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Linda F Conklin

Linda Conklin

The Founder Of Parks Not For Sale

Are parks for sale? Yes, indeed because some of our leaders are planning to sell off some of the national parks. Property developers would certainly love to get their hands on national parks and they would not even bat an eyelash at the price. We at Parks Not for Sale believe in protecting our national heritage so that the next generation can still experience the outdoors. We need to fight for our parks today so that they will not be sold when times are tight.

Parks are threatened because they are hot property. Luxury house and commercial establishments can be built right into the heart of the national parks; however, these parks were established for the conservation of the natural scenery and the wildlife therein so that people can be provided with unimpaired enjoyment of the natural environment. What our national parks need is funding so that will be well maintained. If we do not oppose the plans to sell our parks, the next generation will not even know what a national park looks like; they will not be able to experience the beauty of nature and the abundance of wild life.

Parks play a very important role in an urban community because they provide a refuge where people can relax and communicate with nature. Numerous studies have confirmed that a brief view of nature can reduce anxiety and enhance a person’s ability to function effectively. Parks are also the venue for more active purposes like picnics, community events and recreation. People can explore and enjoy the natural environment. If parks are sold, where will people go for free relaxation and recreation? In fact, what our parks need today are improvements but this does not seem possible without funding.

We at Parks Not For Sale aim to provide you with the latest stories on the different plans to sell our parks. We want our readers to be updated so that can they add their voices in opposing these plans. Join our community and share your insights and opinions. Let your voices be heard so that our parks can be preserved for posterity. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at www.parksnotforsale.org.