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Developers Turning To Mixed-Use Projects

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With Thailand experiencing shortage in real estate, many developers are turning properties into mixed-use developments, meaning that what would be a design hotel in Silom will also have offices, retail outlets, luxury residences and even parks in order to goose up revenue and generate sustainable income for the property.

This wave of mixed-use properties is being led by TCC Asset Co. Ltd., the property subsidiary of the Thai beverage tycoon Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, which invested a total of Bt148.5 billion across three mixed-use complexes; the One Bangkok, the PARQ, and SamyanMitr Town.

Other developers, like the Bhirombhakdi family’s Singha Estate, have also been investing in mixed-use projects across the capital.

According to a recent survey conducted by The Nation, Bangkok’s mixed-use projects have an approximate total investment value of Bt649.2 billion, effective until 2025. This is due to the capital’s land shortage, as well as the preference of people living in the capital to stay close to their workplace as well as any retail and entertainment venues they prefer.

JLL Managing Director SuphinMechuchep says that, with the market facing a bout of instability and rising prices, single-use developments are become less and less favourable. As a result, more and more developers are option to develop mixed-use projects, and from a design hotel in Silom to large plots of real estate, both large-scale complexes and single buildings are being developed as mixed use projects. Property consultancy firm, JLL, took note of the trend, and expects it to continue for a bit.

A mixed-use development brings with it land use synergies, as combining multiple facilities within a single project lets the developer contracted on the work to draw on a common resource, cutting down on costs while maximising land use. The individual components also compliment each other.

Retailers enjoy a steady flow of consumer traffic from the residents in the residential side of the project, while allowing for  a more expensive meal that’ll help with talking to hotel guests and office works. Meanwhile, office tenants benefit from the diverse offerings raise the appeal of the company.

Research regarding these mixed-use properties say they these mixed-use projects allowed for a new ecosystem which it accomplished by bringing home, lifestyle and work at one place, on top of adding market value for the properties.

Pros And Cons Of Using Stone Tile Flooring

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Flooring is an important aspect of interior design. Deciding on the material to use for flooring of the house is time taking and tough. Homeowners have many choices in flooring materials like vitrified tiles, natural stone tiles etc.

Natural stone tile is gaining popularity as the go- to option for reputed interior designers. Stone flooring is extremely versatile as there are many different types of natural stones, each offering varied range of colours and textures.

Advantages of stone flooring

  • Stone is one of the ancient construction materials and is known for its durability. Stone flooring can withstand high amount of wear and tear and still look good for longer durations.
  • Using natural stone floor tiles enhances the curb value of a home. Stone tiles are always in trend and give a rustic charm to the interiors.
  • Stone tiles are found in earth and hence they are eco-friendly option for the flooring needs.
  • Stone tiles are easily available and it can be procured locally.
  • Stone tiles are easy to maintain and offer a clean visual look.
  • Stone tiles are heat proof and provide cooling effect and prevent the loss and gain of heat from outside. They increase the energy efficiency of a home and reduce the electricity bills.

Disadvantages of stone flooring

  • Natural stone tiles are expensive when compared to other flooring materials.
  • Certain stones like marble require regular cleaning and maintenance. They should be cleaned with specialist product to maintain their sheen and appearance for long durations. Most homeowners feel that the regular cleaning is a time consuming and hectic chore.
  • Caring for expensive stone tile requires specialist cleaners. The professional cleaners charge a huge amount of fee to take up the regular cleaning.
  • Some delicate stones like marble, chip and crack easily, if proper care is not taken.
  • Some stones like granite are very heavy and designers should check the capacity of the structure to carry such heavy load before installing granite flooring.

Homeowners and designers should weigh the pros and cons of using stone tile flooring and make a decision. Choosing the right type of stone that suits the lifestyle of the homeowner and the overall theme of the home is very important.

Why Consider Crofts Boiler Installation And Repairs

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You have to be smart when you have a gas boiler that needs replacement or repair. You need immediate repairs as the boilers can’t provide the needed heating for the household especially during cold seasons. The boilers need to be maintained annually, and only a professional like Crofts can handle the job to make it run optimally. Even if the boiler is efficient, you need complex parts to be serviced just to maintain the unit in great shape. If you neglect regular maintenance, this can lead to potential problems which you and your family can experience.

