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Canada’s Bison Transport Acquires HO Wolding

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One of Canada’s biggest trucking companies, handling trucking in Cambridge and across the country, Bison Transport, has recently acquired Amherst, Winsconsin-based dry van company, H.O. Wolding (HOW), which has a fleet of 320 trucks that operate in the Midwestern, Northeastern and Southeastern regions of the US.

Bison Executive Chairman Don Streuber made a statement on the matter, saying that they’re pleased to welcome the people; the driver, staff and partners, from the HOW company to the Bison family. They’ve talked with Don and Dick Wolding, the operators of the HOW group, and they’ve decided that there’s a lot that both companies had in common when it comes to drivers, customers, safety and operational conduct.

Bison Transport President and CEO Rob Penner, says that their acquisition of HOW is a strategic investment in the US’s domestic transportation industry, one that they have to work alongside one of their US subsidiaries; Britton Transport. The aim is to provide a greater scale and provide a wider range of services to their customers, via empowering HOW’s leadership with the expertise, resource and business model of Bison Transport.

Penner says that the people operating at HOW have managed to foster trust from their customers, as well as their drivers, and they want to foster that reputation. Marc Wolding, a third-generation Wolding who’s been in the trucking company for years, he reports, will take the role of HOW President, bringing in his experience, business acumen and leadership, which he demonstrated by helping building HOW’s reputation as a reliable trucking company just like Bison has when it comes to trucking in Cambridge and across Canada, both as a carrier and employer, in their operating region.

HOW ex-president and CEO Don Wolding says that, while Dick and him were discussing the transaction, they’ve agreed that the key factors for sale would be how the culture and operational conduct of the two companies would fit, particularly with how it would help their people. In early discussions with Bison Transport’s leadership, he says, it was made clear that Bison was the right company for them.

Financial details on the transaction hasn’t been revealed to the public.

Nightlife Venues Near A Hotel In Sathorn

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Nightlife is a part of traveling to a popular destination like Bangkok. One of the famous places in Bangkok is Sathorn, which is famous for its vibrant nightlife with numerous bars, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Going out with friends or spending the night with your special someone in Sathorn is worth the effort with the entertainment that you get from it. Staying in a nearby hotel in Sathorn where the popular entertainment centres are located allows you to totally enjoy your stay in Sathorn.

Here are the most popular nightlife venues in a hotel in Sathorn for your pleasure:

  1. Ce La Vi Bangkok

Ce La Vi Bangkok or formerly called Ku De Ta Bangkok was among the most upscale openings in Bangkok that created a buzz in the city. The entertainment brand and lifestyle are world famous in all the fine restaurants, nightclubs, and bars spread across Asia.


  1. Junker and Bar

This bar is usually packed-out every night, though achieving it is not an issue becausethe size of the place is easy to fill.


  1. Met Bar

This is in the Metropolitan Hotel in Bangkok, which started in 1998. It is now the hottest and most popular nighttime bar in Ibiza west.


  1. Park Society Rooftop Bar

The latest trends in Bangkok are the rooftop bars because open-air clubs are popular. Rain is not an issue because half of the year, the weather is safe.


  1. Revolucion Cocktail Bar

This cocktail bar with a Latino theme is popular for its fine cocktails as well as local DJs. Revolucion Cocktail Bar originated in Shanghai. This cocktail bar in Bangkok is the next branch in Southeast Asia.


  1. Smalls Bar

Smalls has made waves in the expat community of the city with live music and innovative cocktails.


  1. So Pool Party At Sofitel

This is a pool party done monthly at the fabulous 5-star Sofitel Hotel and considered as the best hotel of its type.

You can also visit Tawandang Brew House, the Roof @ 38, UNCLE Cocktail Bar, Vertigo and Moon Bar, and many more.

The active nightlife in Sathorn is one reason for many tourists to flock in the city. You can also browse their respective websites for more details and better judgment.

Saigon Still The Number One Tourist Spot In Vietnam

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For the first three months of 2019, Ho Chi Minh City turns out to be the number one local destination for international travellers visiting the country of Vietnam. The city in the south, which holds rooftop bar in Saigon and the best accommodations, welcomed its highest number of international visitors for the first quarter of this year. Compared to the same period last year, there was an increase of 10 per cent in the arrivals as Ho Chi Minh City serviced 2.25 million global tourists.

Based on the figures released by the tourism department of the city, Ho Chi Minh City is responsible for bringing in 50 per cent of the total number of international tourists during the first three months of 2019. According to the report by the General Statistics Office, the number of international travellers who came to Vietnam increased by seven per cent for the first quarter when looking at the year-on-year data with the total reaching 4.5 million.

Out of all the foreign travellers visiting Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest groups came from the countries of United States, Japan, China and South Korea. These are the biggest contributors to the tourism revenue of the city for the first quarter which has amounted to $1.71 billion.

Kayak, a travel portal based in Singapore, has already declared that Ho Chi Minh City will finally make it to the top 10 tourist spots for foreign travellers for this year. It was already given recognition by the Travelsupermarket website for being one of the 15 tourist cities globally with the fastest growth with estimates that the city will welcome 10.2 million international tourists in 2025.

