Useful Tips To Ensure A Successful Cross-Border Trade

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Whether you are new to freight forwarding or a seasoned professional with decades of experience under your belt, there will always be challenges when shipping cargo between the US and Canada. Even if the two countries are close neighbours, they have significantly different cultures, markets and trade regulations.

Things to consider in cross-border trade

  • Cross-border trade requires several partners with all of them having certain roles to get goods safely from Point A to Point B. Success will depend on having the right partners for your specific needs.
  • It is important to determine the mode of transportation that will be used, the lead times and whether the goods require expedited or regular delivery. After you have settled these things, you will have a better idea on the right partner that you will need.
  • Timing is very critical in cross-border trade. The process demands a synchronized dance among the players that is perfectly aligned to ensure that shipment moves smoothly. Some aspects may be beyond control but by doing research, you will understand the timeframes for each step of the process.
  • Timing is usually based on demand which can go up or down depending on the time of the year, week of the month, day in the week and even hours of operation. If there is no traffic on the bridge, crossing can take about 30 minutes; however, it is not uncommon to encounter lines of up to 10 hours during peak seasons. If the truck has not had a custom inspection, an additional 8 hours can be expected.
  • All businesses want to save on costs but logistics is often an expensive part of the shipping process. The freight forwarder you choose must be worth the price. It also important to take into account drayage, customs clearance, additional warehousing, sorting, labeling, and many more.

You can request a quote from Titan Transline to make sure that your shipment will arrive at its destination at its highest quality. You are guaranteed a trusted network to deliver your freight on time, every time with top of the industry equipment, specialized professional expertise, and white-glove level of service for the most competitive price.

Why A DUI Offense Prevents You From Entering Canada

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It would be difficult for travellers who have had a past DUI offense to cross the border to Canada. Canada has strict laws on impaired driving and these laws were further strengthened in 2018 when marijuana was legalized. The legalization of marijuana has resulted to tougher punishments for DUI offenses.

When converting foreign crime to its Canadian equivalent, judges consider an individual’s past criminal history. It should be noted that as of December 18, 2018, Canada has doubled the maximum punishment for DUI conviction from 5 years to 10 years in prison. This means that the government can opt to prosecute DUI by summary process or indictment. Summary offense is similar to misdemeanor in the United States while an indictable offense is similar to felony in the American judicial system.

How to enter Canada when you have a DUI offense

  • Temporary resident permit (TRP) – an individual can apply to enter Canada through TRP if it has been less than 5 years since the completion of the DUI sentence. TRP is a waiver of inadmissibility that will allow an individual who is typically inadmissible to Canada to enter the country. Before a TRP is granted, it is ensured by the IRCC that the individual is not a threat to society and there is a strong reason for coming to the country.
  • Criminal rehabilitation – An individual may apply for criminal rehabilitation if it has been more than 5 years but less than 10 years since the completion of the DUI sentence. Once the application is approved, the individual will have a clean slate and allowed to enter Canada.

Individuals who are currently facing DUI charges with no prior criminal history may be admitted by Canadian immigration authorities after weighing the benefits and risks of allowing the person to enter the country. Entry will depend on the discretion of the Canadian authorities particularly since Canadian laws will be applied.

If you are considering to enter Canada with a pending DUI charge, your best option is to consult a MyDefence lawyer. A lawyer is the best person who can explain the important facts regarding your case and why you are considered as inadmissible.

How To Boost A Marketing Campaign Through Customer Reviews

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New visitors must be provided with a reason to stay longer on your site. They need proof that the brand is worth their time and eventually, their money. Before the visitor moves through the sales funnel to make a purchase, they need to believe that the business is genuine and trustworthy. This is where customer reviews come in.

Customer reviews are the social proof that increases brand credibility and strengthen customer relationships. Reviews prove that there are customers who are buying the products or services and are willing to share their experiences with other people.

In order to boost the marketing campaign, reviews must be highlighted in the landing page. The goal of the landing page is to keep the visitor focused on the message. Since customer reviews can influence a purchasing decision, the focus must be on cultivating trust. The reviews can be used to prove that the business is worth the customer’s trust and money.

Social media has been transformed from a communication tool to a marketing tool for businesses. Since people prefer to use social media to share their experiences, it is important for a business to showcase customer reviews on social posts to increase brand credibility and convince other users to take action.

You can now watch King Kong marketing agency review on YouTube. For those on the fence about the service, the review video goes a long way to push them to the right direction. While loyal customers have great things to say about the brand, it won’t hurt to use the review in a video that is more fun and engaging.

