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How The Grand Central Terminal Was Saved From Being Demolished

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Major landmarks are some of the most important elements in the New York City Illustrated Map that is created with attention to detail and flair for creativity. If the illustrated map was created decades ago, it will include old interesting features that are no longer present today. It is only through the map illustration that you will gain an idea on the iconic buildings that have been replaced with newer structures.

One of the cherished structures in New York City is the Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan that is not only architecturally stunning but used heavily in the region. Every day, more than 750,000 subway and train commuters pass through the terminal. However, a few decades ago, this stunning landmark nearly got torn down because during the mid 70’s developers have made plans to partially demolish the complex to make way for the 53-story tower office.

A group of preservationists that included former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis fought with the developers. On June 26, 1978 the Supreme Court made a ruling that any proposals that will tear down the terminal will be rejected. This decision set a precedent for all historical landmarks in New York City.

After 10 years of construction and $2 billion in cost in today’s dollars, the Grand Central Terminal was opened for the public in 1913. In the middle of the 70’s Stuart Sanders, an executive of the railroad company that owned Grand Central proposed improvements to make the terminal more profitable. Saunders was known for spearheading the demolition of the original Penn Station located in New York.

The objective of Saunders is to build a 53-story skyscraper to replace one of the Grand Central’s terminal. When the Landmarks Preservation Commission denied the proposal, Saunders sued the city. The preservationists were able to save the Grand Terminal from demolition. Two decades later, the terminal underwent a $113.8 million renovation.

It is very likely for the beauty of the Grand Central Terminal to be captured in the New York City Illustrated Map because it is a popular landmark that will be easily recognized by a visitor to the Big Apple. The illustrator’s creativity will add color and warmth to the hand-drawn map illustration.

Consumer Electronics On The Hunt For New Smart Technologies

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Retailers in Australia that are hunting for consumer electronics are currently on the lookout for the next trending technology that will take the country by storm. According to the latest research, connected smoke alarms as well as voice activate speakers are going to be set another record in the smart device market. This is in addition to swipe card entry systems which are currently favored by homeowners.

Strategy Analytics, the firm responsible for the latest research, said that security devices are now moving on to new heights with cameras considered to be obsolete. There are now more modern developments such as smart light bulbs that helps in energy saving, gateways and hubs for smart alarm systems and even smart door locks.

According to the same research, they are expecting the sales of smart home technologies to be higher than smartphones in the next five years. This is because smart home devices are cheaper, the technology developments are faster and the applications and services intended for consumers are quite compelling.

The research firm also revealed that consumer demand for smart home technologies in the previous year resulted to a sales of 663 million units worth $84 billion. The number is higher by 16 per cent in comparison to 2016 when sales were only $72 billion. For 2023, research revealed that the sales could be as high as $155 billion after selling 1.94 billion smart home devices.

Smartphone sales globally, on the other hand, could reach 1.86 billion units by 2023. The sales will still be topped by the USA which is 40 per cent of the entire smartphone market while Asia Pacific Region is expected to follow suit with $26 billion. On the third place is Western Europe which is expected to earn $17 billion in sales.

Strategy Analysts shared that the category with the highest sales is going to be smart speakers with an expected growth rate reaching 109 per cent. With this, 69 million units are expected to be sold to consumers.

Smart home technologies such as swipe card entry systems has become a trend in the past few years that it is not surprising that many brands are trying to release their own products in order to cash in with the billion dollar industry.

Tourist Attractions In And Around Viet Tri

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Viet Tri is a beautiful city in the northeaster part of Vietnam. The scenic city is the capital of the PhuTho province and is also a prominent industrial centre in the region. There are a number of tourist attractions in the city that draw tourists from across the world.

The geographical location of the city coupled with the landscapes and historical relics found around the area make it a must visit attraction in Vietnam. As the number of tourists is huge, there are a number of accommodation options in Viet Tri. Tourists can select the best hotel in Viet Tri which offers state-of-the-art facilities to the guests and makes them feel like royalty.