Two years ago, Price of Travel which is a database for cost when travelling, placed Saigon on the third spot for the list of the cheapest cities in the world. Travelers will only need $18.33 daily to survive including meals, accommodation, beer from rooftop bar in Saigon, entrance fee to tourist attractions and public transportation. Another survey was conducted by General Statistics Office in partnership with the Tourism Department of the city revealing that foreign travellers spend an average of $145 per day during a 5-day stay in Ho Chi Minh.

Thailand’s Airports Expecting At Least 3m Travellers For Songkran

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They’ll be people flocking to many a pool villa in Phuket and across Thailand for the Songkran Festival during the second week of April, and the country’s 6 major airports are already expecting at least 3 million travellers.

President Nitinai Sirismatthakarn, Airports of Thailand, revealed their expected forecast for the number of arrivals for the seven-day period of Songkran, saying that they’re expecting around 3.2 million travellers, which would be a 12.3% increase from the same time period from the preceding year.

The AoT is expecting that Suvarnabhumi would be the busiest of the six, with estimated arrivals sitting at 1.37 million over the length of Songkran. There’s appeal to the many a pool villa in Phuket, however, as they’re still expecting about 458,000 travellers, which is still fairly busy. Don Mueang, meanwhile, is expecting 970,000 travellers.

Even with the smog problem that Chiang Mai is dealing with, the airport is still expecting about 246,000 travellers. Meanwhile, Hat Yai expects 87,000 travellers, while Chiang Rai’s northernmost airport is expecting 80,000.

AoT PLC. operates all six of the aforementioned airports. The other state-run airports, meanwhile, are operated by the Airports Department of the Transport Ministry.

These numbers were extrapolated from the number of travellers that have booked their flights via these airports.

AoT didn’t give specifics on when the air travellers would be going into the airports. The Songkran annual holiday will be running from the 13th to the 17th of April in 2019. The festival draws in travellers from across the world who’re looking enjoy a traditional Thai new year, while the locals either return to their hometowns or their villages, or go on vacation, either in somewhere in Thailand, or someplace outside the country.

Pres. Nitinai stated that there hasn’t been any cancellations for flights to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai for the incoming holiday even with the toxic air plaguing the northern Thai regions. That being said, he admits that tourists might opt, at the last minute, to bypass or ignore the two northern cities in favour of other popular destinations, should the heavy smog continue to smother the region during the Songkran holiday season.

Bangkok Welcomes Hello Kitty Carnival For A Limited Time

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If you happen to be visiting Thailand soon, there is a big chance that you might happen to experience the Hello Kitty carnival. Tourists and locals staying at a 4 star hotel in Bangkok until the end of May will be able to see Hello Kitty and her adorable friends as they visit the capital city for a limited time only. This is the first time that a pop-up carnival dedicated to the Sanrio characters will be visiting Thailand. Guests will have the chance the join in games, take photos with the characters and enjoy a number of attractions that are designed specifically for the die-hard fans of the legendary character.

The carnival which is called Hello Kitty Go Around originally came from Hong Kong. It was opened in the middle of the previous month and is located inside one of the popular shopping centres in Bangkok, the Donki Mall Thonglor.

Sanrio is one of the most popular companies in Japan which coincidentally owns the brand Hello Kitty. It has given the rights for AHM Entertainment, a local event company in the country, to operate the carnival. The carnival will be accessible to the public at the said venue until the end of the month of May. After which, the management will be announcing its permanent venue.

During the news conference for the opening of the carnival, Yuko Tsuji who is the director of Sanrio said that Hello Kitty is known to be one of the most loved characters by the Thais for the past four decades. The management of the carnival expects to welcome around 150,000 visitors with majority of them Hello Kitty fans between the age of 30 and 40 years old along with family guests.

Adults entering the carnival will have to pay 350 baht while children need to pay 280 baht each. There is no need to despair for those staying fans at a 4 star hotel in Bangkok after May because Don Quijote, a discount retailer from Japan, has already announced the opening of a dedicated Hello Kitty photo studio and restaurant inside the mall before the year ends.

Will Small Business Owners Survive Brexit?

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Small businesses are those that are owned under private corporation, sole proprietor or partnership. Compared to a regular corporation though, the annual revenue is lower and the number of staff is fewer. According to the European Union, if the staff members are less than 50 people then they are categorized as small business. They are not free from financial burden through like regular and large corporations. Business owners also have additional costs to think about such as small business IT support because it is an important aspect of a business nowadays in order to be competitive.

In the economy of the United Kingdom, small to medium businesses also known as SMEs accounts for 47 per cent of the total revenue. It means that they have a major role in the productivity of the country but there is room for improvements to create a bigger impact economically by supporting them so they could conduct more activities.

The issues now that concern SMEs all over the United Kingdom is with regards to the new requirements for tax reporting and the new costs they will need to shoulder. These new regulations are implemented today. It is the reason why the first day of April has been called as Blue Monday.

While there are beneficial changes like lower business rates, there are also changes that mean additional costs which can be a burden to most. Federation of Small Businesses is an organization that represents SMEs in the United Kingdom. They believe that the changes were introduced at a bad time because the confidence level of the business owners in the country is in a very low state.

In an announcement made on August of last year, the government has given the green light for discount scheme with the business rates. This means than an average shop will be able to save $4,280 in their business rates charges for the next two years. An average public house, on the other hand, will be able to save $7,867.

In exchange, businesses are required to have new software that will meet the requirement of the MTD. This means that small firms will have to spend an average of $733 for the software and small business IT support will also come in as an additional cost because the software needs to be operated and maintained daily.