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Additional Smart City Plans To Be Launched By MQDC

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According to MQDC or Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Ltd, a company that specializes in property development, whichis owned by the Chearavanont family, they are thinking about launching a project that will be used for various purposes. The concept will follow after the smart city and they will be releasing it in the provinces of Thailand as well as in China within the next few years. This is great news for the country as construction boom continues despite the existence of many establishments such as a 4 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit that is flocked by many local guests and tourists.

SutthaRuengchaipaiboon, the president of the company, said that the firm is currently brainstorming about new locations that are plausible in the north and west of Bangkok. This is where the mixed-use project will be constructed that will embody their concept of a smart city wherein they will utilize clean energy. This will be their starting point before they release the same concept in provinces of Thailand and eventually overseas.

He added that in order for them to create a property for their smart city project, it is important to have good infrastructure. They are also looking into cities that are located in the main provinces of Thailand such as Chiang Mai and Phuket because of their potential.

The firm is also thinking about expanding their smart city project overseas and they are eyeing China because of the local connections that Charoen Pokphand Group have in the country. CP Group is also known to be owned by Chearavanont family and it specialized in agribusiness.

As of the moment, the MQDC is building their smart concept on a project called Whizdom 101 which is a development dedicated as a mixed-use establishment. The investment they have poured into this project is 30 billion baht and it is found around Sukhumvit.

Aside from the 4 star boutique hotel in Sukhumvit, tourists will now have additional reason to visit the capital city of Thailand. According to MQDC, the project will have three condominium buildings and most of them have already been sold.

3 Easy Ways On How To Improve Insurance Sales

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Technically, there is no easy way or an easy answer on how to improve insurance sales. Selling something intangible and a product which one cannot right away enjoy can be challenging. However, there are effective ways to lessen the challenge and make selling insurance an easier task. Here are some ideas.

  1. Present insurance problems to your prospects. People will not purchase a commodity that they do not need or anything that they will not get any benefit from. Because of this, make it a point to make your prospects understand what they are going to get by having a life or accident insurance, especially their children or beneficiaries. There are different types of insurance and your prospects may require varying insurance policies. Make sure that you have a deep understanding of your target market so you can easily present the best solutions.
  2. Provide solutions. When you have already presented your target’s needs and the possible scenarios that they can get themselves into, that’s the time for you to provide solutions to the problems you have stated earlier on. There are no guarantees that your targets will see things your way but if you are able to present your insurance policies and how you can customize it according to their needs, you can surely get results and find answers on how to improve insurance sales.
  3. Show them why you are the best option. The next step is to educate your targets about your insurance and its best features. Listen to your prospects more instead of dominating the conversation. After your prospects have shared their thoughts or perhaps apprehension about getting an insurance, that would be the perfect time for you to educate them on how they can benefit from your company. If your prospects are not yet sure what policy to take or which policy would give them more benefits, provide electronic copies of resource materials or guides.

There are numerous ways on how to improve insurance sales but talking to your prospects in person is one of the best and effective ways.

Future Educators Calling To Lower The Target Score For English Tests

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In the age where everything gets to be discussed in social media, one hot topic in Thailand was not able to escape the scrutiny of internet users. In an internet discussion regarding the protest of future teachers to decrease the target score for passing English tests, an argument has ensued and there are those that are in favor and against the goal of the protest.

It is not a secret that many of those who wish to pass have acquired the services of tutoring companies such as but many are not willing to spend money on such services but rather they are calling to the government to lower the English requirement.

It has been a month since the discussion started online and it has captured the attention of many social media users. A current program in the country is trying to recruit graduating educators in order to serve as teachers in their hometowns but many of these candidates have been complaining about the target score they must reach in order to pass the test required for them to teach.

Last month, almost 3,500 candidates who have the potential to become future teachers have been summoned by the Office of the Higher Education Commission. There is something they must comply before they are given a teaching post at their respective hometowns and that is to pass the proficiency scores they have acquired from English language tests. The deadline is on the first day of October.

In order to secure the position, one must be able to obtain a score of 400 out of the total score of 900 when taking the TOEIC or Test of English for International Communication. In the case of IELTS or International English Language Testing System, one should get a score of 35 out of 999 and for TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language a target score of 40 over 120 is required.

Candidates have been calling to reduce the target score but many netizens are quick to offer their criticism saying that it is unacceptable to have English teachers who are not even able to score higher in proficiency tests. Graduating students have the option to enroll at companies such as in order to help them prepare for their English language test and avoid future criticisms.

Money For Home Security Systems Perth Available

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As we all know, maintaining a home is considered a headache especially if you are only working on very limited budget. In fact, some homeowners are now downgrading everything in their home due to the sky-rocketing of basic commodities not to mention the fact that electricity and water utilities have been erratically expensive nowadays. But we also know the negative effects of downgrading the quality of essentials that are installed in our homes because doing so will put the quality of the entire structure in question. In addition to this, if you for example, decided to install home security systems Perth such as CCTV camera and motion sensors that are substandard, chances are, thieves and other criminals will find ways to be able to penetrate your home and wreak havoc. In these times when the crime rate has been rising due to various reasons, nobody is safe. Nobody is safe from petty criminals. While the security industry has been picking up its game by introducing new technologies that can discourage criminals from even planning to enter your house, we all know how criminals think. They can and they will always find another way around.


