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Justice Canada Tweet Leads To Confusion

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A recent Justice Canada tweet got a lot of attention from many a DUI lawyer, as the tweet, now deleted, suggested that people could be charged with drunk driving, even after 2 hours have passed from the last driving trip.

The key issue is the part of the tweet that notes that it’s against the law to have blood alcohol levels above the legal limit within two hours of driving.

A Vancouver-based criminal defense and DUI lawyer, Paul Doroshenko, notes that the tweet means that law enforcement can charge anyone who drinks two hours after driving, even if they drove completely sober.

Doroshenko describes it as a big fear, and something that people are deeply concerned about. The Justice said that they’d never do that, but here’s a tweet suggesting that they’d do exactly that. He says that the tweet says a lot about what the government has in mind for the recently implemented drunk-driving laws, which were ushered in 2018.

Justice Canada, however, followed up their deleted tweet with a correction, saying that it’s not actually possible for law enforcement to legally come into someone’s home, two hours after a drive, then ask for a breath sample.

The department explains that, under the old laws, drivers could argue that they couldn’t be slapped with an “over 80 mg” charge if they drove immediately after their drinks, due to the delay alcohol has before kicking in. The new laws, however, account for this, and drivers will find themselves in need of a DUI lawyer if they have blood alcohol at or over 80 mg within 2 hours of having driven.

The new laws are meant to stop people from using the ‘intervening drink’ defense, which says that getting out of a car, then drinking, is the reason for someone’s high blood alcohol content. The law, it notes, does allow for limited exceptions, like when a driver drinks after driving, and wasn’t really expecting the need to have to provide a breath sample, noting that any charges can only be pressed if:

  • The vehicle was stopped lawfully;
  • The driver must actually be driving, caring for, and controlling the vehicle, and;
  • The police officer has the device on hand.

Save Seagrass Campaign In Maldives Gains Momentum

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A holiday at Maldives luxury villas is not complete without experiencing scuba diving. If scuba diving is not your thing, snorkelling a good option because you do not need dive to the deep waters to view the coral reefs. There are schools of colourful fishes that flock together as they float with the tides. Do not miss the opportunity to experience a giant aquarium.

is not complete without experiencing scuba diving. If scuba diving is not your thing, snorkelling a good option because you do not need dive to the deep waters to view the coral reefs. There are schools of colourful fishes that flock together as they float with the tides. Do not miss the opportunity to experience a giant aquarium.

The social media campaign #ProtectMaldivesSeagrass to save seagrass beds in Maldives has gained momentum. According to Blue Marine Foundation and Maldives Underwater Initiative, at least 25% of the resorts in Maldives have joined the campaign. 30 resorts have pledged their support to protect an estimated 830,000sqm of underwater seagrass meadows.

According to the calculations of The Edition, an online news service in Maldives, another 90 resorts need to participate to put an end to the destructive practice of stripping out seagrass in lagoons that are close to  luxury resorts. Some resort managers assume that seagrass spoils the clear picturesque lagoons that tourists usually observe.

Blue Marine Foundation condemns the practice of stripping away natural seagrass beds for cosmetic reasons that is why it initiated the social media campaign. Some resorts have continued with the practice in their lagoons in spite of the number of pledges to end seagrass stripping on the seabed.

Blue Marine Foundation is requesting for the support of the government, resorts, travel organizations and tourists so that they can put an end to seagrass removal. Tourists can help by challenging resorts who still cultivate nude lagoon seabed by stripping away seagrass to make way for selfie photos. Tourists are encouraged to book at resorts that respect marine ecology and protect seagrass.

More than 1,600 persons from the local and international communities’ have registered their support in protecting seagrass in Maldives. Seagrass is very important because it prevents beach erosion, fights climate change, provides food for the turtles and provides a habitat for juvenile coral reef fishes.

A magical experience awaits you at Maldives luxury villas with its exceptional facilities and amenities. The villas are designed for comfort and absolute privacy but to make your stay more memorable, join dolphin tours and watch the dolphins playing in the waters.  