How Customer Reviews Affect Local Search Results

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Every unbiased customer review helps a brand establish a trustworthy and credible online reputation. Search engines like Google monitor what people are saying about your business and whether you measure up to customer expectations. The star ratings and favourable reviews help your business standout from the competitor and build trust earlier in the funnel even before a shopper visits the site.

Google search algorithms are very complex but if there is one sure thing it is the impact of customer reviews on Google local search. According to Moz, at least 9% of the entire search algorithm of Google is driven by review signals similar to the ones found on business Google reviews. The review signals are focused on review quantity, velocity, and diversity.

In order to help a local business reach the top of Google’s local search results, it is important to create a balance among the three review signals. A business will be found more easily and quickly than when traditional SEO activities like keyword search and blogging are utilized.

Another advantage that customer reviews provide is the information that the business gains. Reviews will tell whether the business has delivered a positive customer experience and whether the business did or did not do an amazing job, what areas need improvement and what areas should be praised.

Potential customers who have read King Kong SEO review are usually influenced to visit the website of the digital marketing agency and learn more about the services that it offers. People searching for effective digital marketing will be amazed at the creative material that the digital agency uses in its campaigns.

Tips For Improving Your SEO Review Strategy

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According to a local consumer review survey in 2020, 93% of consumers go online to search for a local business. Among these, 87% read online reviews, and they look at ratings, the authenticity of a brand, how a customer felt about the product, how recent the reviews were made, and how many reviews there are.

This shows how important it is that positive reviews of your brand turn up in search engine results. Here are some tips to make sure your review strategy works:

  1. Make the most out of your SEO platforms.When you sign up for a third-party review site recognised by Google, take a look at the services and tools they offer that can help build you grow your brand reputation and create better SERPs.

Snippets on search engines like Google can also give you better CTR if you have relevant information and keywords provided.

  1. Encourage your customers to submit reviews. You can request a customer review in a timely manner, that is, one to two days after they have purchased their product and made a decision about their unique experience. The more customer reviews, the more visible you will be in search rankings.

Engaging in reviews shows the value your brand places in customer opinion. By replying to feedback in a friendly and polite manner, you are showing your personality as a brand and how you deal with both positive and negative reviews.

  1. Consider reviews as points for improvement. Finally, no SEO review strategy is effective unless you are providing excellent service to your customers. A King Kong SEO review can tell them what gave a customer their money’s worth.

Embracing both positive and negative reviews will help you get to know your customers’ needs, improve quality, and increase conversion rate.

The Power Of Positive Feedback In Agency Reviews

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As more and more businesses go online, it has never been more convenient to directly connect with consumers who avail products and services from the comfort of their own homes. One drawback to this is being unable to see your consumers face to face. Whether you engage in food delivery services, sell clothing, or offer consultancy services, it is always important to maintain a human touch in the exchange between a company and a consumer.

While you can reach your consumers through social media posts and paid advertisements, it is also a good idea to encourage feedback from them and engage with them. Doing so places a reminder to your loyal base that you care about them, and that they provide value to your business just as much as your business provides value to them. By giving them space to write their feedback on your app, website, or review sites like Glassdoor, customers feel more empowered. Not only are King Kong agency reviews posted on their website, which help establish the credibility of their business, they also show that their customers’ opinions matter to them.

By highlighting positive feedback, which can lean towards displays of positive emotions, you are showing the human aspect of e-commerce during this era of online and work-from-home setups. As a business owner, this can also be a great reinforcement for you and your employees in knowing that what you are selling matters to those who avail them.

Google Page Experience Update Rolls Out As Other Developments Finish

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Google recently started rolling out their page experience update, which they announced early Jun 16, 2021. This update, the search engine reports, will take a while to finish rolling out, with the earliest expectations set around late August.

Additionally, Google also stated that they’ll stop using AMP for top stories eligibility, making the transition towards core web vitals in page experience factors.

The page experience update is a slow rollout, having started on June 17, 2021. The changes in search rankings from the update aren’t going to be big as the update isn’t a major one, unlike the core updates for June and July.

Google Search Console Insights also recently launched. The tool is designed to help publishers and site owners understand how well their content is doing by providing reports and data. The launch made it available for any site that’s been verified by Google, meaning that it is now worth using for site owners and publishers of all stripes and sizes.

The tool was made available to everyone on Google with verified Search Console access after a year of testing. For those looking to get the most out of this new tool, it’s recommended to finish the process of associating or linking their Search Console profile with their Google Analytics profile to get the most information.

Another key development was the completion of the rollout of the Google June 2021 core update, which began rolling out on June 2. Google announced the completion on June 12, 2021, with the day seeing a lot of fluctuations in rankings and changes to many a king kong SEO review across the board.