As crime has been bugging many places in the world right now, the Pocklington government in the United Kingdom has announced last July 2017 that certain residents in the Pocklington area can now file their applications to be able to receive certain amount of money which they can use to finally buy and install the latest home security systems Perth that that will fit in their homes. This move was said to be motivated by the fear of the residents for their security and this specific move by the local move was employed to at the very least, minimise that fear. To be able to get qualified, applicants must be 60 years old and above or, disabled person and most importantly, a homeowner. In addition to this the combined savings of everyone who is living in a certain household must get over 5,000 Pounds. According to the local authorities, the said grant will improve the security situation in individual homes and eventually people will feel safer in their home and in their community.

Laurel Residents Complain About The Presence Of Pests And Rodents On Dumpsters

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Fire Marshal David Cope of the city of Laurel has received several complaints from residents regarding rodents and wildlife that are rummaging through the curb side and dumpster trash. The fire marshal has advised residents to take the necessary precautions when disposing of their trash and other recyclables.

Generally, there is an increase in pests during the spring and summer months and it is not surprising to find rats and raccoons knocking trashcans and digging garbage from dumpsters. Although the city does not track all the complaints received, Cope said the numbers have remained steady over the past 3 or 4 years.

At least 85% of the complaints come from people who make noise when they go out to the trashcans. Because of the noise created, the rats run out in fear of their lives. The residents complain but sometimes, it is their fault because they do not dispose of their trash properly.  Garbageis easily accessible because they don’t keep the lid on the trashcans.

Cope said that they are trying to spread word to everyone that they should always keep the trashcan lids on and should not over pack the trashcan making it fall on the ground. When responding to the complaints, an employee from the Office of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services and the police department’s animal control officer only have 24 hours to respond and find out what attracted the animal. Most of the calls come from businesses, restaurants and apartment complexes where trash is discarded around the dumpsters.

If there are pest issues in the home, the best option is to call a pest control company. Most individuals try to use traps or rat poison but it often kills other animals. Professional pest control services make use of environmentally friendly and biodegradable products to ensure the safety of humans and the environment.

Techniques applied by pest control in Sydney for residential and commercial properties make sure that health is never at risk of being compromised. Pest control techniques to remove the age-old problems of pests and rodents have evolved massively so that customers can be offered great value with the services.

How To Choose Company For Canvas Prints Australia

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If possible, you want to keep special memories forever. One of the simplest yet effective ways to achieve that is to have the images printed in Canvas Prints Australia.  To keep your images for the longest time, look for a canvas printing company that guarantees expertise in processing their products and uses nothing but high quality materials with every project. You can find a lot of image printers all over Australia but prefer one that has been in the industry for several years. Another consideration is the digital expertise of the company along with the positive testimonials of its customers. Here are additional qualifications of a reliable digital printing company.

Free shipping or delivery delivery

Aside from high quality service, choose a company that offers pocket friendly deals such as free shipping or delivery to its customers in Australia. Even if the delivery fee is minimal, you would still save money if you will get the service for free. For worldwide shipping, there may be standard shipping fees could possibly apply. Verify the information from the service provider to be sure.

Affordable work of art

Apart from free delivery offers, pick a company for Canvas Prints Australia that offers other money savings opportunities such as discounted packages and free touch ups.  Choose a company that delivers high quality projects without ruining your budget for home or office wall decoration. Another feature and customer-friendly deal that you should look for in a canvas art shop,is money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on every product. This will protect your money and ensure that you will have your money back if you are not happy with the result.

Professional handling and delivery

There are simple yet effective ways to determine if you are dealing with a reliable company forCanvas Prints Australia. One way to determine if a company is professional in its service delivery is by observing how fast a company responds to customer queries. Read testimonials and customer reviews to know more about the service provider. You might also want to engage in forums and discussion boards.

4 Guides In Buying Orchids For Sale

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There are different types of orchids for sale that you can find online and even at your local flower shops and markets. With all the choices available, you might end up confused and uncertain which of the lovely orchids you are going to choose. Here are some tips.

Type of plant or flower

There are certain types of plants and flowers that are suitable for different occasions. There are orchids that profess love, condolences and well wishes while there are plants that are suited for ornamental purposes. There are also those that can make a place roomy and healthier with extra fresh air in the air.

Your budget

Another thing to consider is your budget. The prices of orchids vary depending on the size, design, size and freshness, arrangement and other factors. If you are looking for something more affordable, cut down on size or number of flowers instead of choosing a more elaborate arrangement but is offered at a much cheaper price. Avoid bargain orchids for sale as there might be some reason why the flower is being offered at a discounted price. If you want fresh and beautifully arranged orchids, invest on it because high quality products usually come with a price.

Expertise in arrangement

Another thing to consider when buying orchids or plants is its arrangement and the experts behind it. There are certain flower arrangements that would certainly brighten one’s day and it should be the type that you should pick to ensure that you will make someone smile with your chosen flowers. Make sure that the arrangement is suitable for the type of occasion or reason for giving the flowers. If you are not sure which flower to pick, as the expert advice of a florist.


One important consideration in choosing orchids for sale is the reputation of the wholesaler. Read customer feedback and find out if they have mechanism for customer complain such as customer service that customers can call if they are not happy with the plant or flower that they received from the wholesaler.