If you check out Crofts, you’ll be happy to meet reputed and reliable experts to handle the maintenance of your gas boilers. Consider the many things they can do just to keep the boilers running safely and smoothly.

  • Checking for Carbon Monoxide

This is the first thing that all boiler maintenance will check. You need to have your boiler installed with carbon monoxide detector for checking. The pipes may be clogged with carbon monoxide which is extremely dangerous for homes.

  • Checking for Pressure Gauge and Clogged Pipes

Sometimes an accumulation of dust can clog the boiler’s pipes. The same thing happens for households when their water pipes are clogged with debris. There is a way to cope up with the problem and have all clogs removed. Also, the pressure gauge is also checked to get the right pressure fix the problem.

If you have an old gas boiler, problems may be occurring and will need maintenance, repair or replacement. The older the gas boiler is, the efficiency cuts down by 50%. There may be a need to replace the old unit, and you can count on Crofts for assistance.

What to Know for a Replacement

If you want to have a durable boiler that lasts longer, ensure you check the label and find an efficient brand. If you check out Crofts products, you are guaranteed of high efficiency rate, which is what most households want to own. Also, when you want to buy a new boiler, you need to consider the size of the device. You need to check the size of the overall house and its rooms, so that it provides the required heat.

Places Of Tourism In Rayong

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Rayong is a scenic beach town approximately two hour drive from Bangkok. The city retains its local Thai flavour and is not influenced by the tourist culture of Thailand. Rayong is the preferred spot to enjoy peaceful beach vacation for the local students and Thai families.

The city has many attractions like aquarium, beaches, national parks, waterfalls and fruit farms. Local tourists flock to the city to enjoy vacation lazing around the secluded beaches and sip the afternoon tea in Rayong while enjoying the scenic sun set in the gulf of Thailand.

Some of the attractions in the city are

Phra chao Taksin temple

This historic temple was built to pay homage to the Great king Taksin. The temple consists of a statue of the great king and is also home to a three hundred years old Satue tree. The tree is believed to be the same tree to which the great general and king tethered his elephant.

City pillar shrine

The city pillar shrine is located on the lak Mueang road. The site consists of two buildings built in Chinese and Thai architecture.

Suan Si Mueang

This is a popular park and a town-centre located behind the city pillar shrine. Tourists can enjoy visiting the park and have their afternoon tea in Rayong at many cafes and restaurants surrounding it.

Rayong aquarium

The Rayong aquarium is the best place to visit with children. The aquarium has indoor section and outdoor section. Visitors can observe the living habits of different species of marine animals. It also consists of a model fishing village that depicts the tools and life of the local fishermen.


There are a number of beautiful islands around Rayong. These islands offer the tourists amazing beaches to enjoy stunning views and clear waters and a number of water activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing. Tourists can stay at Rayong and plan day trips to these islands.


Rayong has approximately one hundred kilometres of coastline. There are a number of secluded and beautiful beaches that dot the city. These beaches are the perfect places to enjoy the sun and sand and relax while having afternoon tea in Rayong at the numerous beachside restaurants.

The Truth About Recurring Computer Viruses

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When a computer is infected with a virus, the owner hires Perth customer support to help fix the problem. The computer might be virus-free but it does not mean that the virus is no longer able to infect other computers or even the very same one. What is it with viruses that are like zombies that never die?

According to Symantec’s lead threat researcher, Candid Wueest, majority of the worms has the ability to spread on its own therefore they can be seen elsewhere. When a malicious program infects a computer, it searches the internet for other computers resembling the vulnerability shown by the host computer. As soon as a new host is found, it creates another copy that will further search for new targets and the cycle goes on.

Wueest has spent many years hunting for viruses and he explained that it only takes a small army of computers to spread the worm like wildfire. He said that one of the most active viruses going around is Conficker – it stuck to its first victim on November of 2008. During its prime, the worm was able to infect more than 15 million computers running on Windows operating system.

Confickeris also known to attack known organizations such as Greater Manchester Police, UK warships and the French navy among many others. These organizations were attacked during a time when they were still using Windows XP, a version of the Windows operating system. Due to the trouble it has caused, Microsoft decided to offer a bounty of $250,000 to whoever can point to the creators of the destructive virus. Up until this day, there is still no lead and the bounty remains unclaimed.