3 Tips In Choosing The Right Accommodation At Ibis In Ratchada

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Your hotel and the type of room accommodation you will get at have a lot to do with the overall success of your holiday. Whether you are going to Bangkok for a vacation or for business purpose, it is always better to have a comfortable and clean room to stay in for you to rest after a long day of enjoying the sights and sounds of Bangkok. To help you get the most suitable room for you, take a look at these three suggestions.  

The type of accommodation

There are different types of accommodations offered by hotels. If you are on your own and working on a budget, a Standard Room would be most suitable for you. Indicate if you prefer a queen bed or a twin bed when booking. If you are going on a holiday with your family, there is also an available Family Room at which comes with a queen bed and bunk beds for the kids. To get room accommodation discounts, stay longer at the hotel or email the management to find out if you can get discounts by booking in advance.     

Consider your needs

When visiting another country such as Thailand, you are not expected to stay in your room as you would spend most of your days and nights discovering and experiencing the place. However, you would still want to get the comforts you would normally have in your home, such as a minibar for your beverages and refreshments, a wide television set with USB ports and a working desk for those who are travelling for business purposes. You might also want to look for a hotel that offers spa and wellness services for you to relax after enjoying the city.

Purpose of travel

If you have booked a room at for business purposes, you would definitely need a function room or meeting area where you can do business. A high-speed Wi-Fi connection is also a must. Conduct a good research before booking for a room to ensure that you will have what you need at the hotel while having a good time at the City of Smiles.

Medi-Cal: California Covers Health Insurance Of Undocumented Inhabitants

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Throughout the bustling streets and towering buildings of California, it is undeniable that the state houses a considerable number of undocumented citizens. As much as how health insurance for expats in Thailand is easily accessible as a number of companies are generously offering it in the Asian country, California has once again proven that it is one of the most un-Trump states in all of America as despite the rigorous process from where the policy has undergone, it has still managed to make its way through.


The Medi-Cal or the California health care has been one of the primary advocacy of Gov. Gavin Newsom which is estimated to cost around a hundred million dollars and will encompass at least a hundred thousand people. Despite of the high expenses which the project entails, California still became the first American state to cover the health insurance of their illegal immigrants. However, according to the regulations, only those aged nineteen to twenty-five could be the ones to avail and enjoy the Medicaid program.


Meanwhile, before the passage of the policy, United States President Donald Trump straightforwardly expressed his thoughts saying that the program was nothing but crazy. Nevertheless, despite the various criticisms that Gov. Newsom has received, he still pursued his plan as he saw the need for such reform in the state. Apparently, Gov. Newsom affixed his signature on the measure on the day when an average premium increase of lower than one percent for next year was forecasted in California’s individual insurance marketplace. The drop was deemed to be the lowest rate ever in the state program’s history.

Medi-Cal share a few resemblances with the former President Barack Obama’s health care law. In addition, California is also projected to acquire a surplus of at least twenty billion dollars which is technically the highest in twenty years.

Indeed, the quality and accessible health care insurance for expats in Thailand may serve as stepping stone for other countries to implement their own versions of the health care law as well for the benefit of all.

Luxury Vehicles To Get Vegan Interiors

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When it came to car interiors, Leather seat covers and carbon fiber panels were considered the height of opulence. An expansive dashboard, and a steering wheel sporting that unmistakable black cross-hatch were often the sign that the car’s owner was someone who had money to burn.

But  as the automotive industry is embracing green technology like hybrids, the time of vegan interior materials might be on the horizon.

Land Rover Creative Director Massimo Frascella explains that, half a decade ago, a leather couch was the zenith of luxury, now seen in the best hotels and homes. It’s similar, he says, for cars; going forward, sustainable design is allowing for change and development for vehicles.

Frascella arrived in Manhattan for the New York International Auto Show, which began April 19, where he revealed Land Rover’s successor to Leather seat covers, their latest development; leather-free and fully vegan materials, which they developed in order to outfit the 2020 Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar, and Jaguar I-Pace SUVs.

He explains that there’s an increasing concern amidst consumers regarding the provenance of textiles, and other materials in their vehicle. These new interiors are aimed to cater to the consumers who have their highest levels of luxury align with their eco beliefs.

