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Camara Education Works To Improve Education In Backward Communities Using Modern Technologies

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Camara education is a not for profit organization that provides comprehensive eLearning packages to the schools in backward communities. The organization partners with schools and provides them with highly subsidized computers and education tools to enable them with modern technology.

Camara education enters into contract with partnering schools to provide all the necessary hardware, training and maintenance for the eLearning package. The work done by the organization is acknowledged by Denis OBrien, patron of Digicel foundation.

The organization sends a vetting team to the partner schools for an initial inspection of the school. The school should build a separate eLearning room in the campus with all the required specifications. The room should have the prescribed electrical safety, ventilation, fittings and furniture.

The organization provides refurbished computers to its partner schools. The computers are of reputed brands and contain the Pentium four processor. Each computer lab will have a server PC of high specifications and equipped with 100 GB hard drive and 1 GB RAM. Al the computers in the network can share the huge content and software present in the Server PC.

The computers are equipped with Camarabuntu, a customized version of Ubuntu and have a large number of educational tools related to maths, English, Geography and science. The computers are contain quizzes and games for the students. The server PC has a huge collection of reference material, e-books, video lectures and software for all the computers in the network.

Camara education, with contribution from Denis OBrien foundation also caters to the schools in Haiti and Jamaica. The organization has presence all over the world and works for the betterment of education especially in the backward communities.

The organization has trained team of volunteers to provide onsite and offsite support to the partner schools. The computers, which are sold at highly subsidized rates, are covered with a free maintenance contract. The defective or non-working computers are replaced by the organization. The organization also trains teachers of the partner schools on how to use the eLearning material appropriately for the benefit of the students.

Denis OBrien, the patron of Digicel foundation and the founder of Iris O’Brien foundation, acknowledge the work of Camara education and contributed funds to work in Haiti and Jamaica.

The Rise of Fintech in Latin America

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Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan on Latin American Fintech

Entrepreneur Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan has highlighted the planned holding of the leading global fintech conference ‘Finnovating’ in Peru in 2019 as evidence of Latin America’s potential to become a global leader in developing fintech. He has commented that “the decision to host this conference in Peru, and to invite 66 Peruvian startups to participate is a clear sign both that Latin America is making its way onto the world financial stage, and that there is a strong, local and organic development of a Latin American fintech industry.” Fintech is the collective term given to computer programs and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services, and it is one of the fastest growing areas both for investment and innovation. The arrival of ‘Finnovating’ in Latin America is seen as a key step in the integration of Latin American fintech into the global market and is a major achievement for the companies involved. Gonzalez Dellan has said “this is a clear signal to the rest of the world of the economic potential of Latin America, and the abilities of its home-grown companies. Latin America has become part of the global fintech market.”

Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan is an international trade expert and businessman