliment its new leadership appointments, all aimed at attracting more customers and driving expansion.

For Malaysia, the group named Dean Rossilli as the Area General Manager to take the lead in the group’s operations in the country, which include the opening of six hotels across three key gateway cities in the Peninsula come 2021. Rossilli is currently based at Amari Johor Bahru, having recently joined from the Pan Pacific Hotels Group, where he operated as General Manager in Indonesia and Singapore, as part of his 25-year career.

For the Onyx Group’s Amari Watergate Bangkok, Clinton Lovell has been appointed as the new General Manager. Clinton is an addition from Minor Hotels, and was the General Manager for the Avani Atrium Bangkok, the Anantara Seminyak Bali, as well as taking leadership roles for the Accor Hotels in Bangkok, Koh Samui, Pattaya and Siem Reap.

Rossilli and Lovell will both be reporting directly to David Cumming, the Onyx Hospitality Group’s Regional Vice President, in charge of handling the group’s hotel promotion in Sukhumvit and across the region, guiding its expansion across region, in Bangkok, Malaysia and Laos.

Veteran Onyx General Manager, Ingo Domaschke, has also recently moved from his previous role in Koh Samui to act as opening General Manager for OZO Pattaya, which is scheduled to open by 2020. On top of that, he’s also taking part in the pre-opening operations for the relaunch of the Amari Pattaya Ocean Tower in early 2019, as well as the launch of the brand-new Amari Pattaya Ocean Suites.

Back in Bangkok, the Shama Sukhumvit Bangkok and Ekamai Gardens Bangkok will have Sanjeev Kapoor as its General Manager, a recent addition from Oakwood, where he served as the General Manager for Oakwood Premiere in Bangalore.

Amari Vogue Krabi will have Sanjiva Gautamadasa as its new general manager, a Sri Lankan hospitality veteran who’s served leadership roles with Indonesia and Sri Lanka’s Alila Hotels, as well as the Dubai International Hotel, Jetwing and Oberoi.

Onyx Hospitality Group is also proud to announce the promotion of two new female hotel managers, with Porntip Pibarnwong as the Hotel Manager for Amari Residences Bangkok, Chiva Bangkok Hotel and the Amp Am House, while Sirilak Buahom as the new Hotel Manager for Sukhothai Heritage Resort.


Trends In Consumer Snacking

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Research conducted by Mintel sheds light on the habits of the consumers when it comes to snacking. According to the result, 50 per cent of the consumers in the United States are snacking because they wanted to give themselves a treat while 29 per cent said that when they pick out a snack they consider the taste more than the health benefits of the food. This does not come as a surprise to Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan because there are a growing number of consumers who are getting more conscious about the food they eat.

The total worth of healthy snacks in the international market is $21.1 billion in 2016 and a 5.1 per cent revenue growth is expected in the next few years. Seven years from now, it is predicted that nuts, seeds and fruit snacks will be responsible for 27 per cent of the entire snacking market. The younger people are now more inclined to choose healthier snacks and this trend is growing. This means that the industry will have to purchase new packaging machinery in order to focus to the snacking industry.

Another trend in the snacking industry is called single-serve which means that they are targeting to decrease the portions thereby decreasing the calories as well. Retailers are calling out to manufacturers to create smaller packages in order for them to get the most out of the trend. Respondents added that packaging machines should be improved in order to keep up with the demand.

Consumers are on-the-go most of the time therefore it is only right that they want to have snacks that are also packaged as such. This makes it possible to eat what they can only consume and preserve the freshness of the remaining food in the packet with the help of product pouches that can be zip upped.

The tastes of the customers are evolving, according to Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan who is a businessman in the food industry. A growing number of millennials are looking for different flavors instead of sticking with sweet snacks alone. The result is that the snacking market is creating more and more products to cater to the trends and the tastes of the consumers.

Birmingham Events For Companies This Coming Holiday

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It is the time of year when companies are already starting to plan about their corporate Christmas parties. For those in Birmingham, there are many parties worth noting. Before reading further, make sure that you have visited to purchase your outfit for the party.

There is no need to look further when it comes to holiday parties because Vivid Experience has organized not just one but 22 party nights this coming December. These parties are going to be held in NEC and will start from November 30 until December 22. The theme for this year is Wonderland and it is promised to be magical nights for the guests. Booking is necessary if your company wants to make sure that you get one night out of the 22. Regardless of the size, small or big, organizations are welcomes to book.

The party will start with a canapé reception, followed by pre-dinner entertainment, a three-course meal, breakfast at midnight, cocktail bar, bar for champagne, fairground rides inside the venue and disco right after. They will open casino tables on site and guests will have access to free parking as well as free use of the cloak room. There are going to be a number of entertainment shows such as acro-balance, trapeze, fire dance, flying hoop and contortion.

Vivid Experience has been preparing for these events since February. One of the benefits of having a party at the NEC is the access different transport links. There are trains that depart from the Birmingham International station. Adjacent to the arena is the Birmingham Airport which is suitable if there are overseas guests coming to attend a local corporate party.

One can book a hotel around NEC if going home is not an option after the party. The free parking, on the other hand, is located just across the arena. The parties to be hosted on December 2 and 5 will be dedicated for companies that are in the emergency or retail services. If you have ordered your trendy holiday sweater at, all you need to do is book a date from the 22 nights and make sure that the whole company will have a night to enjoy the holiday cheers.

