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Former Gang Member Given A New Identity Through The Help Of Photoshop

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If you have always been in the loop with the latest news, then you might be aware of a group called Homeboy Industries based in downtown Los Angeles. The aim of the group is to help youth who are at risk as well as ex-gang members. Homeboy are offering them different training and programs including a mental health counselling, tattoo removal as well as training to get them ready for work.

There is a book project called Skin Deep that dived deeper into how tattoos can impact the self-image of a person. It contains photographs of ex-gang members with heavy tattoos. There it can be seen what they look like before they got their tattoos with the help of Photoshop.

As soon as the subjects on the book saw their photos with clean skin and no tattoos, they convey a powerful emotion.

The project is the brainchild of Steven Burton who is a photographer. The book contains images of 27 different homeboys and homegirls. Among them is Francisco Flores.

Flores shared how he lived his life before getting tattoos. He recounted that his childhood memories were all in South Central and his life was rough then. His parents are both addicts and he was forced to take care of himself. This is the reason why at a very young age he got into a trouble which landed him in prison. After getting out of prison, the parole officer assigned to him insisted that he should go to Homeboy Industries to get his tattoos removed and this is where his new life begins.

Before the removal, Flores estimated that he had more than a thousand tattoos in his face and body. Ink was all over his cheeks, eyebrows, jawline, lips and eyelids. He admitted that just by looking at him, people get scared or shocked.

After meeting Steven Burton, actual photographs of the homeboys and homegirls were taken. It was quick to take a photo, what took longer hours are to Photoshop them in order to clear out all the tattoos. His tattoo-less face was also seen by Francisco’s kids and it has the biggest impact which made him decide to finally undergo tattoo removal.

If you want to help other people with your Photoshop skills, enrol at a Photoshop training course to learn more.

Brighter Future For Thai Tourism Regardless Of Political Turmoil

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Based from a November report of the Siam Commercial Bank’s Economic Intelligence Centre, the tourists have spent THB 1.46 trillion last 2015, and the sector held 11% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of Thailand.

The Thai tourism industry

According to the report, tourism is now competing with manufacturing in terms of economic importance in the country.

It said that even though the manufactured exports fell, the ‘export’ of tourism services assisted in pushing the 2.8% GDP growth.

Even after there was a declaration of a year’s mourning for King Bhumibol’s death and the adjustments done, Thailand still got its 30 millionth visitor last December 5, 2015. Coincidentally, she is from China, the largest source of tourists for Thailand.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s deputy governor for marketing communications Mr Chattan Kunjara na Ayudhya, mentioned that their tourism industry generates jobs for millions of locals. For him, whatever happened, there is a bad impact but they have to move on.

The Thai tourism industry continually exhibits resilience even with political disturbance during the past decade.

Tourist magnet

For a lot of tourists such as Ms Shao Hua from Dalian in China, Thailand is the best place for that South-east Asian maiden foray. She said that it has the cities and the beaches.

For Mariusz Kwiatkowski from Poland, he decided to bring his family to the Kingdom after he heard from fellow European travellers that it is safe for families.

The tourism sector’s resilience attracted Singaporean investors, too. Last March 2015, Clover, a Singapore hotel chain, opened a branch in the Asoke district. Currently, it is in the process of renovating a Pattaya property to turn it to a hotel.

Summing up

With Thailand attracting a lot of holidaymakers, according to experts, the authorities need to focus its goals on accommodating tourists sustainably while also tempting them to remain longer in the country.

It is a great thing that individuals and families see Thailand as a safe place for them even with the things that it experienced in the past. This is also good news for the tourism and hospitality businesses, whether that be a family hotel in Sukhumvit or a luxury hotel in its resort town of Phuket.

Enjoying A Mind-Blowing Holiday Without Spending A Fortune

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Daniel Gillaspia is an American lawyer and travel blogger who was able to secure a unique bargain on a mind-blowing holiday. He travelled all over the world with his partner and visited luxurious destinations that include Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai and New York.

Gillaspia did not travel on a shoestring budget; he lived a life of opulence and enjoyed it for a fraction of the cost. To be more specific, the cost of his travel was less than 1%. If you were to estimate the actual cost of Gillapia’s journey, it amount s to $52,294 (£41,967). He only paid $408 (£327). How so?

Before Gillaspia set off on the journey, he planned and prepared to live the life of a savvy tourist without spending a fortune. He was inspired by stories of other travellers who were able to travel the world cheaply by accruing points and rewards on their credit cards.

Using a detailed spreadsheet, Gillaspia and his partner gradually collected bonuses and point boosts for the past 2 years before embarking on an adventure. They started the holiday in September and the first leg took them to Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Singapore Airlines Business Class tickets normally cost $4,444 (£3,582) but Gillaspia and his partner only paid $68 (£55) because they have accumulated more than 100,000 KrisFlyer miles. The pair of travellers used IHG points to enjoy 2 nights at Intercontinental Tokyo Bay. The hotel upgraded them upon arrival.