Hung kings temple is a must visit attraction for the tourists interested in spiritual and cultural aspects. The beautiful Buddhist temple is a centre for spiritual tourism. The temple is a major attraction for foreign and domestic tourists visiting the city. Tourists can stay at the best hotel in Viet Tri located on the riverside and visit the famous spiritual attraction in the city.

Hung lo is an ancient village in Viet Tri. The village is located only ten kilometres away from the Hung Kings temple. The ancient village has preserved the architecture of ancient communal houses of the past era. The village has been declared as a national historic relic. The ancient village has around fifty houses which are one hundred to two hundred years old. The city is also famous for its traditional vermicelli making techniques. There are many other attractions around the Hung lo village like the food processing village, Chung cake and Giay cake village, peach blossom village etc. Tourists willing to explore the different villages can stay at the best hotel in Viet Tri and explore the nearby villages.

Viet Tri is popular among the foreign tourists for its cultural and eco-tourism.  Some of the popular tourist destinations in and around Viet Tri are Lai Len Temple, Hung Vuong museum, Thet communal house, Tan Duc safe vegetable farm and Tam Giang pagoda. Travellers to the city can stay at the best hotel in Viet Tri and explore all these must visit important tourist destinations around the city.

Efficient Utilisation Strategies For Solar Panels On The Gold Coast

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A decent percentage of homeowners are utilizing solar on the Gold Coast. They have solar panels installed on top of their roofs. There are tangible reasons why so many of these homes have gone for solar. Perhaps, it could be the presence of an abundance of sunshine. Solar energy is the cleanest and most valuable renewable source of electricity acquired to assist in powering of homes, organizations and businesses.

Why you should consider solar

You would realise that the price of electricity has been inflated which has been on a long way up. With facts, in the last 4 years, the power utility bill of an average Gold Coast resident has jumped to 50%. Utilising solar on the Gold Coast is a substantial way of eliminating perpetual inflating utility bill.

Mode of operation

Solar power automatically converts sunlight into electricity by using the sun’s energy as a medium of conversion to create an electrical current. Utilizing this renewable source of energy and converting it to usable power happens within the modules of materials that are fabricated which assembled up to the solar panel. The operating mode is simple, and the efficiency is remarkably high.

Conversion from direct current power to alternating current is done by the modules of the panel, which are ready to be used by the households or for commercial need. Individuals, businesses and corporate organization are realizing financial benefits by utilising solar on the Gold Coast for their daily needs.

How Does It Operate?

  • The solar panel helps in the conversion of sunlight into direct current electricity
  • An inverter transforms direct current power into alternating current of standard volts in the inverter
  • With the help of the meter assembled with the panels, the amount of electricity generated is recorded
  • Excess electricity from solar energy is fed to the main grid and credited to the account

Selecting Solar Panels

To know you are getting the right solar panel to check the following with your local dealer for

–  Solar panel data

–  Solar panel test conditions

–  Solar panel nominal operating cell temperature.

Tips To Pick A Video Production Company

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The popularity of video marketing is on the rise. With growing popularity of internet, social media applications and other modern methods of marketing, more marketers are preferring to use video content for their advertising content. A video advertisement is easy to understand and can easily make the viewers understand complex brand information.

Hiring an experienced and professional firm for video production in Brisbane, is important to get high quality videos that attract the attention of the prospective clients. Good quality video content makes your brands to stand out in competition.

However, with the presence of scores of production companies, choosing the right company for video production in Brisbane is a tough task. Here are some useful tips to pick the video production company

  1. Do not get impressed by the demo reel put up by video production companies. The demo reel is a collection of the past projects of the production company and is their marketing tool. We can never judge the quality of the finished video depending upon the demo reel. Search the website of the production companies for the actual videos of past clients, they will help you to gauge the work of the production company and determine the quality of their production.
  2. Look for the most recent projects of the video production in Brisbane Company. This will help you to know whether the production techniques are up-to-date and what are all the equipment, the company uses to produce the videos. Visit the social media pages of the video production company to view their latest works.
  3. One you shortlist a few video production companies for your branding project, ask for quotes. Most of the companies offer free quotations to prospective clients. Compare the prices of different video production companies and the select the one which offer quality videos at reasonable prices.
  4. There are a number players offering video production in Brisbane and they all provide different services. Visit the websites of different production companies and get to know about their work. The price of each company differs depending upon the experience, talent and demand. Select the most suitable production company for your brand that will deliver the video content you envisaged.


