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The Orchid Industry In Brief: Floriculture Industry In The United States

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Many florists and vendors look to Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand orchids wholesale companies as suppliers for their businesses, but as it turns out, there is more to the orchid industry than cultivating, shipping, and selling the plants.


Why it’s popular

Orchids are a symbol of beauty and luxury. During the Ming Dynasty in China, these flowers had to be searched for in hard-to-reach places, which contributed to its status as a rare flower. In China, people believed that orchids have curing capabilities doom boils, to neuralgia, diarrhoea, venereal diseases, and even illnesses among elephants. Common cigar orchids were once used as lubricant for violin strings in South America. In Iran today, there is a special orchid ice cream served as a special treat.


Orchids Today

In the past, cultivating orchids was a difficult task because some species are endemic, meaning they couldn’t grow in other areas except where they exist, while others need special attention because of seed-eating flies. However, through improvements in technology, floriculture, and agriculture, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand orchids wholesale companies are able to mass-produce these flowers more efficiently.


In China, the Shenzhen Nongke Group of China spent eight years to cultivate a special kind of orchid sold at about $202,000. It is considered as the most expensive flower bought.


Serious Business

Orchids once grew in abundance in Florida, but today, it is serious business. Florida has the most commercial orchid cultivators in the United States, as shown in the statistics of the US Department of Agriculture. The industry in Florida produces up to $100,000 or even higher in terms of annual sales. Most of these commercial growers are located in Miami, Orlando, Apopka, and Homestead.


According to the USDA, the increase in the number of commercial growers in Florida has led to the increase in the sales of potted orchids by up to 12%. Cut orchids, however, are not as poplar, as exports dropped by more than 25%, causing up to USD 15 million worth of loss.


However, there are cases of orchid smuggling that has been reported in October 2014. Experts say that it often happens in seaports. Smugglers sometimes hide them in containers or suitcases, which often result to the flowers getting beat up. However, the authority still seizes these.