Advantages Of Outsourcing Logistics To A 3PL Company

Logistics is an important aspect that determines the profitability of businesses. It is an important aspect of supply chain management and involves a lot of functions like warehousing, transportation, distribution and delivery of products. Most of the large businesses have in- house logistics departments which take care of all the warehousing and transportation needs of the company. Small and medium businesses which cannot afford to have in-house logistics teams can outsource the function to a 3PL provider.

A 3PL or a third party logistics provider takes care of all the logistics requirements of a business. Functions of a 3PL provider include transportation, inventory management, warehousing, freight audit, logistics management, shipment tracking, reverse logistics and other value added services. Business should hire experienced and reputed 3PL companies like Tecdis Network- European Specialist Logistics firm, which has a network of partners across Europe and provides logistics solutions to a wide range of industries.

Advantages of outsourcing logistics

  • The major advantage of outsourcing to a reputed 3PL is the cost effectiveness. Professional 3PL companies like Tecdis Network – European specialist Logistics, have a network of logistics partners, who are market leaders in their regions. These companies can provide cost effective logistics services to their clients because of the economies of scale.
  • Logistics management requires staying updated with the fast changing regulations, laws of different countries. A trusted 3PL network like Tecdis Network – European specialist Logistics, with partners across Europe makes it easier for the clients to expand their operations to foreign markets.
  • 3PL firms are experienced in taking care of the issues involved in exporting the products to foreign countries. They can take care of the customs issues, track the lost shipments and take care of the brokerage fee and other charges.
  • Outsourcing the logistics management to a professional 3PL company like Tecdis network, helps companies to operate easily in multiple markets. The professional 3PL companies have warehousing capacities in various countries and can help the client with cost effective solutions to test foreign markets. For manufacturers, it is much cheaper to use the services of a 3PL company than to set up warehouses in different countries they operate in.

However, businesses should hire experienced and reliable 3PL providers like Tecdis Network – European specialist Logistics, who have expertise in logistics management across various industries and provide custom-made solutions to match the client requirements.