Fraudulent CAs Problematic In India

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During India’s recent tax filing season, chartered accountant insurance was in demand, thanks to the common phenomenon of conmen masquerading as chartered accountants. These so-called CAs falsified taxpayer income returns for their clients which resulted in large refunds, ranging from Rs50,000(about USD 712) to Rs 2 lakh (about USD 2,851).

These fraudulent CAs got refunds for their customers by understating their taxable income, or by claiming certain tax deductions and exemptions. This task is made easy by the fact that deductions or exemptions claimed in an income tax return require no supporting documentation. A Mumbai-based CA explained, saying that one can claim deductions for medical insurance, education loan, or even deductions for disability of self or dependent without needing to verify their claims with any evidence. In exchange, these fake CAs take a cut of the refunds, getting a share of about 10-15%.

Thousands of taxpayers in the country used these illegal channels to file their income returns and claim refunds. All a taxpayer really needs to do is to get and provide the Form 16, alongside the Aadhar, and the bank account number, and their return will already be set.These fake CAs take about a week to work, utilizing their knowledge of the Indian tax filing system to get by the book.

Tax experts in the country, however, have warned that the discrepancy put up by these people will likely be detected when the return is put up for assessment. Until recently, tax deducted at source (TDS) information found in their Form 26AS can be used to match up the numbers with the tax declared in the return. CFO Sudhir Kaushik,, says that the tax department has altered their methods, with the process now involving a check of the Form 16 to match it with the income declared in the return, which is why it’s best to have chartered accountant insurance and go through legitimate channels.

Chartered Accountant and Managing Director Raj Khosla,, says that if the assessing officer smells deliberate intent in income misreporting, they can slap a fine, as well as start the prosecution of the taxpayer.

If a taxpayer has knowingly claimed a deduction or exemption and does not have proper documentation to back it up, the it is considered an infraction; tax concealment, which has a 200% penalty.


Tencent Partners With New Video Game Company

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Tencent, China-based video game giant, add yet another partnership to its long list of video game companies. These are the same companies that bring games cheap games without compromising the quality. For those playing Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, you might know about Square Enix which is the video game developer. They are now a part of Tencent through a strategic alliance. There are no specific details regarding the deal between Tencent Holdings Ltd and Square Enix but they are going to develop AAA games which will be derived from the existing ones that are under the licensing and the intellectual properties of the companies.

Tencent Group’s senior vice president, Steven Ma, said that the partnership will make it possible for the companies to offer customers with content experiences the likes they have never seen before on an international level. They are going to make use of the creativity of the Square Enix Group and the internet service capabilities that Tencent have in order to accomplish their goals.

This is not the first time that Tencentpartnered with another video game company. There is a long list in the industry which further fuels the success of the China-based tech firm. In the last few years, Tencentwas recognized as the largest gaming company in the globe – a fact unknown to many players of their games.

In fact, it has 40 per cent shares of Epic Games which is responsible for developing Fortnite, a video game that is predicted to earn around $2 billion when the year ends. Tencent is also associated with Ubisoft after it purchased 5 per cent of the stake in order to fight the takeover plan of Vivendi. The French publisher will now be able to access the Chinese market through the alliance.

Activision is now owned once more by Bobby Kotick because of the help of Tencent. The company bought 5 per cent of the stake and introduced Call of Duty Online to the Chinese market as a free game. In order to create quality, popular and cheap games, Tencent also partnered with Riot Games after owning majority of its shares. The company is known to be the maker of League of Legends.

Fast Fashion As Large Contributor To Environmental Problem

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The holiday season is a time for many to don their favorite sweaters and get cozy. But experts say that the rising popularity of these holiday-themed sweaters is causing us some serious environmental impacts.

Fast Fashion

It seems that every year, ugly xmas sweater competitions and parties are starting to become more and more popular. It is a festive occasion for many to unwind and have fun, but research has shown that most people only wear their xmas sweater once, only to be disposed or stashed away afterwards.

In a survey in the UK, 24% out of more than 3,000 respondents say that they do not want to be seen wearing the same sweater that they wore the previous year, and 29% say that they get a new one every year because of the cheap prices. This puts one in every four sweaters to be thrown away or never worn again. Additionally, 35% explained that since they only wore the sweaters once, these are often good as new.

Experts explain that it results to some clothes that are still in good condition to be thrown away. The cumulative effect of these wastes can fill up landfills and generates 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse emissions every year.

Throwaway Culture

Researchers further explain that people should reflect on this throwaway culture and how it affects the environment. Sarah Divall from Hubbub, an environmental charity organization, explains that it is a sign of our addiction to fast fashion— cheap clothes that people only wear once and disposed simply because buying new ones is cheap. She and the rest of the organization encourage people to swap or donate these sweaters instead of throwing them away.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of fast fashion is a serious matter. The industry is considered one of the major factors in depleting non-renewable resources, using massive amounts of energy, water, and chemicals. The process also emits a large quantity of greenhouse gases, which aggravate the overall environmental condition of the planet. Polyester, acrylic, and nylon, which are synthetic fibers often used in fast fashion also take thousands of years to decay, causing a huge problem in pollution.

Washing clothes made with synthetic fibers is also discovered to be harmful. In a 2011 study, researchers found out that a single piece of synthetic clothing can produce up to 1,900 micro plastic fibers in one washing alone.