Standalone WBBL Final To Prelude Day-Night Test

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The first standalone final in the history of the Women’s Big Bash League, to be hosted as the top-ranked team, has been scheduled for a lunch-time timeslot for those looking to watch live sports in Gymea or across the country while enjoying their lunch. The event is to lead into a day-night men’s Test between Australia and Sri Lanka in Brisbane, to be held in the 3rd of January.

The increased number of broadcasted matches will require more balancing, with 23 matches jointly broadcasted between Seven and Fox Sports networks, up from the 12 that the Ten network broadcasted during 2017-18. Seven’s coverage will be helmed by their Head of Cricket Dave Barham, who has expressed that he is very much committed to showing the tournament’s final, with the aim of broadcasting before Australia Day, on January 26, at the Gabba if the deciding match is hosted by one of the seven eastern states teams. If the Perth Scorchers earn the right to host that decider, then the broadcast time might be in-line with Western Australia’s time zone, following the end of play in Brisbane.

At the crowded time of the summer sporting calendar, the WBBL’s Saturday final would be broadcasted alongside the women’s singles final of the Australian Open, which, in a departure from what’s usually seen by those who watch live sports in Gymea and the AU, will be broadcasted by Nine after Seven lost the rights for international crickets in over 4 decades.

Kim McConnie, CA’s Head of the WBBL, says that the change to standalone semis and finals was the league’s evolving, to separate it from the men’s competition and to turn it into a standalone sports fixture. Both of the WBBL semis will be played on the 19th of January, Saturday, at the same location, hosted by the regular season’s top team, whilst the Final will be held on Australia Day. She says that the WBBL is well-aware that the AU’s demand for women’s cricket is increasing, which is why they’re working with their broadcast partners in order to reinforce the league’s position.

Players in the WBBL have expressed displeasure with the past stagings of the semis and the finals acting as the curtain raising event for the men’s playoffs.

WA Businesses Urged To Up Their Security

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Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce and Industry issued a statement to businesses across the city, to get more security and CCTV Bunbury in order to address the warnings from local police regarding the increase in burglaries in recent months.

The chamber issued the message, alongside a high alert, early in February to implement further securities measures, in response to the recent upsurge in crimes across the city. In particular, the Homemaker Centre and light industrial area at Davenport was repeatedly victimised by a spate of burglaries.

According to the released statement, the burglars managed to gain entry into the premises by manipulating the locks in the buildings. Following that, the offenders then went into the business premises and removed the security camera, after which they made off with the office hard drive and whatever property they could get their hands on.

The alert has put forward some security recommendations, such as like improving CCTV Bunbury, or fitting metal plating to the outside of doors in order to hamper any intrusion attempts, detailing that such a measure would not violate the Building Code of Australia 2016’s terms on fire/emergency doors. Additionally, the alert also advised to review where they installed the hard drive for their security cameras in order to make it more difficult to locate in the eventually that the premises be breached.

The alert was initiated by the local Bunbury police force, with the cooperation of the South West Crime Prevention, which has been on high alert, even now as burglaries continue to plague the city’s businesses.

More recently, a group of thieves wreaked havoc across the city in a bold burglary spree that victimized several businesses across the city. The thieves used a Toyota Hilux ute in order to get to their targets, strewn across Davenport, Bunbury and Treendale, causing extensive property damages.

The thieves only managed to make off with a small amount of valuables and some tools from the businesses, but the property damage they dealt led to business owners posting information regarding the burglaries all over the internet. Currently, Bunbury is working on the matter, and looking for people with information.