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Provincial Condo Outpacing Bangkok’s Real Estate

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Whilst people in Thailand are seeing increasing prices for their long stay apartment rentals in Bangkok, the markets in the outlying provinces outside the capital still outpace the capital’s market, according to property market experts.

According to property market expert SurachetKongcheep, the floods that ravaged the country in 2011 led to the shift in the market, which lead to a lot of projects following the massive flooding that struck the Central part of the country. Flood victims who were living and staying in their long stay apartment rentals in Bangkok, moved to the outlying cities, with Cha-am, Hua Hin and Pattaya having seen the most influx, with many properties in the areas being fully booked within a few days of the floods.

Now, years after the flooding, many residents in the Thai capital are still shopping for properties in the cities outside the capital, and developers have taken notice. Developers are now launching new residential projects in coastal locations, with listed developers that have several other projects in tourists destinations also developing in the coastal cities.

In particular, coastal cities within two-hours of Bangkok are especially popular, both for emergency properties and weekend homes. Major cities in every region in the country are gaining traction, with many listed developers launching projects in these cities.

Some areas, notably, are now seeing development activity in their bounds from big-name developers. Though, as the major developers move into these locations, the smaller locals are having problems competing with the larger developers, and are being forced to adapt to the changes of the market.

In cities like Chiang Mai, KhonKaen and UdonThani, among others, a property launched by any major developer, around the size of 1,000 units, is about enough to cause major changes in the local markets, while similar location usually see increases of several  hundred units, if they see increases at all, annually.

The major developers are playing catch-up with the local markets, with the boom in the provinces outside Bangkok that followed the flooding unfurling over the years following the catastrophe. That being said, the lack of convenient rail travel lines into the cities keep the prices down, with developments slowing down since 2014.

However, the light rail projects leading to these cities that have been starting up may soon mean that the market may become interesting again, and these projects will become one of the key factors for boosting the markets in the provinces outlying the capital.

Kasikornbank In Thailand Provides Meeting Rooms With State-Of-The-Art Audio System

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One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a meeting room is location. If foreign guests are expected to attend, the location must be conveniently accessible to the airport or the city’s financial and business district. Additional requirements include parking space, super-fast Wi-Fi, state-of-the-art equipment and good food and drinks.

Kasikornbank, one of the largest commercial banks in Thailand has hired AV integrator Mahajak Development to install a completed networked audio system by Harman Professional Solutions. The audio system will provide more than 100 meeting rooms with high quality audio and intuitive controls. Harman Professional Solutions delivered the comprehensive networked audio solution composed of JBL speakers, Crown amplifiers, BSS audio processors and AMX control systems.

The JBL speakers have the capability to provide superior intelligibility and maximum audio coverage for the bank’s conference rooms while the AMX control systems will leverage on JBL’s Radiation Boundary Integration technology for consistent and wide coverage sound on the whole listening area. Crown CDI Series and ComTech Drive Core Amplifiers will provide power to the system. The audio throughout the facility will be networked and configured through BSS Soundweb London BLU-100 and BLU-50 signal processors.

Kasikornbank which has recently relocated to a new headquarters in downtown Bangkok wants to provide customers with modern services and amenities. The recently completed 11-floor, state-of-the-art office building requires a large scale, user friendly and sophisticated audio system with a modern and clean design that will enhance the aesthetics of the building. The Harman system that was installed by Mahajak is considered powerful enough for the meeting rooms and simple enough for the staff to operate efficiently.

The entire system is expected to provide intuitive operation for the AV system so that the bank will have a scalable platform for the future that will combine high performance, backward compatible and extensive security features.

In order to get the best deals when choosing a meeting room, it is important to request a quote for up to five locations at the same time. There are unique places as well as outdoor areas, conference halls, hotels, restaurants and cafes where you can hold an event.