The company’s key products includes Eucalyptus Melange, a textile produced from eucalyptus fibers that utilize significantly less water than most materials, and can be dyed to any specification. There’s also a durable wool blend made by Kvadrat, that feels like actual soft wool. Dinamica Suedecloth is a flameproof and extremely durable microfiber made from plastic bottles, 53 per vehicle, feeling and behaving similarly to suede. Combined, these materials provide a vegan option for the conscientious consumer.

Other carmakers are also introducing eco-conscious options to their car interiors, like Toyota Motor Corp., who makes seat cushion material with glycol taken from renewable sugar cane, rather than sourcing them from petroleum.

Audi AG’s VP for Product Management Filip Brabec says that this part of a global trend that’s growing, as consumers begin to understand more and more about how humanity as a whole inhabit the environment, as well as how and what we eat and consume.

CBA Considering Rewarding Loaners With Energy-Efficient Houses

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The Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s green initiative has been going full steam, and, as part of the financier’s endeavours, they are working on launching a reward scheme for homeowners that meet, or, ideally, surpasses the requirements of a basix certificate in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia in creating energy-efficient properties.

CBA CEO Matt Comyn first hinted at the programme, dubbed the Green Mortgage Initiative, when he appeared at the Trans-Tasman Business Circle lunch, which was held recently. The initiative looks to offer cash back, up to $500 for loaners who manage to get certified solar panels installed for their homes.

CBA Executive General Manager for Home Buying, Daniel Huggins, explained why the bank was working on the idea, and the reasoning behind it, saying that the reward scheme is just one of many of the bank’s efforts to go for more than just simple basix certificate in Sydney or anywhere in the country, and make greener choices.

In a statement on the matter, Huggins says that the CBA is always looking for innovative ways to support their customers, and the initiative is being launched as part of that vision. He notes that the CBA is aware that many of their home loan clients can reduce their energy volume and use, as well as pay less or even become net positive for energy simply by getting more energy efficient devices, and this programme is meant to incentivize them to do just that.

The bank hasn’t released any detail on the Green Mortgage initiative, but they did imply that the programme will be implemented soon, within the next couple of months or so.

Notably, the CBA isn’t the only Aussie home-loan provider with green initiatives aimed at encouraging customers to cut down on their carbon footprint, as Yahoo! Finance notes that Bendigo Bank, Hunter United, and Regional Australia Bank also offer interest rate discounts to borrowers who have houses that meet set sustainability criteria.

The AU property market is taking matters like climate change seriously. A report from the Climate Council shed some light as to why, noting that the Aussie property market risks losing $571bn in value over the next 10 years thanks to the effects of climate change, and other extreme weather phenomena.

The Schools In Bangkok Thailand And Exchange Program

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In Thailand, the need for students to study overseas to take an undergraduate degree has increased. Among the Thai students studying abroad, half of them are taking classes under the higher education programs. The Thai students that are going after educational pursuits in the U.S. have the following number breakdown:

  • 9% are students of short term non-degree program.
  • 9% are students of Optional Practical Training.
  • 9% are students of post-graduates.

In the United States, the total number of students from Thailand that are enrolled in undergraduate degree programs had a 2.3% increase even though the total number of Thai students in the U.S. had decreased in the past few years. It is possible that some of the students found their ideal schools in Bangkok Thailand that they drop the idea of studying abroad. But, there are still others who prefer to obtain formal education in English-speaking countries to improve their proficiency in English.

Popular Academic Programs

Summer programs and student exchange in the U.S. are the most favourite choices of high school students from Thailand.  Many Thai students who intend to improve their proficiency in the English language often enrol at universities that have English-intensive or ESL programs. Also, students who are seeking to familiarize with Western culture are likely to enrol at universities that offer exchange student programs.

Most Thai students are not interested in enrolling at online programs because most employers don’t take the said programs seriously. Also, a student must have a high level of self-discipline to make sure that he will be able to follow the program on his own. Taking the online courses may be too much of a challenge for some that they have decided not to spare it some thought.

Some of the most popular academic programs include:

  • Law
  • Economics
  • Culinary
  • Aviation
  • Art
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Engineering
  • Business Administration

Improving the schools in Bangkok Thailand can help many Thai students get a better education and work opportunities in the country and overseas. The government should give more effort in improving the education system that can also help produce better workers in the future.