The next stop was Singapore where the pair flew first class through Singapore Airlines. The actual cost of the first class air tickets was $11,660 (£9398) but they only paid $108 (£87) by using KrisFlyer miles again. Perks included free-flowing Krug and Dom Perignon champagne including Salvatore Ferragammo amenity bags. Capital One Venture credit allowed them to stay at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

It only takes some proper planning and preparation to travel the world without breaking the bank. However, even without rewards and points, you will able to enjoy an affordable holiday through best value hotel in Sukhumvit in the heart of Bangkok. You can avail of more reasonable prices if your book early.

3 Advantages Of Having Bunk Beds

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There are several advantages of having bunk beds at home. If you would take a look at home magazines and the internet, you would realize that bunk beds are the in thing for modern families and young individuals living in rented spaces. Nowadays when there is scarcity of space and renting spacious rooms can be real expensive, bunk beds would be a good solution.

Space savers

Bunk beds are ideal for big families with limited living space. With a bunk bed, you can already put in two kids in one room or two bunk beds to accommodate four children if the space is big. This way you won’t have to worry about having kids in your room or kids not having their own bed space in a room.

More affordable

Because the makers of bunk beds save in materials, bunk beds are offered at a more affordable price compared to single beds with head boards. Depending on the design, the lower bunk can also be converted into a sofa and other pieces of furniture so you get to save money for buying additional furniture in the house. Some bunk beds can be assembled at home so you won’t have to worry about taking home huge furniture when you can get them in a box and have the family help you in assembling the bed.


One of the reasons why bunk beds are in demand among modern families and individuals is because these types of beds can be utilized for different purposes. With a limited space, bunk beds can be used converted as a reading nook and comfy sofa where friends can get seated while watching movies. If you are taking care of somebody who’s sick, you can sleep on the upper bunk while having the other person underneath your bed. For young individuals who work at home, you can remove the lower bunk and have the space as your work station. The point is, there are just so many things you can do with bunk beds without you spending so much on it. Look for reliable suppliers to get one of those beds now.

Removalist Could Cost $10,800

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Moving to a different city is going to get more expensive in Australia.

Current pay rates for removalists

Unaware Australians may find themselves soon opposing the Fair Work Ombudsman when they are unsuccessful in paying their self-employed removalist the right amount under the contentious current minimum pay rates.

The focus lies mostly on the impact that the order from the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal is going to have on thousands of the country’s owner-drivers.

Grace Collier, a media commentator and an industrial relations consultant, highlighted one of the more instant effects on the Australian consumers in The Australian.

From this Contractor Driver Minimum Payments Road Safety Remuneration Order 2016, also known as 2016 RSRO, the contractor drivers who are self-employed, as well as the furniture removers and couriers, should be paid based on “safe rates.”

This Order is applicable to those journeys which are longer than 500 kilometres, and those journeys which are longer than 200 kilometres through state borders. This means that for someone who hires a removalist to move stuff from Canberra to Sydney, as an example, they are going to require familiarisation with the 2016 RSRO’s Schedule B.

The FWO already confirmed that someone who fails to pay a proper rate can result to getting subjected to investigation, prosecution, and can be fined to about $10,800.

Collier wrote that for someone that thinks there are breaches of this order happening, they may anonymously have the removalist be subjected to a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation.

She added the even the businesses report their competitors every time, especially if they believe that their competitors are getting market share and should be undercutting the prices.

She further explained that when this happens, this is going to be a huge hassle, as the Fair Work Ombudsman inspectors may go inside the premises without permission or warrant. They may also show up at a workplace, do some interviews, inspect the documents and get copies. Aside from this, they also have legal power to ask for personal information and evidence.


Even if self-employed removalists doing home removals in Sydney or in other parts of Australia are subjected to this new order, there is still no doubt how asking help from removalists to move places is hassle-free, so homeowners will really need to read up regarding this new scheme.

Benefits Of Having Health Insurance

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Some people disregard the importance of health insurance until they are actually confronted with hospitalization bills in the event of medical issues or accidents. For some, health insurance plans mean an added expense especially if you do not have health insurance coverage in the office and you would be paying the plan from your pocket. However, you never know when you are going to get into an accident or when a medical issue would arise. To give you financial freedom and peace of mind during such difficult times, it would be best to get a health insurance plan right before you need it. Here are some of the reasons why:

Affordable health care

In case you or a family member under the coverage gets hospitalized, the health insurance policy shoulders a large amount of the medical and hospitalization bills making it easier for you to pay the remaining costs. The out-of-the-pocket expenses are kept at a low amount relieving you the burden of borrowing money or taking your savings from the bank. Even if you are healthy at the moment, accidents can change all that and in that circumstance, it is always better to have a health insurance that you can financially lean on.

Lower medication costs

If you have a health insurance and prescription drugs are covered, you can get the medicines at a much lower price. Apart from buying generic medication, having an insurance to cover the medication bills for antibiotics and other medicines can be a huge financial relief.

Prevention and Check Ups

Another benefit of ประกันสุขภาพ (health insurance) is that you never have to worry about spending for checkups and doctor’s visits. You can easily schedule a visit to a doctor to determine the exact status of your health and to find out if there are any potential diseases which can be prevented with immediate medical attention. You won’t also have to worry about vaccinations, immunizations and similar preventive health measures because you have a health insurance to cover the expenses. Health insurances also cover wellness exams, laboratory tests and even dental issues.