Conficker is not the only virus that is considered to be a zombie. According to a data from Symantec, there are still traces of the SillyFDC virus which started in 2007, the Virut which first attacked in 2006 and Sality which is a file infector that started spreading since 2003. Nowadays there are many professionals that offer Perth computer support to those whose computer has been infected with a virus. Furthermore, there is a wide array of anti-virus software in the market, both free and paid versions.

Four Different Beautiful Places To Complete Your South America Tours

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If you’re planning for South America tours, ensure that you go to the best countries, which provide never-ending cultural offerings, a wide range of scrumptious cuisines, a thriving nightlife and many friendly and welcoming locals. To experience what it’s like here, you will want to visit the most beautiful places in Latin America, such as:

  • Iguazu Falls — Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay

Stretching the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, this fall has over 275 waterfalls and is twice as big as the Niagara Falls. It’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage list where its largest drop can run 80 meters.

Majority of the falls are located in Argentina, which include the Devil’s Throat. The Brazilian side offers a panoramic scenery for you to take selfies. If you get tired of the amazing view, you can try the various wildlife or explore the surrounding rainforest.

  • Patagonia – Argentina and Chile

If you come to Argentina, consider a visit to the wild yet virgin Patagonia, a location shared with Chile. It’s actually one of the most breath-taking places, where you need to include in your South America tours. It’s a mixture of icy plains and glaciers and fertile flora, bird and animal life toward the Andes. You should also come see the Cave of Hands, which dates back to 8000BC, where you find imprints of hands.

  • Salar De Uyuni – Bolivia

This location in southwest Bolivia is where the world’s biggest salt flat spans. The Salar is incomparably flat and is approximated to have 11-billion tons of salt. During rainfall, the thin layers of water turn into a crust of giant mirrors, where you can see stunning pictures of the unique places in Latin America. You can also book yourselves in the Palace of Salt, a local hotel where almost everything is made of salt.

  • Torres del Paine – Chile

In Southern Chile, you’ll find the magnificent national park. According to the National Geographic, it ranks fifth on the list as the most breath-taking places in the world. It’s a transition between the Pantagonian Steppes and the Magellanic forests. Here, you’ll find snowy mountain tops, giant glaciers, sparkling rivers and cascades, pristine ice-blue lakes, flora in shades of green, and the wild llama natives. A trip here will complete your South America tours with fun.

Five Car Tyre Maintenance Tips To Enhance Their Durability

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Tyres are an important exterior accessory of a vehicle. Tyres are the contact point between the driving surface and the vehicle. It is very essential to maintain the tyres in roadworthy condition for safe driving experience and also to achieve the maximum fuel efficiency.

Some of the important aspects of the regular maintenance routine for tyres on the Gold Coast, in order to maintain their durability and performance are

Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is an important aspect that effects its performance. Properly inflated provide proper grip on the road and increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Vehicle owners should get the pressure checked regularly from their tyre experts or dealers. The recommended tyre pressure can be found out from the vehicles user manual or from the website of the vehicle manufacturer.


Vehicle owners should get the balancing of their tyres on the Gold Coast, checked regularly. Properly balanced wheels reduce the vibration at high speeds and extends the durability of the tyres. The balancing should be checked once in every five months and when replacing an old tyre with a new one.


The bad condition of roads, rash driving and hard braking lead to misalignment of wheels. Misalignments leads to uneven wear and tear of the tyres and reduces their lifetime. Experts recommended to get the alignment of the wheels checked regularly and compulsorily after a long drive.

Tyre tread

Inspecting the tyre tread for wear and tear is very important maintenance task. The grooves in the tread aid to remove water between the tyres and the road. Any wear in the tread should be immediately repaired and the tyres should be replaced in case of complete wear of the tread.


All the tyres of a vehicle do not wear off evenly. The wear of the tyres on the Gold Coast, depends on their placement in the vehicle. It is essential to check the tyres regularly and change their positions in order to achieve even wear of all the tyres. Regular rotation of the tyres increases their performance and durability. The rotation routine can be found in the user manual of the vehicle.

Vehicle owners should get the tyres inspected regularly and consult the dealers for tyres on the Gold Coast or expert technicians to repair or replace the tyres, whenever required. This enables them to enjoy a safe driving experience, improves the fuel efficiency and also increases the curb value of the vehicle.